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Oudtshoorn. 6 October 2012. 09h30. There is some concern that OO is too critical about the DA’s inability to have ensured full attendance at Friday’s special council meeting.


So I will have to make the embarrassing facts not yet shared known also. The DA really is a sucker for punishment.

Be assured that I expect the DA to have the information I have, or make space for representatives who will have such intelligence.

Wessie van der Westhuizen left Oudtshoorn for Gauteng by car, like a right bloody Manie van Dyk, at around 04h00 on Thursday morning.

The trip was planned weeks in advance as the meeting in Gauteng was arranged by the national government.

The Oudtshoorn caucus chair, Dianne de Jager, surely has access to her councillors’ diaries and must have been aware of Van der Westhuizen’s anticipated movements.

O, what am I saying!? De Jager… But a competent caucus chair should know the movements of the troops at all times and the fact that the local DA does not have a competent caucus chair is not an excuse; it is rather an additional accusal! And something OO has warned about often!

Van der Westhuizen’s wife informed him of the meeting by telephone, sometime after 14h00 on Thursday, after she had received the notification at the family home.

De Jager should have acted immediately and decisively.

But, as the DA constituency head, Jac Bekker, told me yesterday, the caucus has a system – “a system” nogal – whereby certain members call certain other members to share information – much like teenage girls plan impromtu sleepovers on Friday afternoons during final period at school.

Everybody – and I mean everybody! – knew what the special council meeting was to be about. Hell, OO published it. And believe you me, every single DA caucus member, and Jac Bekker, know what OO publishes at the very moment OO publishes it.

The teenage sleeopver method kicks in as soon as I hit “publish”.

The DA’s excuse is that they never did know for sure whether the meeting would in fact take place, especially as Gordon April sent an sms to selected individuals that the municipal building will be locked down on Friday afternoon to prevent a meeting.

However, sometime after that sms the ANC caucused with its regional secretary, Putco Mapitiza, who was driven about by the local NPP chargé d’affairs, Ron Lottering. It was then generally accepted that the meeting would probably take place.

It is, all considered, nothing but a no-brainer: the importance of the meeting for the DA cause was of such overwhelming moment that any equation would have demanded that getting the troops at full strength was the prudent thing to have done, even in the face, sporadically, of the meeting being on again, off again, and then on again.

In any event, what is more important: Van der Westhuizen in Oudtshoorn, for a 10% chance of a meeting of corporal importance; or Van der Westhuizen in Gauteng, for a 100% chance of a meeting of no importance – would the national government even have missed Eden’s mayor!?

Van der Westhuizen, some 10 hours out of Oudtshoorn when he received official notification of the meeting, should have been ordered to return.

Even having ignored the probabilities at around 14h00 on Thursday, Van der Westhuizen could have been flown back on Thursday evening, or Friday morning, to return to his Gauteng meeting afterwards.

Who was supposed to have made the call?

There can always be only one boss.

And in Oudtshoorn that boss, the pantheons protect us, is Jac Bekker, MP.

You fucked up, Jac. Again!

The DA has no excuse for the unspeakable mismanagement of yesterday’s critical meeting.

The blame for Oudtshoorn’s continuing woes under Mnyimba rests squarely on the weak shoulders of 11 quite incompetent, uninterested, not very bright representatives led by one even worse – Jac Bekker.

There is no probability for; no possibilty of any excuse.

And to think that yesterday I explained carefully, step by step, what had to be done.

I even asked: “Do you want me to draft the letter for you, councillors, or can you somehow manage not to f… oul that up!?”

Ye gods and faeries, they could not even hold the meeting!

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2 thoughts on “Too critical!?

  1. Besorgd

    Ek meen ek het vrae 1-9 almal reeds beantwoord in my berigte.

    Vraag 10 se antwoord moet jy maar self uitpluis.

    Vraag 11: Ja.

    Vraag 12: Ek weet nie.

    Vraag 13: Hy het Donderdagoggend 04h00 vertrek; hy is vanaand terug.

    Vraag 14: Hy het ‘n vergadering, oor dienslewering meen ek, bygewoon.

  2. Ek sukkel om by te bly by alles rondom die skynbare droogmakery van die DA tydens die mees onlangse raadsvergadering. Kan u asseblief meer besonderhede verkaf met betrekking tot die onderstaande vrae.

    1. Vir watter dag, datum en tyd was die vergadering bele?
    2. Wanneer en indien wiel is kennis gegee van die vergadering?
    3. Was daar ‘n agenda?
    4. Wat sou volgens die agenda onder bespreking wees?
    5. Wanneer is die agenda bekend gemaak en beskikbaar gestel?
    6. Het die DA koukus ‘n vergadering gehou om die inhoud van die agenda te bespreek?
    7. Was alle DA raadslede betyds ingelig van die vergadering?
    8. Was DA raadslede bewus van die inhou van die vergadering en wat bespreek sou word?
    9. Was mnr Van der Westhuizen bewus van die vergadering en wat onder bespreking sou wees?
    10. Waar le Van der Westhuizen se belange? By Oudtshoorn se vergaderings of op George?
    11. Is Van der Westhuizen Gauteng toe met sy privaat motor?
    12. Enige amptenare saam met hom?
    13. Wanneer het hy vertrek en wanneer het hy teruggekeer?
    14. Wat was die doel van sy reis na die noorde?

    Indien u onseker is oor die vrae sal ek dit waardeer indien u die Kiesafdelingsbestuur kan vra om daarop te reageer..

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