The Oudtshoorn DA

They can’t even run a meeting; how can they possibly run Oudtshoorn?

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Oudtshoorn. 6 October 2012. 07h45. The sheer magnitude, the enormity, of yesterday’s unspeakable DA FUBAR; FUMTU; SAPFU, resulted in a SUSFU.

(Military acronyms: FUBAR: F… Up Beyond All Recognition; FUMTU: F… Up More Than Usual; SAPFU: Surpassing All Previous F… Ups; SUSFU: Situation Unchanged – Still F… Up.)

We already knew, before yesterday’s UIFU (Ultimate In F… Ups) that the DA can not run Oudtshoorn, so the inevitable absolute confirmation comes, in a way, as some eldritch “closure” – an acceptance of fact; of reality, and a turning point in realising that Oudtshoorn, as do all councils, must have independent councillors holding at least the balance of power, if not complete power.

One of the most disturbing results of yesterday’s ligte mistykie is the reaction of the DA MP, and local DA constituency head, Jac Bekker, in conversation with me after the non-event: “The best thing now is to wait for the court case on Nov 1.”

Bekker at least had the civility of acknowledging also that the DA in Oudtshoorn can not continue to be managed as it is at present.

But acknowledgement is in itself no solution; it is merely the preamble to a possible solution.

It is clarion clear that a change of personnel is demanded.

In all reasonableness, how can Thandekile Mnyimba, or Gordon April even, be isolated for criticism in the face of such patent incompetency as did the DA councillors display yesterday?

I hear argument that at least the DA “does not steal”.

I submit that the DA, by base coldheartedness, yesterday caused the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn untold expense and that although morally different, the inability is ethically equal to the condemnable grafting present among the ANC functionaries in Verwoerd Sq and environs.

Whether yesterday’s insult to the people of Oudtshoorn is somehow righted by a successful meeting next week, or by the High Court finally forcing Mnyimba from office, the DA favoured Oudtshoorn’s voters with proof sufficient that a vote for the DA in Oudtshoorn is futile.

The founder of critical rationalism, Karl Popper, argued that progress is only ever made when a hypothesis collapses, not when it is confirmed.

At least the DA collapsed the hypothesis that it may be a better alternative as a government of Oudtshoorn.

It is not.

We now, at least, know this much.

Now we can start on the road to find a solution to the foetid government we do have: the ANC.

For the moment though, TARFU – Things Are Really F… Up.

This morning I submitted the following enquiry to Liza Albrecht, the DA’s provincial media manager:

Dear Liza

The Oudtshoorn DA was not at full strength in a critical special council meeting on Friday, October 5.

The attendance had the effect that no quorum was present when the ANC and Icosa walked out of the meeting.

A decision to have the illicit MM removed could therefore not be taken.

Please let me have, expeditiously and by return email, 1) the reaction of the DA provincial leadership in this matter; and 2) the proposed disciplinary steps anticipated against the Oudtshoorn caucus.

I expect no reply as Albrecht has ignored my earlier enquiries – after promising reaction. She is probably instructed by “The Leadership” to ignore me.


If no possible explanations can be devised, even by politicians, no possible answers are probably possible!

Or something to that effect.

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One thought on “The Oudtshoorn DA

  1. OO, Liza Albrecht lost ALL CREDIBILITY. Either her word is not her word, or she admits to being a PUPPET. Which is worse !! Liza, the public aint fools and wont forget your ligte mistykie. You promised to come back regarding the unevenhandedness regarding the Brummer case. You are 2 weeks late ! Next year this time you will be 53 weeks late. Regarding yesterdays bizarre attempted ODN Council Meeting, any answers at all, or are you perhaps totally out of your depth too ??

    What role is it you are really playing at the spineless DA Institution, i pray, tell us !

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