Bitou speaker Charles Dreyer is dead

By-election in ward 2

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Oudtshoorn. 7 October 2012.


OBIT-DREYER Oct 7, 2012
Janine Oelofse

Bitou speaker Charles Dreyer died in the Plettenberg Bay Medi-Clinic on Saturday afternoon after suffering an aneurism, sending shock waves through the community and political arena.

Dreyer, 57, who owned and operated the Nothando Backpackers lodge in Plettenberg Bay with is wife Maryna, was for many years a well-known face in tourism circles. He served briefly as the chairman of the Plettenberg Bay Tourism Association and was about to lead a new advisory body to advise council on a tourism strategy for the town.

Dreyer and his family relocated to Plettenberg Bay 17 years ago following his retirement from a career in military intelligence during which he served at a strategic level and became a specialist in East Africa. He retired with the rank of colonel when he was medically boarded in 1995.

He won his seat on council in a municipal by-election in Ward 2 in 2009.

DA Western Cape leader Theuns Botha said it was shock and a great sense of loss that he had heard of Dreyer’s death.

“His unwavering commitment and leadership will be remembered and appreciated long after his death. Not only will Charles be greatly missed by his colleagues in the DA, but also by all the people of Bitou who had the privilege of knowing him. Inevitably he will be missed most by his friends and family, and I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to his wife, Maryna and his son, Nicky.”

Donald Grant, the DA constituency head for Bitou, expressed his condolences to Mrs Dreyer and the family.

“Charles was a tremendously unselfish person, fully committed to the DA in Plett. He was of incredible support to our team in Bitou and started as speaker to steer Bitou towards a new democratic order. He will be sincerely missed, not only as a colleague, but as a family man and friend of Plettenberg Bay. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.”
Dreyer maintained a calm and professional demeanour in council which earned him the respect of councillors from both sides of the political divide in Bitou, especially after taking up the reigns as speaker.

ANC Southern Cape secretary Putco Mapitiza said the party was saddened by Dreyer’s death.

“Bitou municipal council has lost a leader who since his appointment as speaker managed to diligently preside over council meetings. May his soul rest in peace. He will be remembered for the role he played in our democratic dispensation,” he said.

Former DA councillor Johann Brummer and his partner Debi Nicholson, who had known Dreyer for some years, said he was an esteemed colleague and political ally in the Bitou council.

“His leadership, compassion, commitment and friendship will be sorely missed by the DA, the council, the caucus, his constituents in ward 2, and the people of Bitou.”

Dreyer is survived by his wife and only son, Nicky.

Mayor Memory Booysen, who visited the family yesterday (Sunday), said funeral arrangements have not yet been finalised.


Oudtshoorn. 6 October 2012.

17h00. Johann Brummer and Debi Nicholson issued this media statement moments ago:

We have learned of Charles Dreyer’s sudden passing with shock and sadness.
Charles was an esteemed colleague and political ally in the Bitou council and his leadership, compassion, commitment and friendship will be sorely missed by the DA, the council, the caucus, his constituents in ward 2, and the people of Bitou.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to Maryna and Nicky in these trying times. We are at the ready to assist in any way possible.

Johann Brummer and Debi Nicholson.

All media enquiries to be addressed to Johann Brummer on 082 846 0792

15h00. Bitou DA speaker Charles Dreyer died of a heart attack at his home within the last hour.

The death was confirmed by deputy mayor Adam van Ryhner a few minutes ago.

OO met Dreyer only once and found him a benign and friendly man.

OO’s thoughts are with Dreyer’s family and friends at this time.

Dreyer’s ward (2) is one of two DA controlled wards in Bitou.

The Bitou council is constituted of 6 ANC (1 proportional); 6 DA (4 proportional); and 1 Cope (proportional) members, giving the DA a 7-6 advantage.

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11 thoughts on “Bitou speaker Charles Dreyer is dead

  1. LOUIS BOTHA. Where have I seen proof of corruption? That was my question to you! Louis I don’t speculate. Bitou Municipality managed 4 years to receive an Unqualified Audit. Not many municipalities in SA managed that. Premier Zille hailed an Unqualified Audit as a success.
    That some of the spending by the previous administration was not to your liking, that is your right, But corruption and looting is another thing altogether and you only mention that if you have solid proof. You failed to give that to me.
    I finnished with the “Wavelength Debacle”. I will follow that story and see how that will portray the DA (And the ANC) politicians.
    I will finnish this time with the comment from DAceived:

    DAceived no more said, on October 10, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Where is democracy in Bitou DA? No interviews no voting just appoint who Donald and Liz want, is this not how the mafia is run? The poor man has not even been laid to rest yet, very poor taste.

    Enough has been said.

  2. Richard, may I ask where you have in fact seen proof of corruption? I suggest you pay R35.00 and purchase an Access to Information code, whereby evidence of maladministration can be found in public record in the form of allocated over and under spending, car allowance and mobile phone manipulation not to mention the abuse of municipal resources for purposes personal or otherwise. To calculate this one applies the relevant policy guide – this is one of the ways the Auditor General measures performance (although this has altered since the DA assumed the council). In the absence of any reasonable explanation one is left with only one conclusion: that misappropriation occurred, and the protracted absence of regulation implies complicity on behalf of the then administration. I therefore take considerable exception to your accusation that I am overstepping the right of speech by making accusation despite patent prima facie; the only explanation I can offer in the absence of prosecution or steps toward exists in the objective of the incoming and now incumbent administration: I imagine that, given the level of infighting and the absence of delivery, substance was prioritized over and above political or judicial vengeance. This is very much a DA political theme – evident in their election campaign of 2011, where, unlike the ANC, the party refused to stoop to gutter insinuations drawn on class or race lines and instead opted for an approach highlighting delivery – with considerable success if results are still considered an effective barometer.

    Perhaps my question at the start is best considered in the light of the Public Protector’s portfolio whereby over 11,000 investigations – the vast majority relating to alleged corruption – are currently tabled. This state organ is staffed by 136 people and its budget is a mere R174 million. Via a process of elimination, working with the information that is available, the failure to police corruption lies at the door of the Ministry of Justice, headed by the most aggressive communist in the ANC – Jeff Radebe. The persistent dropping of charges or failure to investigate indicates either ineptitude or the absence of political will; in this way corruption flourishes with reckless abandon.

  3. While I agree with Louis Botha that freedom of speech is a very valuable right and that Mfundo “overstepped” exceptable boundaries, Louis Botha himself mis-used that same right by accusing the previous administration of Rampant Looting. We were all told before the election of serious corruption by the ANC in Bitou, but I haven’t seen any proof nor have I read of any succesfull procecutions.
    The “Decoding the Wavelength Debacle in Bitou” on “JEF” also gives us, Voters, a chilling account of what has been happening behind the curtain..

  4. One of the unfortunate consequences of freedom of speech is that we sometimes have to tolerate indiscreet, venomous conjecture that presents itself as symptomatic of a society absent of any respect, festering in its own swamp of vulgarity and entitlement.

    The tragic commentary of one “Mfundo” is one such consequence and his suggestions that the late Mr. Charles Dreyer ‘was a s*** ward councilor’, a ‘worse speaker’ and ‘worthless’ cannot be left unchallenged. Having never met the late Speaker, I make an educated assumption the lack of response to these comments indicates unwillingness on the part of his family to participate in such amateur savagery against the belligerent “Mfundo”.
    “Mfundo” is clearly incandescent with rage: he accuses the council of alleged bureaucracy – despite this council still reeling against the legacy of the rampant looting at the hands of its predecessors – whom, we could assume (given this rage) were the writer’s preferred candidates.

    Now, say for example that “Mfundo” is an impoverished young black man with fatally restrictive literacy skills, who lives in a Zozo hut and uses a kerosene lamp when writing shorthand that he transports onto a keyboard the following day (not before consulting a thesaurus because he admires words such as “portrayed”). Would this pathetic existence substantiate this rage, possibly constructed on racial lines? Does his own history of oppression and suffering undermine his accountability and / or is he excused of moral obligation – in a way a cartload of chimpanzee’s eat the young of their enemies despite the capitulation of their parents?

    We don’t live in Iran or Gaddafi’s Libya where tyrannical clerics or serial goat rapists would abstain from confronting this question. We live (hopefully) in a society that is gradually maturing to a point of decency – when death extends beyond racial, social or economic paradigms, shapes into a collective reflex of comfort and is then applied to grief. “Mfundo” has therefore not just insulted the late Speaker, but this very reflex – this very decency.

    Were “Mfundo” to have known elements of the late Speaker’s life it is unlikely he would have applied such impulsive and callous behavior. In amongst immeasurable success as a father, as a husband, Charles Dreyer contributed to the very mechanics of this democracy: in doing so, he humbly – without any desire for acknowledgment – ensured that, one day, if a young black man aspired to a life outside of a Zozo hut, the opportunity for it existed. Considering this, “Mfundo” committed little more than an exercise in self humiliation when he transported his shorthand to the keyboard: participation in politics is not limited to, say, writing to the council complaining because there is a particularly fierce-looking dog wandering around your yard – it is also the respect of decency, resisting the cowardly temptation of using a virtual platform to insult the passed using the freedom of speech license – and perhaps most poignantly, the ability to grasp history of the individual.

    “Mfundo” should be ashamed of himself. We all are.

  5. I Have no complaints on Charles Dreyer I found him to be one of the most decent human beings I encountered in a long time. Personally I have sat at Charles and Maryna’s Table and found them to be the most decent people apart from political persuasion.

    I think of you at this time Maryna.

  6. Lets be blunt and honest…..Charles Dreyer was a shit ward cllr, and an even worse speaker. Why is it that he is being portrayed as a good leader…..when as a cllr he was worthless?

    Many of you who read this will ask why I say this……I lived in the area Harkerville which was part of his ward…….and NO feedback was received on more then 10 complaints that was given to him.

  7. Joss

    Ek vermoed die irritasie is ‘n funksie van OO se vroeëre kritiek op Dreyer… En die gevolg van individuele druk van bepaalde anti-OO politici.

  8. OO – Ek kan nie verstaan hoekom Mnr Nick Dreyer vir OO aanvat nie, ek glo die berig en kommentaar wat OO gelewer het was simpatiek en vol respek vir Charles Dreyer en sy familie.!!!!!!!!

  9. “Dreyer, 57, who owned and operated the Nothando Backpackers lodge in Plettenberg Bay with is wife Maryna, was for many years a well-known face in tourism circles. He served briefly as the chairman of the Plettenberg Bay Tourism Association and was about to lead a new advisory body to advise council on a tourism strategy for the town”.
    With the utmost respect to the late Charles Dreyer, was there not a serious conflict of interest. The Speaker, also a Mayco member, leading the new tourism advisory body to advise Council for the new tourism strategy while. at the same time, he also operate a private tourism operation.

  10. I confirm that there is no association between OO and the late Charles Dreyer.


  11. Myself and my family respectfully ask that no association be made between my late father Charles Leon Dreyer and this online publication. It is a private matter.

    All media inquiries are to be made to the office of the Mayor of Plettenberg Bay, Memory Booysen

    Nick Dreyer

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