Double dealing Janus-faced DA will claim a huge victory today

The end will, presumably, somehow justify the duplicitous means

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Oudtshoorn. 5 October 2012.

18h20. Hey! Doofuses! DA councillors! Just have another meeting, clots – soon! Like Tuesday. But lock Diane and Jac up somewhere so they can’t f… oul anything up.

Yet, Jac Bekker’s response, when I spoke to him after the meeting that never was, was to wait for the court case!

17h25. I am not easily caught without a word at the ready.

About an hour ago I was, for once, speechless.

Only for a moment though.

And then, I readily admit, I used words that shocked even me.

What happened in council this afternoon, is, briefly, this:

Vuyiso Foreplay, the mayor’s sidekick, whispered something in his master’s ear at the start of the meeting and the ANC requested a 5 minute caucus, ostensibly to discuss which officials were to remain in the chamber during the committee stage.

The ANC (and its partners) returned after about 15 minutes; gathered theuir things; and left.

No problem, you’d say!

And you’d be right!

Without the ANC (11 members) and the single Icosa member, there should have remained 11 DA members; 1 Cope member; and 1 NPP member with whom the DA made a deal, for a quorum of 13 and a free hand to do as they wished – among other things, to sack Mnyimba and save the ratepayers millions.

The only problem was that the DA was one member short: Wessie van der Westhuizen.

I approached a motley of DA’s at the bottom of the stairs to Verwoerd Sq at about 16h40 and asked if any one of them could tell me where Mr van der Westhuizen was.

All shrugged. Chris MacPherson sported a broad smile. I suspected he thought he won something.

Then I had a long telephone discussion with Van der Westhuizen.

And then I had another long discussion with DA constituency leader, Jac Bekker.

I was, my longsuffering readers, calmer than even I could possibly have imagined.

Now hear this: The DA failed Oudtshoorn spectacularly today.

The offensive DA record in Oudtshoorn aside, the DA failed Oudtshoorn spectacularly today.

Mnyimba is still with us. Laughing probably. And deserving his mirth.

So dismissive is the DA councillors of Oudtshoorn in matters that are costing Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers untold millions; so apathetic is the DA councillors of Oudtshoorn in matters that go to the very heart of our local structures and management and decision making and governance that they care not even sufficiently to ensure that their caucus members attend the most critical council meeting since the constitution of the council last July!

Diane de Jager, Oudtshoorn’s prime political embarrassement even before that useless ne’er-do-well currently arrogating as mayor, remains the DA caucus chair.

She could not manage ducks to water.

The first thing a caucus chair does when a meeting is called, is to ensure that the troops are all present.

She could not even manage that.

I call for the DA councillors to get rid of Diane de Jager and Jac Bekker – their pathetic management records are common knowledge and Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Bekker is the constituency head. The buck stops with him. If he had even a velleity of integrity remaining he would step down voluntarily after today’s unspeakable failure.

You dropped Oudtshoorn today, DA.

You dropped Oudtshoorn for the last bloody time!

Get lost, you useless layabouts. Take a hike!

Hannes Barnard, you’re too talented a man; too sharp a man; too good a man to chair these idiots. Let go of them.

16h30. No meeting! Apparently they’ll try again Monday.

Useless idiots.

They couldn’t run a bath if the tapes were opened for them!

16h25. OO hears say that no meeting is yet in progress.

15h15. Some of Mnyimba’s “anti-supporters” have placed a black coffin on the steps leading to the main entrance of our beloved municipality – “vir daai man, meneer!”

14h55. So… What will happen at the special council meeting?

Who knows?

Who knows?

When the unprincipled, stupid, lethargic, spineless meet anything is possible!

O, by the way, Deon Daantjie Lott is already acting as MM. Ye gods and faeries!

10h55. The in committee green papers my Verwoerd Sq informant just mailed me, is quite… sprightly.

It says, amongst other things, that Mnyimba must “be fruitfull and multiply” – in other words, that he must f… go.

O, you have not yet seen the green papers, councillors?

Well, OO is always first.


10h00. Mnyimba’s absence makes the process of ridding Verwoerdplein of his noisome presence all the easier.

If the elected representatives of the people of Oudtshoorn can muster the collective mettle, Mnyimba’s office should be packed up and his personal belongings removed and the office locks changed.

This is what you should do, councillors – laat ek dit nou stap vir stap verduidelik, soos die Leeu-loop:

1. Ratify Resolution 60.100/07.12.

2. Empower a specific individual to give effect to the Resolution.

3. Draft a letter informing Mnyimba that his contract is ab initio null and void.

4. Instruct the IT Manager to revoke Mnyimba’s electronic addresses and access forthwith.

5. One councillor from each political party represented, and two security guards, go to the MM’s office and have his PA’s pack up his personal effects and seal the boxes in the presence of all.

6. Sms Mnyimba – on both his mobile phones (0769825957 and 0828775339) that he has been removed from office and that he can retrieve his personal effects, and the original termination letter, from Amy Sylvester.

7. Email a copy of the termination letter to Mnyimba’s personal email address. (I have that too, just ask me if Amy does not want to tell you.)

Do you want me to draft the letter for you, councillors, or can you somehow manage not to f… oul that up!?

08h30. Mnyimba’s PA, Amy Sylvester just emailed the insiders that her boss will not be in office today.

On a day of a special council meeting!?

What, is Thandekile not man enough to face the music!?

Can it be!?

Here’s a brief sms correspondence between me and Mnyimba, just now –

Me: “Mnyimba! Why are you not at the office? Not “man” enough to “face” the music!?”

Mnyimba: “Hahahahaaaaa!!!!”

Me: “You have time to meet me “face to face” today!?”

No reply.

06h15. When I learned, on Wednesday afternoon, what I saw signs of earlier that day, that a special council meeting was to be convened for today, my first thoughts were that some influential business person succeeded in convincing the uneducated mayco to have the incompetent administration empowered to get a move on with dangerously overdue business developments and contracts.

Then I saw the agenda.

One, solitary in committee item: Resolution 60.100/07.12 of 26 July, rescinding the mayor’s unilateral decision by questionable delegation to appeal the High Court verdict of 1 June declaring the appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba ab initio null and void; sacking Mnyimba; and holding the mayor personally liable for the cost of the dubitable appeal.

Why meet on this resolution but to revoke it?

What would be the point of affirming the Resolution when the administration is ignoring it already?

Why would it be necessary to confirm a decision already reduced to a Resolution included in papers before the High Court?

I challenged my ANC allies that the character and resolve of the so-called dissident six would be severely tested in an attempt to nullify the Resolution.

I challenged the tricky Ron Lottering, local NPP head in all but name to maintain his lucrative billet as a director, “Now we’ll see whether it was all just hot air”, expecting NPP Speaker Stoffels to again undermine the removal of Mnyimba.

A trusty senior ANC politician told me that he heard say that the meeting was the doing of the DA in unison with the NPP.

And then the stupefying denouement:

Anton Bredell’s advisors met Wednesday with NPP president Badih Chaaban under a probable ruse of wanting to secure a supporting affidavit to be used in argument on Wednesday in the minister’s Rule 49(11) High Court application – which, by the minister’s own admission, was not going as well as planned.

The upshot was a deal that saw Chaaban instruct Lottering to order Stoffels to convene a special council meeting to ratify Resolution 60.100/07.12 today.

Political predictions are patently preposterous, and can turn embarrassingly upon the predictor, but a great victory is foreseen for the DA today.

A victory secured by a deal with Badih Chaaban – that rogue of whom no-one in DA circles have anything complimentary to say; that varlet cheat, fraudster, murderer even, in the words of some of the DA leaders; that blackguard with whom no deal can be contemplated for fear of being sucked into a mire of chicanery.

I have steadfastly opposed this depiction and only once accused Chaaban of deceit. I was wrong, because even on 26 July Chaaban did instruct that Mnyimba be removed, but Lottering misinformed Stoffels, who subsequently went out of his way to avoid the Resolution. Lottering’s deceit was a function of his fear to have Allen Paulse appointed MM, because Paulse would have challenged Lottering and severely limit Lottering’s opportunity for administrative shenanigans.

But, ventured a DA apologist, this deal does not involve position for Chaaban!

Ye gods and faeries!

Chaaban already has “position”!

Is it somehow morally justifiable to deal on the illicit sub structure of existing malfeasance, as long as “we” did not perpetrate the outrage!?

Let Chaaban keep his “positions”, for it is not of “our” doing!?

Is this the political ethic of the virginal DA!?

Mnyimba should be history and just a bad memory by close of business today.

If… If… If the NPP does not cozen yet again.

If… If… If council, in its wisdom, empowers someone specific to give effect to the Resolution. In other words, if someone is appointed by council to serve Mnyimba’s termination papers on his person and have the Janitor of Jansenville removed, by force if required.

Where, o where could Oudtshoorn have been if the DA had something vaguely reminiscent of just one, small testicle?

If the deal with Chaaban, done and dusted f-i-f-t-e-e-n months ago but for the soi disant spoiling of Jac Bekker and the ego of Theuns Botha and the pontification of Helen Zille and the hauteur of James Selfe, was implemented and intelligently managed by someone with spare mental capacity after involuntary bodily function had been taken care of, Oudtshoorn would today not have been halfway down a bloody ditch, bleeding from all orifices.

Why now, DA!? Why now!?

Why not in July last year, me hearties? Why not in July last year?

When Oudtshoorn’s elected DA representatives were willing to manage a deal with Chaaban for the possible good of Oudtshoorn the DA leadership objected furiously and the opportunity was wasted.

But when Anton Bredell’s case; a case he took up only after the initiator, Allen Paulse, originally all but forced his hand; appeared to be buckling, the selfsame DA leadership dealed with the very Chaaban.


The DA leadership now prefers a “political” solution to a “legal” solution.

A great victory for the DA looms large today.

At what historical cost to the residents and the ratepayers of this wonderful dorp!?

Relieved, I am, that Mnyimba might finally be history. But so incredibly disgusted by the double dealing vermin making up the Dee-Ay.

Should we be thankful Hannes Barnard? Chris MacPherson? Diane de Jager?

Lurking under a table from which even crumbs do not fall, I guess we will have to accept a sliver of rancid bacon tossed.

They lie deadly that tell you you have good faces. (Coriolanus II.i.59)

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10 thoughts on “Double dealing Janus-faced DA will claim a huge victory today

  1. It’s the Dee-Eish show! Greatest circus in the land.Stumbling, mumbling, bumbling clowns.

  2. Drewan ek hou fokkol van jou nie maar op hierdiee aangeleentheid is ek al die pad saam met jou “ou maat”! Ons kan nie toelaat dat hierdie kakke ons geld verder opvreet en nie die gemeenskap kan dien nie! Hulle is ‘n klomp kakke!

  3. Hulle is almal ‘n klomp kakke! En waar was daai fatcat Wessie? Hys liewers besig om ‘n ampsmotor aan te skaf. Die ding moet hom maar nou in die hof uitspeel aangesien nie die ANC of die DA met ‘n werkbare oplossing vorendag kan kom nie. Hulle is kakke!

  4. Tawwe Tienie, good question. Remember Louis Scheepers, ex MM of Saldanha Bay Municipality who`s contract was not renewed, who was administrator of Oudtshoorn and who was directly responsible for the appointment of Pieterson, is again MM of Saldanha Bay Mun icipality. I get the feeling that a bunch of cadre MM`s are just being recycled in accordance with which political party is in power.

  5. OO, you have not told us who our honourable councillors have appointed as acting municipal manager to lead the pack? That will be the determining factor! Pietersen was corrupt and incompetent, Mogale was corrupt and incompetent, Nyimba was the master of incompetency and who’s next in line? Is this the break Oudtshoorn waited for to turn the tide at Beroerd Plain?

  6. Other concerned resident
    Answer, No, they wont have the guts to come clean as long as Bredell is employed by Zille !
    They all play follow the leader like sheep. Brummer made his mark, where is he today ? Politics remain corrupt, lies, back stabbing, double dealing… etc etc, all because of perceived status, nepotism, favours, position and MONEY. All false perceptions ? Tell me which current political leader is clean that you admire (that you personally know ‘as n huisvriend “)? PUNT !

  7. The question should be:’If the DA gets into power will they disclose the contact of the SIU report? Are they prepared to take on the mess the ANC has incurred for this town since they took power? Do they have the ‘balls’ and the integrity to come clean and do a proper job themselves, hell do they have the capacity to do their jobs?’

  8. OO what he admits to you is “No I am not MAN but mouse” please, I can’t face you!! Oh no!!!! Don,t be a coward and run away after all the damage you caused to this town and it’s residents, please wait and face the consequences, like a “MAN”.

  9. OO, lets see if the hard working Cllrs can manage to follow your seven simple steps without dropping the ball again.

    Question; When is it Aprils turn to get his marching orders as his “added value” to ODN has something in common with his ‘earlier and further studies” – so extremely limited.

    Lastly; Is Bredell still in office ? The race is on Hannes. I predicted you will leave before Bredell. You, because of utter frustration with the DA, Bredell when he gets sacked as he is walking on very thin ice ?

  10. Quoting OO, “Why now, DA!? Why now!? Why not in July last year, me hearties? Why not in July last year?”

    Answer: Damage done to the DA in ODN and around SA because of this blog, showing up the DA’s own corruptness, inadequacies and lousy leadership, lack of credibility and integrity, both local and national, cant and wont fool votes any longer. Its called URGENT DAMAGE CONTROLL !

    Sorry Dee Ai, -too little too late whilst that ‘unworthy’ Bredell still prevails. Its sickening. The DA WILL PAY THE PRICE !! The DA is such slow, very slow learners, at their own peril. Suffer the consequinces DA, suffer !!!!

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