Are we paying for trips that never take place!?

What is tech director Ntile up to!?

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Oudtshoorn. 4 October 2012. 12h30. Oudtshoorn’s director technical services, Zukiswa Ntile, charges ratepayers for travelling with gay abandon.

Ntile resides in George, and claims for a round trip (George – Oudtshoorn – George) every day. Ratepayers pay Ntile to travel to work every day!

Ntile is also known to submit travel claims – paid by the ratepayers – for trips between her office in the Eden building in St John Street to the main municipal building in Voortrekker Rd – a vast distance of some one thousand odd meters.

But this week Ntile re-defined the term chutzpah – apparently; allegedly.

The director is attending a minimun competency course (!) in George and has insisted that she still be paid her travel claim for the George-Oudtshoorn-George round trip every day this week, even though she does not travel to Oudtshoorn this week!

To confirm this outrage, I send a few sms’s during the morning.

To Ntile; with copies to MM Thandekile Mnyimba; director corporate services Francois Human; director community services Ron Lottering; and CFO Deon Lott, at 10h01:

“Ntile, plse confirm that you are paid your daily mileage (Gre-Odn-Gre) while you are attending a minimum competency course in Gre this week.”

To Lott, and the municipal media liaison officer, Ntobeko Mangqweqwe, at 10h28 and at 10h29 respectively:

“Please confirm that Ntile is paid her daily mileage (Gre-Odn-Gre) while attending a minimum competency course in Gre this week.”

Then, to Lott, at 10h45:

“Lott, a simple yes or no will suffice… It’ll take you 10s to reply, if you want to reply.”

No reply!

OO calls for MM Mnyimba to make public the sustenance and travel claims of all municipal directors.

For starters.

The rest of the cabal’s claims can be checked later.

Ratepayer money is used to pay out claims, therefore ratepayers have a right to the details.

And, by the gods and faeries, it would simply be decent of the MM to volunteer the information!

That Ntile’s daily round trip is funded by ratepayers may be a function of her employment contract… But if so, OO would want to know why there was an almighty pow-wow about this week’s claim:

Either the round trip is part of Ntile’s remuneration package, or it is not. If it is, no argument is necessary but for the fact that her contract might cost ratepayers too much.

But there was an argument about this week’s claim, indicating, in the absence of a response from Thandekile “Face to Face” Mnyimba, that the round trip claims are ad hoc, or, in Mnyimba speak, “permanently ad hoc”.

The ratepayers, I should think, would want answers!

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4 thoughts on “Are we paying for trips that never take place!?

  1. Quite so, investigative public, but he seems to be authorizing everything else, bursaries, vehicles, expenses, meals etc. etc. If auditing was in place they`d have his b—s for breakfast together with those of his exco.(sic)

  2. Alleycat, the MM cant reinstate the audit committee. He has no authority and has been declared illegitimate and less competent.

  3. If these are false claims then we are dealing with fraud which should be treated expeditiously. Fraud is fraud no matter the value. No wonder the MM does`nt want to reinstate the audit committee.

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