Mayor April up for theft – again

Acused of stealing from the ratepayers, April’s legal problems are piling up

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Oudtshoorn. 31 October 2012. 10h55. Yesterday’s postponement hearing was postponed until today because the court did not have a 2013 calender available.

This morning the case was postponed to November 15 after the court heard that the State will be approaching the DPP to determine whether additional suspects are to be prosecuted.

This development follows upon an application yesterday by AfriForum that Raymond Wagenaar, who was originally charged with April, be added as a defendent.

If the DPP does not clarify its position by the next court date, the case will be scrapped and the State will have an option to refile at a later stage.

Oudtshoorn. 24 October 2012.

09h30. The case was potsponed to 30 October when a hearing date for 2013 will be set.

08h40. The mayor appears in Court A this morning, before Magistrate van Wyngaardt…

April word ondersteun deur sy skoonpalyfwagmotorbestuurder en drie ander.

Oudtshoorn. 3 October 2012.

17h00. OO is trying to determine who will be paying for April’s defense.

OO is being giving the old run around, but as ussual OO will find the real facts and report them!

09h59. Mr Christo van der Bergh is appearing for April, instructed by… wait for it: Van der Walt Attorneys – the selfsame firm currently investigating the illicit municipal payment of April’s initial legal fees on the charges for which he is appearing again today!

Gordon April is suspected of stealing from the ratepayers, and has the ratepayers paying for his defense!

Is this a repitition of the first outrage!?

Ye gods an faeries!

Are you there, Anton Bredell – you who “monitors” Oudtshoorn… Are you there. Or are you golfing, perchance?

In any event, the matter is transferred to the Regional Court to be heard on October 24.

09h49. There was a power outage in the court buildings. The magistrate is, apparently, now on his way.

09h33. Still waiting on the magistrate. There appears to have been several arrangements made already.

09h17. Oudtshoorn is safe. April and Mnyimba are waiting in court and therefore can not do anything at this time to damage Oudtshoorn.

09h06. April and his mate, Mnyimba, are bantering in the gallery – people without problems. Daddy-in-law, driver, and bodyguard, shepstone Billy, is in attendance too.

08h58. Ah! Problem solved. Docket was missing. Now found.

08h57. Adv Shaheed Patel is present – to hold Gordon’s hand? Or is he present to look after the interests of MM Mnyimba; director corporate service Human; and CFO Lott?

There is, of course, some taking care of to be done. More in a while…

08h50. My informants from court personnel tells me that there are problems…

06h45. The Honourable Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Gordon April, he of “beperkte formele skoolopleiding“, will appear in Court yet again today on charges of theft and defeating the ends of justice.

OO reported April’s alleged theft on November 2 last year and April appeared in Court on Desember 23 last year charged with theft of sand and stone belonging to the municipality.

The case against April collapsed when the Director of Public Prosecutions declined to prosecute on March 5.

At that time AfriForum, under the energetic local direction of George Kersop, indicated that it will bring a private prosecution against April.

This initiative forced the DPP to reconsider and to announce, on July 9 that the case had been re-opened.

April faces another criminal complaint relating to the payment of R31,977 on July 23 this year, when CFO Deon Lott sanctioned the payment of April’s legal bill for his first round defense in the matter before court again today.

OO first raised the question of the payment of April’s legal bills on August 27.

The municipality initially denied paying April’s legal bills, and had to retract after OO provided proof that the municipality did, in fact, pay the bills.

An investigation into the illicit payment, by Port Elizabeth based labour law specialists Van der Walt Attorneys, is currently in progress – at even more tax payer expense.

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6 thoughts on “Mayor April up for theft – again

  1. Kan dit wees dat niemand in die hof beskik oor ‘n dagboek nie, in elke dagboek is volgende jaar se kalender, swak !!!

  2. En waaaaar in Konradie nou wanneer dinge warm word vir sy Gabba ?

  3. Van der Walt attorneys do those matters that Patel refusing to touch. They are currently acting obo the George ANC councillors for free ( nothing is for mahala in South Africa). Watch this space!

  4. Praat van korrupsie en ‘conflict of interests’ terwyl die trogvretery onverpoos voortgaan. Rapporteer die hele lot, ook aan die Prokureursorde OO !!

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