Anton Bredell is coming!

At last! But… he wants your money only – AND THEN HE DOESN’T EVEN PITCH TO SHAKE YOU DOWN!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 12 October 2012. 09h50. Anton Bredell is not coming.


The DA Western Cape chairman, also the provincial minister of local government, was due to be the poster boy and main attraction at today’s DA fund raising golf day.

But Bredell isn’t here.

Justify Bredell’s absence with reference to a minister’s busy schedule all you like. Knock yourselves out.

The indisputable fact is this: Anton Bredell yet again failed Oudtshoorn.

On any given Business Chamber golf day, say, there are around 84 players; at Friday sundowners about 64.

The DA attracted some 32 players today. And the DA’s opportunistic use of the Issie Barron name is probably responsible for most of the entries.

If only Bredell withdrew earlier, the DA could’ve removed his name from the advertisements and more people would probably have been attracted!

The DA. What can one say?

To report the facts only gets one ostracised.

Why bother with petulant losers?

This week-end the Western Cape elects its leaders – and this important event probably demands too much attention. There’s lobbying to be done, don’t you know!?

Oudtshoorn. 5 October 2012. 18h45. One can only hope that after the shameful and appalling fiasco during today’s special council meeting the DA would not have the effrontery to proceed with its fund raising golf day on October 12 – in honour of local legend Issie Barron.

That would be impudent.

That would be insulting. To Barron’s memory, and to the citizens of this town.

Oudtshoorn. 2 October 2012. 07h15. Regular readers will recognise me as a keen Monty Python fan. The troupe got it right most every time. What am I saying – Monty Python hit the spot every time!

In The Life of Brian the extreme rapidity with which cults can spring up is mirthfully sketched.

A real example of this phenomenon can be found in the socalled cargo cults of pacific Melanesia and New Guinea.

On the island of Tanna in the New Hebrides (known as Vanuatu since 1980) there is, for example, a belief in a messianic figure called John Frum. References to him in official government records go back only as far as the 1940’s, but is is not known for certain whether John Frum ever did exist.

Frum did promise to return to the island though (John Frum is a distortion of John from… America) and his devoted followers still expect him to make good on the promise, and the promises of a better, richer life ever since.


The Western Cape minister of local government and a few other things to boot, Anton Bredell, is returning to Oudtshoorn.

At last!

But… he is not coming to address ratepayer concerns.

Anton is coming to relieve you of some cash my dear, longsuffering readers.

Anton, also the Western Cape party chair, is the main attraction of the local DA brains trust to raise money for the DA’s local chapter.

The fundraising is in the form of a golf day – honouring the local legend, Issie Barron. All proceeds are for the local DA coffers.

Capital idea, to be sure!

I just want to know what the point is of raising funds for the DA.

Before May 18 last year, I was personally involved in raising money for the DA – and much was raised.

To what end though!?

The DA united 47.7% of the votes upon it. As opposed to 43.8% for the ANC. With its coalition partner, Cope, the DA recorded a majority 50.8% of the total votes.

And the DA does not, and does not want to, govern Oudtshoorn.

So: Why give your money to the DA?

I must add that the local DA caucus and management members have decided not ever to speak to me. I have been far to critical of the virgin party.

Makes me think of the story about Meraai who wore a T-shirt bearing “I’m a virgin” across the chest.

When confronted by Gatiep she replied: “Moenie wharrie nie, dis ‘n báie óú T-shirt!”

Anton Bredell.

His hands are tied. Therefore he can do nothing to help Oudtshoorn out of the political pit.

But he can play golf. Tied hands nontheless.

He has no time to visit Oudtshoorn to address ratepayer concerns.

O, he did arrive a few months ago, met with “concerned parties” – handpicked to manipulate – and left.

Nothing followed but a statement that things were not all that bad in Oudtshoorn, or words to that effect.

And when OO took him on for uttering bilge, the story was spun summat unbelievable.

Bredell has not the time, nor the decency, to respond expeditiously to questions and demands of his own Oudtshoorn caucus, but he responds quickly to an invitation to come play golf; he is available for Kodak moments; he has time to come shake down the locals for some pennies!


What also sits uncomfortable with me is that the DA has usurped the legacy of Issie Barron, whose labours had real and tangible benefits for Oudtshoorn, for its own soi disant political goals.

Quite unbelievable gall; insolence; and audacity displayed by the DA!

So, my longsuffring readers, if you play golf and feel like a game next Friday; and if you are inclined to show your respects to uncle Issie; by all means go play!

But be under no illusion: The money raised by the DA will not bring you a single benefit.

Anton from Cape Town.

Much promised.

Nothing delivered.

For a reminder of exactly what the DA did “for” Oudtshoorn since 2007, click here.

Enjoy the golf!

Noooo! Don’t you dare bring up the Allen Paulse / Thandekile Mnyimba case, DA management.

On second thoughts, do bring up the Allen Paulse / Thandekile Mnyimba case. Therein lurks a good old Sefrican snotklap for you.

2006. Dawkins, Richard. The God Delusion. Bantam Press. London.

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6 thoughts on “Anton Bredell is coming!

  1. Mnr Bredell. U sal met die bevolking moet Kom praat. Dinge lyk glad nie goed op ons dorp nie en u weet dit. Moet dus nie ‘n groot fout begaan om nie met die gepeupel te praat nie. Iewers Gaan jy hulle nodig kry dan mag hulle dalk jou ignoreer soos jy ons ignoreer. Bly eerder heeltemaal weg.

  2. Golfday, Wooh!
    Do yourself a favour and have a look at the sponcers [most proberly in Die Herrie the following week], the honourble business click. The same people who serve on the business chamber. [ executive position].
    Some of them are the same people who sponcered the ANC during/before the 2011 elections, and are the same people who now bedauds their concious with/and or to the DA.
    Die Gholfklub het nog altyd die beleid gehad om geen politieke/kerklike verbande gholfdae aan die organisasies te verskaf nie. Vanwaar het die komitee nou hierdie mandaat gekry.
    Geniet die dag,hoop die voorspelling van 80mm is in die kol. !!

  3. A challenge to all in ODN – send a CLEAR MESSAGE to the DA . No funds to you until you wake up and ACT !
    While at it, will someone take Bredell out of his misery and ask him when he intends resigning or prefers to get fired ?

  4. To honour the good name of Mr Barron is fine but if it is being misused to do the function that the “councillors” are too slapgat to do is not acceptable. What happened to the door to door canvassing for funds and memberships. Where are the DA ward branches and why are they not functioning? What is being done to involve the public in the management of their wards and the town in general? Feed back meetings of which very few are held are not the answer. A golf day will only involve a few voters but everyone who knew “oom Issy”, loved him, I`m sure, and would also like to honour him in some way. Fondse is daar, maar die agbare raadslede moet net die moeite doen om daarvoor te vra, dmv. takke of self.

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