Bitou appoints Allen Paulse

Big problems loom for Bitou and mayor Memory

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Oudtshoorn. 1 October 2012. 15h20. The Bitou council appointed Allen Paulse MM earlier today, with the ANC abstaining.

Mayor Memory Booysen told the council that “certain forces” wanted to prevent the appointment.

The appeal of the ousted MM, Lonwabo Ngoqo, is to be finalised within the next fortnight and if successful Bitou will have a pretty problem!

Ngoqo yesterday served notice on the mayor not to proceed with Paulse’s appointment.

To complicate matters further, Booysen earlier scuttled the appointment of Grant Easton and should Paulse be offered a package in excess of R835,000, Easton might have summat to say in the matter and sue the council.

As will Ngoqo, Sue the council, that is, if his appeal it upheld by Salga.

OO has learned that the Paulse offer will be at least equal to that of Ngoqo’s package – R900,000. Booysen is due to sign off on the Paulse appointment this afternoon.

A learned friend suggested moments ago that Easton can virtually copy and paste Paulse’s High Court application to have the Oudtshoorn appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba set aside, to serve his own relief!

And, OO wonders, will the Western Cape minister of local government also join Easton’s application against Paulse’s appointment!?

Paulse was appointed by the Oudtshoorn council as MM on 26 July, but the pathetic pseudo politicking of mayor April and his mayco and their advisors have to date prevented the implementation of the decision.

Oudtshoorn has an illicit MM; Bitou has as many as a possible three! The political gods – a veritable clone of the Monty Python troupe!

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21 thoughts on “Bitou appoints Allen Paulse

  1. 6. Nothing seems to be happening to kick start the tourism initiative. The voluntary association,
    chaired by Peter Wallington, is looking for a budget of R5 million to operate and Charles Dreyer
    informed Robin P-R that there is only R1.8 million available and that the interm Tourist Board
    and Bitou Council are at an impasse. There are still only two employees operating the tourism
    office who have been retained for six months. It is felt that once Peter Wallington’s expenses are
    paid there will not be much left over from R1.8 million with which to operate tourism functions.

    Diana Martin, disliked and sabotaged by many for many different reasons, had a firm grip on the situation and we were growing despite the world wide recession. A voluntary association, supported by the Bitou Tourism Industry, took over and where are we now?

    To Christo Vlok. The spacing in my comment went wrong and Diana Martin etc. was added to the part I took from the Ratepayers Minutes. You did not say that, I did.

  2. Pletty. The vote in SA was won through a lot of lives, blood and sacrifices by all parties. To put up “2Fingers” to all who died & suffered by “Spoiling” your paper is not acceptable. By “Spoiling” your paper you don’t give the DA, ANC, COPE or Independent any message. Think hard, think deep and decide what is best for the people in Bitou.
    Than VOTE.
    I am sure that the DA machine is very busy as they can lose a lot. With the unhappiness in COPE (WC) with the instruction from COPE (National) TOP to all COPE Councillors to work with the DA, additional problems can/will still occur. Will COPE survive? It was borne out of individuals who had lost power/influence and wanted it back. It was not born out of a desire to serve the people.
    Looking at Plett at the moment I agree with you that many residents should ask themselves “Why should I vote DA”? We are in a mess and our main industry, Tourism, is ready to be cremated. (Edited memo from Christo Vlok dated 3 October 2012:

    6. Nothing seems to be happening to kick start the tourism initiative. The voluntary association,
    chaired by Peter Wallington, is looking for a budget of R5 million to operate and Charles Dreyer
    informed Robin P-R that there is only R1.8 million available and that the interm Tourist Board
    and Bitou Council are at an impasse. There are still only two employees operating the tourism
    office who have been retained for six months. It is felt that once Peter Wallington’s expenses are
    paid there will not be much left over from R1.8 million with which to operate tourism functions.
    Diana Martin, disliked and sabotaged by many for many different reasons, had a firm grip on the situation and we were growing despite the world wide recession. A voluntary association, supported by the Bitou Tourism Industry, took over and where are we now?

    To note that the Plett Ratepayers, who were seen as a DA stronghold can write the following,

    1. Christo Vlok advised that he has again confronted the DA in a letter e-mailed direct to Helen
    Zille and Donald Grant about the state of the DA in Bitou. This letter has elicited neither
    comment nor a reply from either of them despite the fact that Donald Grant had been in
    Plettenberg Bay the week before. He also said that Margie Wilson-Taylor had not approved the
    tone of the letter being sent to the Premier but he and Peter Gaylard felt strongly that something
    had to be done about the DA in Bitou if they hoped to win the next municipal election.

    Pletty, Where are we going in Plett? Pletty VOTE. After the 5th December, whoever wins has to get a very clear message from everybody in Bitou (All organizations and Residents) that we want OPEN- CLEAN- TRANSPARENT & GOOD Government in Bitou and will not accept less. The Premier Mrs Zille said “You get the Government you voted for” . I say “You have the Government you accept”.
    If all what you say about JB Vs DA is true, than I will definite travel to Cape Town when all is revealed in Court. I agree with you that there is a 3th Force working within the DA and, if you know me well you will know what I am talking about. But I feel that all political parties have such problems, the important thing is How do they deal with it! In my case I am dealing with it. OK, off to town to have a coffee.

  3. Sorry Rob, ‘Tis the time of the season. Wooooork,woooork,wooork! (Does that ring a bell anywhere?) Not much time to spend on the internet.

    As expected I received a call from the DA machine in the person of the “bride’s” mother, no less. “Can we depend on your vote?” and “Don’t vote for the independent.” Nothing unexpected there. Lots of activity around the DA office at present. I suspect we will see HZ herself in Plett shortly.

    I have heard nor seen nothing from our “independent” but I imagine he just hasn’t got around to me yet.

    Interesting development with the DA losing an “automatically terminated” seat to their “reject” in an ANC Tshirt. Such a pity that JB is not running as that could have brought an upset here in Plett too.

    So where to from here – especially on 5 December?

    We must ask ourselves just how deserving the DA is of our votes.

    Fact remains, thanks to the DA’s stupidity, we face serious problems here in Plett. There is simply no knowledge, skill or experience left on our council. The little there was -JB- was, if we are to believe the DA lies, removed on the grounds that he owed the Party R5k. That left the ruling party in our council, who have to manage the affairs of this town with virtually no experience or skills. The bad decisions and maladministration are already there for all to see. An out of control Mayor who is deeply dishonest, lies and is clearly out of his depth and not, to use the DA’s maxim, fit for purpose.

    Maybe if they had had a suitable candidate lined up before hand, one could still find an excuse in there somewhere, but their choice of replacement was to put it mildly mind bogglingly stupid. Obviously they gave no thought to Plett, but apparently sought only to protect “Billy Bunter” Grant, Liz Mundell and Memory Booysen.

    So…. the DA was prepared to sacrifice good governance in Plett for R5k, or, perhaps even worse, in order to cover up irregularities committed by senior party members within the party and on council. One can only conclude that protecting these unsavoury individuals is more important to the DA than good governance.

    The DA has lied an prevaricated to the extent that it is impossible for most of us to make head or tail about what is going on in our town and what precipitated it. The lies went out, but when these were proved to be lies, the DA fell silent or embroidered upon the original lie.

    An example: The gospel according to the DA: Brummer was terminated because he owed R5k. According to James Selfe’s oath statement, it was an automatic process that kicked in at midnight on 31 July and nothing could be done about it by anybody. It was impossible to accept any payment from an automatically terminated member after that date. Donald Grant told the media he “begged” Brummer to pay but he refused. That is the story according to the DA, but unsupported by anything.

    The facts that have emerged in the mean time, tell a completely different story; JB did NOT owe the DA anything on 31 July. I have seen the accounting and it shows that the DA owed him a small sum of money at the fateful moment; one Theresa Thompson, also automatically terminated, who did in fact owe money to the DA, was allowed by the same James Selfe to make a late payment and retain her membership of the party and her council seat. It is a fact of course that Brummer paid the so-called outstanding in full in mid August but that the DA rejected that payment. Strangely as is reporte4d elsewhere on O!O they have not rejected the payment back into his bank account but are grimly hanging onto the rejected payment. Again, I have seen the documentation.(So much for Selfe and the DA’s integrity and credibility.); and then “Billy Bunter” Grant swung into action as part of the DA smear campaign against those “automatically terminated” telling the media that he had “begged” Brummer to pay up. Once again this proved to be a lie, I have seen the e-mails between Brummer and Grant which clearly show that Grant was fully aware that Brummer was willing to pay up but had asked Grant to supply him with a proper accounting of how the “debt” was made up. Grant did not do so, and did not follow up. An additional series of e-mails between Brummer and the DA’s Eastern Region Chairwoman, Christelle Vosloo, show that the begging that was done was done by an ever more desperate Brummer requesting details of account so that the matter could be finally settled. He repeatedly OFFERED TO PAAAAAAAY!!!!! His pleas fell on deaf ears. Challenged on these facts by O!O the DA clamped down and cut off communication…but persist with the fallacy of “automatic termination.”
    And then one comes to the unsavoury characters that make up the wrd2 and Bitou Constituency executive, specifically Liz Mundell.

    It is hard fact that between them, Billy Bunter and Liz cooked the Ward2 AGM in October 2011 and constituency AGM in March 2012 in order for her and the rest of her committee to hang onto their positions of power. It is also a hard fact that they have not held the branch AGMs this year. In terms of the DA’s constitution these MUST be held by end of September annually. They have trampled on members’ rights by not holding any branch meetings and not consulting with them regarding candidates. Both candidates, Ndayi and Craig were hand picked under the blanket by the inner circle without consultation. Liz continues to use and abuse the party and its structures in Plett to her own ends. Her actions undoubtedly have the blessing of the DA party structures to the highest level. It is mind boggling that the DA can allow this kind of situation to arise and continue inside the very heart of the party, but the facts do not lie. (So much for the Plett DA’s integrity and credibility.)

    At the moment and under these circumstances, we are being phoned by the DA election machine and asked whether they can depend on our support on 5 December. Any hesitation to accede is met with what can only be described as an instruction not to vote for the independent.

    The answer from my side is a firm and certain NO, not this time and if you continue as you are, never again. You have comprehensively exposed yourselves as being dishonourable and not worthy of anybody’s vote. I do not take kindly to being told who to vote for, especially not by a bunch of dishonourable liars.

    Will I vote for the “independent”? Another NO, for reasons I will not go into here.

    On 5 December I will spoil my paper in the hope that the DA gets a message: Get rid of the incompetent and corrupt in our party. Sort out the mess in Plett which you promised to do but have spectacularly failed to do. Stop lying to us. Stop covering up for and protecting the people that are so obviously incompetent. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

    It’s off to work I goooooooooo!!!!!

  4. Pletty, where have you gone? I enjoyed your comments as they were written with knowhowe. Most of us are in the dark, we learn a bit – understand a bit, but we are not in the picture. I feel that you are, so come back and give us some mooooooore ( To confuse Colin (B ))

  5. Oops! The bug returns! Dammit.

    “An independent balance of power in every Eden Council!”

    That is where we need to go. INDEPENDANTS.

    I fear this bye election may have come a bit too early though. One thing is for certain, a win by an independant in this by election will have a massive positive impact on the independant movement across the country. But that also means that people will to a degree stop or slow down developing the concept and rather watch the performance of the independant flag bearer here in Plett. The whole concept will depend on his success. If he fails to caary it off by bringing good governance and neutralising the power of the political parties in the affairs of the town the future prospects and support of an independants movement will suffer a heavy blow to its credibility.

    Whoever takes on this responsibility will have to perform well and know exactly what to do. He or she will have to be as tough as nails to deal effectively with the three political parties and convince them of the need to put their own reasons to exist second to the welfare of Plett which must come first. Therein lies the trick and the future of this town and the future of an indepndants movement focussed on bringing government which is good for each individual town and its citizens. It is a big ask.

  6. @Rob. Sorry so late to respond but have suffered the computer bugs. Where to from here? That was your question before Charles Dreyer’s passing and that sad event must have a massive impact on the answer which would not have been there if I had answered earlier.

    The parties and their representatives and leaders do certainly see themselves as above the law and exempt from having to comply with what they themselves preach. Lets forget about Provincial and National. Tackling that problem needs lubrication which is not available right now, but lets look at LOCAL.

    The last thing the DA ever expected was facing a bye-election in ward 2 and under normal circumstances it would not have been a problem to muster the necessary support to hold on to the seat. For it to happen at this time when they have dropped the ball in Council and elsewhere and especially just at the time that the movement for independant councillors is gaining momentum must be the worst possible time.

    It appears that this bye-election opportunity has added fuel to the independant movement’s fire and that, to answer your question is where I believe we should be going. Support independants. As OO says, “

  7. Pletty. Where are we going from here? The local politicians are not responding to the electorate. The Provincial politicians having their own agenda’s and some Provincial “Leaders” feel that they are above the law, no they are the law! At National level??????
    You have shown that you have a clear logical mind and understand what is going on.. Can you give us a “Prediction” of where we are going in both National and Local (Bitou). Bitou should be booming in the current world wide resesion as we have it all. But Bitou is exploding from within as a “3rd” force is pulling strings and, unfortunately, the majority of the voters just follow.
    I am not asking for your identity, I am asking you for your opinion.
    Robert verdonk

  8. @ Amazed. It’s so easy to get carried away in debate and we must understand that and allow for it. Debate is good when we stick to the facts. As people and debaters we can and should disagree, even vehemently, but it does not mean we need to dislike or disrespect each other. My faith in the quality of debater on this website is confirmed by your reaction. I respect you for that.

    I agree, it comes through very clearly in these responses that we are all very close together even when we disagree. The only people who seem to be out of step with reality are the politicians, those people who give themselves out to be the “public men.” They willingly ask to be judged as persons by the standards set by Burke. As they say in Afrikaans, “As jy jou uitgee vir ‘n toffie moet jy nie huil as jy gekou word nie.” Their general immaturity and arrogance shines through however when they drop the debate at first opportunity when it starts getting tough and then withdraw into a silent sulk when cornered. Again I think Afrikaans has a beautifully discriptive word for this – “stilstuipe.”

    “Stilstuipe” in debate, is to my mind, a clear and unequivocal surrender and admission that you have been caught out and have no defence. The DA’s response to OO’s enquiries is a perfect example of a debater that has totally lost the plot, the debate, you name it, they’ve lost it. It of course also leads to a loss of integrity, credibility, and relevance in the long run.

    @Colin. Good call. It will be interesting to hear from the horse’s mouth why the PBRA disseminated the DA’s misinformation, when the truth was already out on OO and general knowledge to all who read OO. Another question is, In what way does that committee think misinforming their members promoted the interests of their members and the town in general?

    @ Robert Verdonk. Thanks Rob. I really value that compliment coming from a person of your integrity.

  9. @ Pletty, agreed. My apologies for playing the man with that last part of my previous comment. I think for the balance we actually are 100% in agreement.

  10. Pletty. I really enjoy your comments. They are factual and to the point. I do hope that our political “Leaders” take note and look back over their shoulders to see the damage they have inflicted on Bitou’s economy.
    I look forward to your next comment.

  11. I think it is only fair to afford the Plett Ratepayers Association an opportunity to state their official political stance and/or affiliation,or do they claim that are they are A-political? Will Mr.Vlok please respond?

  12. @Amazed. Now there’s the thing! I did add my name… and your’s at the end. ” And the rest of US? Will WE stand up and be counted?” That’sYOU and ME.

    As to your question, “Where are the good people?” Shit, man, I don’t know. You? Me? Drewan? Memory? I don’t know. It was my question, although not as directly stated as you did, simply because I’m ambivalent about myself and the question, “Will I, personally, pass the test if applied?” If you want a very honets answer to that question, right now, I think I fall short of the mark when it comes to the “public man.” In all honesty, can you say you make the grade on that test? Unequivocally? Honestly, who do you know that does?

    “Are there any good people in politics?” Man! I don’t thinks so. But I may be wrong. I like to think that Nelson Mandella was THE MAN. But then I hear arguments to the contrary. I don’t want to believe them , but in some instances… it is not so easy to disprove his weaknesses. You have to believe then. Like in the Easter Bunny. To hell with the counter arguments. I BELIEVE in Mandela as a “good politician”. Any others, you ask. Not that I can come up with right now.

    As far as the “good people” in the DA goes, well, again it is a matter of perspective, but yes, it appears that they did in fact do “evil” and are still doing so – ACTIVELY and awefully by CHOICE while averring the opposite and we believe them. And that, my friend, is scary! It is like when Zuma and Malema go “te kere” about corruption and we believe them, because we want to believe this about our leaders. The DA did the same in Plett and we believed them, and voted for them and now we’re in a mess. Just like when we believed in Mandela and voted for the ANC, and now we’re in a mess.

    Ja, Amazing, we all talk against these evils, but in our heart of hearts, in the dark of the night, when we’re all alone, when the Tikolosh tiptoes across the floor whispering these unwelcome questions, what is our honest answer to ourselves. My answer is, “Not enough.” What is yours? Or does posting on OO absolve you, or is it something that you actually did, that I am unaware of? Lets play the ball here, and not the people. OK?

    @ JEF. Ja, ou Gerrie. Who is the “our” you refer to. The ANC? The ANCYL? The Friends of the ANCYL? The “litigation division”? Nah! What the hell, it doesn’t matter! It is probably just a function of your culture. You are right, the blunders of the DA in Bitou and elsewhere are manifold and given the short period of incumbancy compare well to those of the ANC. They are starting small and we must give them time, we cannot expect them to come up with a Wavelengths right out of ther blocks. But give them time and the “right” guidance and I’m sure they will surprise us all. You’re kidding when you say it is already difficult to keep up when you managed quite nicely to keep up with the ANC blunders. Right??

    Speaking of blunders. The unlawful decision to withdraw charges against Monde Stratu, with the consequent withdrawal of charges agaisnt Carl Mattheus, with the resultant inevitable overturning of the Lonwabo Ngoqo dismissal, with the inevitable indefensible law suit from Grant Easton and/or Ngoqo and/or Paulse. That original decision, which you know to be unlawful and is going to cause havoc for Bitou Municipality and cost them millions whichever way it plays out, was not commented on by your JEF. Why Gerhardus? Was it merely because the ANC councillors supported it and your party loyalty disallows you to comment truthfully on EVERYBODY’s blunders? Or is there perhaps some other little reason behind your/JEF’s silence and tacit approval of the DA and ANC’s joint blunders, or some other reason you choose not to share? Just out of curiosity of course.

    There’s a hell of a lot of money blowing in the wind. Hope you get your share this time round too.

  13. Today’s CXpress. Our new MM Alan Paulse “We must make a value judgement;”Is it worthwhile to rebuild the road for R20.000 without environmental approval and pay a R10.000 fine, or do we wait a year for authorisation and end up spending R5 million following further degradation and damage?” ?????????? Bureaucratie gone mad in Cape Town (Dead-P)?? Thanks God we got some “Balls” again leading our Municipality. Re that “Fine”???? Repairing something vital that was damaged during the recent storms needs “Environmental Approval”?????? and that takes a year????? And if you are naughty and repair without “Big daddy’s” approval, Oh Oh OH..

  14. There is definitely merit in some of your points Pletty. Thank you for your views, which certainly give one food for thought. In our defence, it is quite difficult to keep up with all the blunders in Bitou, and that’s only one town in Eden.

  15. @ Pletty, Burke’s quote pre-supposes the existence of GOOD MEN (for the sake of being PC, I shall refer to “good people”).

    My questions are:
    “Where/who are these good people?”
    “Are there any good people in politics?”

    To me, the answer is a resounding NO. And from what Pletty writes, it appears the the GOOD PEOPLE of the DA did indeed NOT do nothing, they were actually quite active (in doing evil).

    I also suppose Pletty might as well add his/her own name to the list at the end of his post. Or is his/her posts on OO enough to absolve him/her from doing good? Maybe I am missing something that he/she actually did to oppose these injustices?

  16. Pragtig gestel Pletty. A new Plaque for the DA;

    “That duty demands and requires that what is right should not only be made known, but made prevalent; that what is evil should not only be detected, but defeated.

    When the public man omits to put himself in a situation
    of doing his duty with effect it is an omission that frustrates the purposes of his trust almost as much as if he had formally betrayed it. It is surely no very rational account of a man’s life, that he has always acted right but has taken special care to act in such a manner that his endeavours could not possibly be productive of any consequence.”

  17. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    There is a lot of “nothing” being done by many who should be doing something and even claim to be doing something.

    This one is going to cost the Plett ratepayers and residents dearly. The inexperience and incompetence of the DA-led council is exposed. The lack of leadership, planning and even a smidgeon of common sense, now that they have purged their only experienced councillor is the elephant in the room.

    Billy Bunter’s inability and unwillingness to lead in his constituency for the benefit of the town as opposed to playing politics stands exposed. The people of Plett should call for his and the local DA leadership’s resignation for orchestrating the implosion of the DA in Plett. It is common knowledge that he and Bredell knowingly failed to take the necessary steps to avoid the MM debacle. They must be called to account.

    Clearly there has been no legal compliance throughout. Where, one may ask, has the Speaker, (who has the statutory duty to ensure legal compliance in council), been throughout this mess? Why did he not take the necessary steps to stop the unlawful decisions that caused the mess?

    Where has the Plett Ratepayers’ Association been? Their chairman attends the council meetings and knows what goes on, but the committee actively took part in the DA cover-up by distributing misinformation to their members. DA lapdogs and of no value to their members.

    Come to think of it, where were the checks and balances.

    1. The DA constituency head, Billy Bunter Grant: MIA.
    2. The DA constituency chair, Liz Mundell: settling private scores and actively covering up.
    3. The Speaker, Charles Dreyer: playing computer games on a different planet.
    4. The Plett Ratepayers’ Assoc: sitting in Mundell’s lap and helping in the cover-up.
    5. The Minister of Local Gov, WC, Anton Bredell: totally disinterested, retreating before an imaginary ANC “Operation Reclaim” while managing all the while to keep his head firmly buried in the sand.
    6. The Leader of the WC DA. Theuns Botha: studiously ignoring the non-Goldilocks municipality in the interests of the bigger DA picture and to the detriment of good governance in Plett.
    7. The Acting MM, various: being ignored when they speak out and embraced when they keep quiet and go along with council’s illegal decisions. (If you don’t play along you’re out.)
    8. The JEF website and Gerhardus, ANC apoligist / DA critic: after criticising and accusing the DA council’s every decision on the flimsiest and mostly fictitious grounds, suddenly silent on their patently unlawful decsions.
    9. The opposition in Council, The ANC councillors: SILENT. They, after all, enthusiastically supported the unlawful decisions relating to the MM position.
    10. The Premier of the WC, Helen Zille: who knows? Does she even know what is going on? Does she care?

    Who will call these people to account? How?

    Who will pay for all this criminal incompetence and doing of “nothing in the end”? PLETT RATEPAYERS AND RESIDENTS.

    To get back to the Burke quote; according to Wikipedia this is what he actually said:

    “It is not enough in a situation of trust in the commonwealth, that a man means well to his country; it is not enough that in his single person he never did an evil act, but always voted according to his conscience, and even harangued against every design which he apprehended to be prejudicial to the interests of his country. This innoxious and ineffectual character, that seems formed upon a plan of apology and disculpation, falls miserably short of the mark of public duty. That duty demands and requires that what is right should not only be made known, but made prevalent; that what is evil should not only be detected, but defeated. When the public man omits to put himself in a situation of doing his duty with effect it is an omission that frustrates the purposes of his trust almost as much as if he had formally betrayed it. It is surely no very rational account of a man’s life, that he has always acted right but has taken special care to act in such a manner that his endeavours could not possibly be productive of any consequence.”

    Does this not beautifully describe the behaviour of : Donald Grant, Liz Mundell, Anton Bredell, Theuns Botha, Helen Zille, Charles Dreyer, Gerhardus Mills, All the DA councillors in Bitou, All the ANC councillors in Bitou, and The Plett Ratepayers’ Assocaition?

    And the rest of us? Will we stand up and be counted?

  18. Clearly the learnered friend of yours did not read the judgement on the case of Oudtshoorn Mun appointing Mr Mnyimba. Mr Grant Easton can not use that judgement as it was based on competency and meeting requirements by Mr Mnyimba. Allen poses the competency and is more qualified, having been an MM at George, Breede Valley and also Mayor at Drakenstein. So there is no question in terms of his competency. As for Mr Lonwabo case, I do not want to comment as I have respect for both him and Allen.

  19. Bhahaahaaahooohahahaaaaa…the DA in Bitou demonstrates exactly why nobody should ever vote for them again!!! Honestly, are there anymore arguments necessary for independant councils in Eden?

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