April responds to Bredell

“Mnyimba has performed his duties as Municipal Manager with distinction”

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Oudtshoorn. 28 September 2012. 06h00. I started last night on the answering affidavit of the Honourable Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn in the Rule 49(11) application, by the minister of local government, to have Thandekile Mnyimba removed as Municipal Manager until the Council’s appeals are exhausted.

And so I almost immediately happened upon paragraph 3…

I have read, perused, and considered the notice of application in terms of Rule 49(11) read with Rule 6(11) of the Rules of this Honourable Court, and I have also read the affidavit deposed to by the MEC for Local Government…

I collapsed in irrepressible fits of mirth.

Does April even know the meaning of the word “peruse”? Ye gods and faeries, does the poor sod know the meaning of the word “and”!?

The rest of the affidavit proved to provide unadulterated entertainment.

From “the MEC has an ulterior motive which is nakedly political” to “I am not personally aware of any complaints against (Mnyimba) in his capacity as Municipal Manager” to “not even those politically opposed to his appointment, have laid any claims of inefficiency or incompetence against (Mnyimba)” to “the fact that this Honourable Court has ruled that (Mnyimba) does not meet the requirements… does not necessarily mean that (he) does not have the skills, expertise, and competencies otherwise required for the job” (nooo, I kid you not, dear reader, it’s all there, and I quote verbatim, no less) to “(Mnyimba) has performed his duties as Municipal Manager with distinction”… the risible contents had me in stitches.

A learned friend at the Cape Bar – in fact the opinion was shared by a lesser learned friend at an Oudtshoorn bar earlier – called the arguments purported in the affidavit “lacking in substance”. The chap at the Oudtshoorn bar was somewhat more explicit and called the same… “kak”.



A most entertaining, sprightly and bright journalist at a leading Cape Town based weekly listened to my roundup over the telephone and said… “haai jirre”.


But this little escapade is, yet again, costing Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers any figure follwed by some 5 zero’s.

There are, so I am told, some 18 – eighteen! – councillors, out of 25, united against outrages such as this latest irreverence.

Yet they lack the crown jewels to do something.


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3 thoughts on “April responds to Bredell

  1. investigative public – April se stuiptrekkings neem gans te lank en is elke dag net meer en meer skade vir Oudtshoorn en sy mense

  2. April is HISTORY, hy en Corabie WEET DIT LAAANKAL
    Dis net die stuiptrekkings wat oorbly !

  3. Gordon moet met sy eie harde kontant betaal vir die ” kak” wat hy aanjaag en as hy nie kan betaal nie moet hy gaan sit, want hy weet mos baie goed hy mors die belastingbetaler se geld. SIES !!!!!!!!

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