Only in Oudtshoorn!

A municipal functionary keeps her job when she threatens to tell what she’s ordered to do!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 27 September 2012. 15h00. OO has learned that the municipal manager payments, Yoliswa Shishana, was threatened with suspension, disciplinary action and dismissal in July when she refused to process certain payments.

Husband Elvis, a SAFA functionary, then paid a visit to illicit and unqualified MM Thandekile Mnyimba, and threatened to make public what his missus was forced to pay.

An’ whaddayaknow!?

Mrs Shishana is still a happy employee of Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers.

Ye gods and faeries.

Did not that lethargic lame, Anton Bredell, once claim that he had an “oversight role”?

Quite successful, is our lame – he sees over every problem in Oudtshoorn. Good oversight, Anton!

Can someone, anyone, in the den of iniquity on Voortekker Rd, please explain this one!?

Gordon? Thandekile? Deon!?

It’s on your watch, CFO Deon Lott!

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