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Oudtshoorn. 26 September 2012. 11h35. I have spoken this morning with influential ANC functionaries and can confidently report that no one, or more, of the dissatified ANC councillors are prepared at this time to defy “the structures” and provide a quorum for a council meeting – let alone frustrate ANC decisions for Oudtshoorn, including the continued presence of Gordon April and Thandekile Mnyimba.

So, I say again: Get lost, all 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18 of you milksop socalled representatives arrogating as leaders.

An interesting, unique idea is taking shape in Eden.

Watch this space.

In the meantime anton Bredell is reported in Die Burger to have intervened in Swellendam where no quorums are recorded for council meetings.

I sms’d the poor sod this morning: “Geen kworums in Swellendam se raadsvergaderings nie, Anton!? Raai, op Odn HET ons nie eens raadsvergaderings nie!

Ye gods and faeries.

Oudtshoorn. 22 September 2012. 11h20.

WARNING: This story contains strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

I am sick to the pit of my stomach of the selfrighteous whinging of the DA councillors, joined in the refrain by the single Cope representative with sporadic off pitch humming from the “Dissident 6”, sounding too much like an Apartheid era death squad victims group, about the state of Oudtshoorn’s government.

Enough already.

If these councillors want change they must act.

The Local Government: Municipal Structures Act states, at paragraph 29(1):

“The speaker of a municipal council decides when and where the council meets subject to section 18(2). but if a majority of the councillors requests the speaker in writing to convene a council meeting, the speaker must convene a meeting at a time set out in the request.”

Paragraph 18 reads, at sub-paragraph (2): “A municipal council must meet at least quarterly.”

The Rules of order regulating the conduct of meetings of the council of the municipality of Oudtshoorn confirms this arangement at paragraph 8.

It’s no sweat. It’s a piece of cake. It’s as easy as pie. As easy as shooting fish in a barrel. As easy as hitting a barn door with a brick at arm’s length. It’s a vertibale perambulation in a bosky common, or, in unambiguous banter, it’s a walk in the park. It’s as easy as pissing in the shower; as easy as falling out of a tree.

But the DA is waiting on one or more or all of the Dissident 6. The Dissident 6 is waiting on speaker Stoffels. Stoffels is waiting on Ron Lottering, his party boss and bondsman of NPP president Badih Chaaban. Chaaban is waiting on Marius Fransman. Fransman is waiting on Songezo Mjongile. Mjongile is waiting on the anti-Zuma cabal.

The whole caboodle is waiting on Gwede Mantashe. Mantashe is waiting on Jesse Duarte.

There are even some die-hards waiting on Anton Bredell!

Listen up, you torpid, uninspiring bunch of losers:

Thirteen of you councillors, professing your disdain of the current moronarchy running Oudtshoorn, get together over the week-end and sign your names to a demand for a council meeting within 24 hours of serving the papers on speaker Stoffels.

Vote to implement Resolution 60.100/07.12 removing MM Thandekile Mnyimba.

Draft a letter there and then; and all sign it; and serve it on Mnyimba and the mayor and the CFO; and get security to remove Mnyimba – if Mnyimba is not prsent, have someone pack up his personal belongings, in the presence of two councillors, bolt the office door, send an sms to Mnyimba’s mobile number informing him where he may retrieve his personal effects.

But all this self-serving beguiling banter about being o, so fed-up with April and Mnyimba, and mismanagement… Enough already!

If you really are so damned concerned, act and be done with it.

Or make way for someone who WILL. “Can” is a given. It’s not only possible; is probable and quite easily done!

Of course, the DA waits also on the outcome of Bredell’s current High Court application to have Mnyimba summarily removed in terms of Uniform Rule 49(11). But that will come to fruition after papers are filed on October 5, 18, and 25.

If successful, whenever, the DA will claim that waiting was the right thing to have done; the only way.

The DA will say that they are not a posse of cowboys.

(When you’re up against Buffalo Feather, Ringo may come in handy, though.)

Oudtshoorn would then have waited nearly a year… And the DA will find some way of doing what it does so capitally well: Chris MacPherson will declare victory from the bowels of defeat, propped on either side by a smirking Hannes Barnard and a gnashing Jac Bekker.

Mnyimba removed, will see Oudtshoorn still in the hands of Gordon April and his moronic mayco; Deon Lott; Francois Human; and Ron Lottering.

Then the waiting will start in earnest.

Hey, you, lethargic councillors: Either act, or fuck off.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a piece of cake

  1. OO, I find your (almost) never ending list of parties waiting on each other excellent! Just a hint, if Oudtshoorn waits on the DA councillors (and anyone who will stand firm on this with them) to draw up a letter compelling Stoffels to call an official council meeting, doomsday will be too soon! Why don’t you draw up the letter for them and assist them to sign? At least some progress might be possible. Stoffels CANNOT refuse as the Municipal Systems Act and the Oudtshoorn Rules of Order compell him to call a meeting at the time and date requested by the majority of Council! Lets get life in those whining bones!

  2. Meanwhile Dysselsdorp is filling up with busloads of immigrants from the Eastern Cape to strengthen the ANC vote at the soon to be bi election. If the ANC loose Dysselsdorp they loose control of Oudtshoorn .

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