A peaceful protest ride

Poorly attended; enthusiastically executed

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By: TwitterButtons.com

Oudtshoorn. 00 September 2012. 12h15. A small group of motorcycle and scooter riders joined in an awareness parade this morning to draw attention to the inherent risks of travelling on two wheels, without cabin protection, on roads that should be used only by four by four vehicles.

Oudtshoorn’s roads are in a tragic state of repair.

Our children, who made up most of this morning’s group, are especially at risk as the small scooter wheels are much more susceptible to be caught in potholes, with dangerous results.

But OO expects nothing from the Verwoerd Sq cabal. The municipality couldn’t not manage a dogfight in a paper bag, let alone provide infrastructure safe and pleasant to use.

Useless lot of morons.

A very few people gathered for the protest ride.

It is an unfortunate reality that people will complain bitterly about problems, but remain reluctant to act against outrages and for improvement.

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