No more council meetings for 2012!

Affrighted April and his louche layabouts too spooked to go to council

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 28 September 2012. 06h00. Now it’s on again!

Word from the inner pits of the NPP is that there’ll be a council meeting next Thursday.

Who knows!?

Who knows what these fools arrogating as our representatives will or will not do?

Why the secrecy!?

Why not simply keep to a schedule, for crying in a bucket!?

“Something big” is about to happen, OO hears from one of the new NPP converts.

Yeah, yeah…


If our embarrassing councilors want a solution for Oudtshoorn, it’s there for the taking!

Oudtshoorn. 21 September 2012. 13h00. It’s official: The ANC has ordered that no more council meetings be held this year.

The speaker confirmed this decision, taken at an ANC meeting last night, earlier today.

It is generally believed that the provincial secretary, Songizo Mjongile, ordered this decision.

Mjongile is expected in Oudtshoorn Monday, to accompany Tokyo Sexwale for Heritage Day celebrations.

The mayor, Gordon April, can not risk a council meeting for fear of being ousted.

Where are those ANC councillors reportedly disillusioned with the freedom movement’s embarrassing antics?

Why don’t they act!?

What has happened to SG Gwede Mantashe and Luthuli House fixer Jessie Duarte?

Where is Anton Bredell? You know, the bloke who sometimes lurks, so rumour has it, in the unoccupied office suit of what used to be the Western Cape ministry of local government.

Why don’t they act!?

O, yes, I remember: they can’t, shame.

Useless twits.

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5 thoughts on “No more council meetings for 2012!

  1. Alleycat, you are concerned about the open line to the ANC! What bothers me most is what the councillors and staff are doing all day without continuing business as normal? Talking the balance of the ratepayers’ money away on the phones!

    What happens to processes that Council is responsible for legal compliance? Was the IDP approved? What about performance measurement, the compulsary report on the state of finances of the muncipality that the Mayor must submit to Council at the end of each quarter? Has the financial statements been completed and provided to the Auditor-General? If not has the Mayor informed Council and supplied reasons for non-compliance? Just asking ……..?

    Surely the same Councillors will rush to the meeting in Dec/January when they must approve the increase in their remuneration but I bet that no-one will refuse their monthly pay for not performing as a Council!!! Fruitless and wasteful expenditure!

  2. One wanders what our telephone account must be as there appears to be a permanent open line to ANC headquarters. After all our town is run (sic) from there and definitely not Oudtshoorn.

  3. Well put ORPA !
    Declare a dispute, no meetings, no taxes
    See them rush back to the table once you start doing that and then its good bye April met die Bril !!

  4. ORPA wants to know what the citizens of this town wants to do in this case – surely the time is ripe for the withholding of our rates and taxes asap. If no council decision will take place hence forth we should not pay as no decisions will be taken regarding the management of our town…

  5. OO, can’t they act or won’t they act??? Probably both. What happens now to the administration and items that needs councils approval? I agree, Useless twits and morons!

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