Another (costly) Mnyimba embarrassment

The only question is to what extent the municipality will foul up this one

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Oudtshoorn. 20 September 2012. 06h00. Thandekile Mnyimba is becoming a bigger embarrassment for Oudtshoorn by the day.

But then again, can the ANC be embarrassed by anything? An organisation with a president like Jacob has obviously lost all self-respect and has only disdain for its members.

This Friday last, at a disciplinary matter, the commissioner asked the municipality’s Amanda Booysen, and its Salga representative, Alex Kannemeyer, to determine Mnyimba’s actual standing.

The two called director corporate services Francois Human and reported that no appeal against the June 1 High Court verdict that Mnyimba was not competent to be MM was filed. Apparently the municipality is still considering legal advice.

Yet, a notice of appeal has, in fact, been filed, and the municipality is due to file answering papers in the seperate Rule 49(11) application of the Western Cape minister of local government tomorrow.

This application is to have Mnyimba removed until any and all appeals have been exhausted, as opposed to the current position which allows Mnyimba to stay put until the appeals process is completed.

But there has been no council resolution to oppose the minister’s application.

Therefore OO dropped a note to the speaker yesterday:

The Speaker
Councillor Johannes Stoffels

Mr Stoffels

Given that no council meeting is scheduled for this week, and counsel therefore can not be instructed on the filing of answering papers in the above application by the Western Cape minister of local government by Friday, September 21, can you confirm that council will not oppose the application?

(Ask someone to explain to you. Then get back to me, there’s a good chap.)

Of course the municipality, run by political rogues, can be expected to do the unexpected, which has become the expected norm for the moronarchy running Oudtshoorn.

Will answering papers be filed tomorrow?

And if the papers are filed, by what authority will the municipality proceed?

It has already sued itself over the Mnyimba matter – the legal equavalent of shooting oneself in the foot that one has put in one’s mouth – a head shot… Not that anything at all will be hit by a bullet speeding through the municipal collective head.

What’s happening in the municipality?

Who knows?

The municipal administration clearly has no clue.

And, in all reasonableness, does anyone really expect the council to have any idea on any matter of importance?

Oudtshoorn is the laughing stock of municipal mismanagement in South Africa.

But when the 13 stooges who appointed Mnyimba are eventually presented with the bill of cost, they won’t be laughing, to be sure.

The ANC has spent a fortune on municipal managers since 2010. The poor liberation movement functionaries clearly have no clue… All we got was Noël Pietersen, Mpho Mogale, and Thandekile Mnyimba.

Talk about rotten choice!

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2 thoughts on “Another (costly) Mnyimba embarrassment

  1. Goeie genade! By Eden het Godfrey Louw dieselfde gedoen die afgelope ses maande deur nie ‘n raadsbesluit te kry om regsgedinge aan te gaan nie. Nie Louw of Wessie het daardie bevoegdheid nie. Die gtig.mafeit dat Oudtsmun nog nie hul appelstukke geliaseer het nie het die gevolg dat hulle buite tyd is. Dan moet Mnyimba maar pad vat want alles wat hy nou doen is ongemagtig. Wie adviseer hierdie mense?

  2. OO describes ODN “functionaries’ beautiful. “Not that anything at all will be hit by a bullet speeding through the municipal collective head.”

    So what is there to expect ? Just an echo through that collective head ?

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