SIU head has been sitting on the Oudtshoorn report since May!

Not a single local, regional, provincial, national, or enforcement agent is lifting a finger to stop the gang-rape

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Oudtshoorn. 19 September 2012. 06h15. The Acting Head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), Adv. Nomvula Mokhatla, has been sitting on the final Oudtshoorn report for nearly four months already!

The report was finalised in May and submitted to the SIU head office.

All Mokhatla has to do is sign the report and send it to Jacob.

As if Jacob will do something to evict the cadres from Oudtshoorn.

The ANC can not be trusted. The cadres say one thing and do the exact opposite.

Jacob, the president; and Gwede Mantashe, the SG, speak often and passionately about transparant and clean government, but their absolute inability to act against the squalid cadres of, for example, Oudtshoorn, show them up as farcical prevaricators.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Jacob, and Mantashe, and whomever toy-toy in those godawfull yellow, green and black regalia, shouting and fingerwagging against corruption, are, considering Oudtshoorn, lying through their teeth.

Here’s an example –

The Oudtshoorn ANC Sub Region Executive, under one Chris Jansen, is currently considering disciplinary steps against the former ANC Chief Whip, Wilton Kawa, for filing a criminal complaint against the ANC mayor for using ratepayer money to pay personal legal bills.

If the ANC really wanted “clean government” in Oudtshoorn, they would have had a senior local functionary file the complaint, not moving against a now ordinary member who had the crown jewels to act against corruption!

The ANC is not even investigating the mayor for using ratepayer money to pay for his criminal defense!

Why does not Mantashe tell Provincial Secretary Fransman to tell Regional Sectretary Mapitiza to tell Sub Regional Chair Jansen to clean up Oudtshoorn!?

Simple question.

Where’s the simple answer, Gwede?

And where is the Western Cape minister of local government!?

Why does the minister not insist on an investigation of April by the speaker!?

What possible excuse will the minister conjure this time!?

And where the hell is Oudtshoorn’s SIU report, Mokhatla!?

Get off your butt and act, dammit!

And you too, Bredell! Mantashe! Fransman!

Ye gods and faeries!

What a useless bunch of milksops!

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One thought on “SIU head has been sitting on the Oudtshoorn report since May!

  1. Keep reporting OO so that all can see what useless unethical leadership looks like !
    Adv Mokhatla should also be reported for a dereliction of duty to Tuli Madonsella and other institutions NOW !!
    Lets get the show off the ground for them, if they are so useless !!
    Shape up or ship out ! Lets not tolerate bad leaders on our watch !
    This is a public demand !!

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