Double standards

The DA doesn’t practice what it preaches

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Oudtshoorn. 18 September 2012. 09h50. The DA’s Mike Moriarty complains that it takes Gauteng 2 to 3 months on average to pay its bills – the average delay in March this year was 94.74 days.

Well, it took the DA more than 120 days (more than 4 months) to make good on a payment promise in the Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality matter.

This after the initial payment pledge were perfected in tranches after months of bickering.

Double standards?

You decide.

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3 thoughts on “Double standards

  1. Double standards and lies. Here’s a challenge to Billy Bunter Grant. You have told us that you “begged” brummer to pay. I have done a bit of ferreting of my own and the evidence shows that you have lied to us Donny! Again, Donny! Can we get an undertaking from you that when it is proved in a court that you have lied about this that you will do the honourable thing and resign? Come on, it is time for you to put your money where your big lying mouth is.

    I have heard and seen some very interesting stuff and yes, Investigative Public, from what I now know, you certainly do not want to believe a single word the Dishonourable Grant says.

  2. Yeah, and then Brummer got 2 months or so before ‘automatically’ axed, whilst some weren’t axed ! Why ?
    Eisch, maybe Liz can explain this too as “Automatic Selfe” and “Pleading Grant “( remember, the one who allegedly pleaded with Brummer to pleaaaaze pay, yeah right !!) is perhaps no longer persons one would want to believe, correct ?

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