Brummer: “Donald, you are a barefaced LIAR”

Ex Bitou speaker and DA member Johann Brummer reacts to Donald Grant’s public statements on the “cessation of membership” issue

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Oudtshoorn. 17 September 2012. 17h00. The DA has still not answered any of OO’s questions about the “automatic termination” of Johann Brummer’s membership.

Why not?

Read all about it tomorrow morning.

Oudtshoorn. 17 September 2012. 08h30. Donald Grant lied.

So says Johann Brummer about Grant’s statement that he “pleaded” with Brummer to settle Brummer’s candidate fee – the “non-payment” which “automatically” terminated Brummer’s DA membership on the stroke of midnight on July 31.

Die Burger quoted Grant on Saturday: “Ek het hom (Johann Brummer) persoonlik gesoebat om die geld te betaal.”

It has become clearer, over the last few days, that Brummer did not, in fact, owe the DA on July 31, but that is a matter for the High Court to decide at a future date.

But back to Grant. This man is the Bitou constituency Head, and the Western Cape Minister of Education. And he told Eugene Gunning of Die Burger that he personally pleaded with Brummer to settle his DA debt.

Brummer claims that the last conversation he had with Grant before his membership was terminated, was on July 4, when they argued about Grant’s management of specific complaints Brummer submitted – about Bitou caucus member behaviour.

After August 13, the only contact the two men had was when Grant confronted Brummer, who was having a private dinner, on August 15.

OO enquired of Grant yesterday:

The Constituency Head
Mr Donald Grant

Dear Mr Grant

In “Raadslid ‘wou nie geld betaal’”, in Die Burger of September 15, you are quoted verbatim:

“Ek het hom (Johann Brummer) persoonlik gesoebat om die geld te betaal.”

Brummer denies that you have ever asked or prompted him to pay up.

Brummer says that the last conversation you had with him before the termination of his membership was on July 5 and that the presumed debt was not discussed.

I have also sent you an sms and require a simple confirmation or denial of Brummer’s claim before I publish at 08h00 tomorrow, September 17.

Here is the sms of yesterday, at 17h17: “Mr Grant, you have email from Drewan Baird of OudtshoornOnline re your statement on Johann Brummer in Die Burger of Spt 15. A response from you is required.”

No response was received. This is no surprise, as Grant told the Oudtshoorn DA chair, Hannes Barnard, on July 21 already, at a DA conference at Baron’s Palace, that he was told not to speak to “that man” (moi).

Brummer told OO, “Grant has now forced my hand and I will bring it all out in techni-colour in court.”

More details of the the “automated DA process” that terminated Brummer’s membership, but apparently failed to process some 34 other delinquent members similarly, should be known when the DA’s provincial media mamager, Liza Albrecht, responds today to OO questions of Friday.

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One thought on “Brummer: “Donald, you are a barefaced LIAR”

  1. Ons kannie wag
    Die DA grawe n al dieper gat vir hulself
    Wie gaan mens nou glo, Brummer, Grant, Hannes of Liza se verwagte ‘statement”

    Hannes, ek se weer, meng jou met semels, dan weet jy wat gebeur !
    Gaan jy die eerbare ding doen en bedank ( klop om hemelsnaam tog net vir Bredell hiermee voordat hy voor jou eerste bedank) of gaan jy hierdie strooi poppe aanhou ondersteun en daardeur permanente skade aan jou eie integriteit orkestreer ?
    Graag verneem ek en alle OO lesers, ODN inwoners ens. Jou Code of Conduct vereis mos nou n antwoord van jou aan die publiek van Oudshoorn!

    Ons wag in spanning !!

    Oor Grant die volgende
    Wat is die verskil tussen Grant en n jellyvis ? ODN moet maar self raai, “anything goes i suppose of hoe ? “

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