Where’s the 37, James!?

Where’s the consistency, pray?

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Oudtshoorn. 14 September 2012. 07h15. 37. Thirty seven.

At paragraph 6 of his answering affidavit before the High Court on September 10, DA fedex chair James Selfe says: “Of a total of some 1 600 elected DA councilors, Mr. Brummer was one of a handful (some 37) who failed to pay their candidate fees.”

At paragraph 61 of his heads of argument, Brummer states, “The First Respondent has conceded that the Constitution is indeed a contract (most certainly between its members and the organization) and that there is an employment relationship between a Councillor and the DA.”

Brummer concludes with reference to Annexure “JS7” of Selfe’s affidavit, an official DA document, being the official DA Candidate Application Form, page 5 thereof, where the following words are used: “Gross salary of an ordinary Councillor”; and “job description of a party representative”; and “these will constitute the terms and conditions of my employment”.

Brummer, in his responding affidavit of September 11, states at paragraph 83: “It is, accordingly, disingenuous of the First Respondent to now attempt to distance itself from its Councillors as being “salaried employees subject to an employment contract, containing certain terms and conditions of employment as a public representative.”

OO challenges Selfe to declare expeditiously why all 37 DA councillors who “failed to pay their candidate fees” have not yet had their memberships terminated… especially as such termination is “automatic” – an automated function of infallible DA processes; some deus ex machina*.

Let’s be having the information, James.

O, and pray tell us if there is any truth to the report that a Cape Town councillor has been allowed to settle the bill at month end.

OO is told, by a legal expert, that consistency is at the bottom of labour law.

Consistency. Look it up in a dictionary, James. It is usually a large volume (book) with words listed alphabetically and an explanantion of their meanings. You’ll find a selection is a library. No, ask one of your assistants.

So much damage has Selfe caused the precious DA brand that the DA might as well now throw caution to the wind and intervene in Oudtshoorn – nothing can harm the legacy of lethargy more than reliance on some “automated process”… Anthor thing outside of DA control!

It is terrifying. Think about it: If the DA can do to Brummer, a stalwart warrior who virtually singlehandedly delivered Bitou for the DA (probably one of his worst crimes, don’t you know) what it did to Brummer, what is the DA capable of doing to YOU, my fellow voter!?

Luckily, in Oudtshoorn, we need not speculate; we know exactly what the DA can, and will, do to its supporters: Click here.

One of premier Zille’s cabinet members wrote you and some colleagues that this Brummer prosecution was wrong. He was right; you, James, are stil wrong.

O, fret not, dear sir, that particular e-mail will be published, to be sure. Let’s just wait for the prediction it contains to be fulfilled.

*Deus ex machina. Latin, from Greek: god from a machine. It refers to classical Greek and Roman theatre, where some kindly deity would be introduced to untangle some gordian knot of human making.

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One thought on “Where’s the 37, James!?

  1. OO, one thing is for sure
    The DA remains consistent. They are consistently INCONSISTENT !!

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