The DA’s IT systems collapse!

Discombobulation as computers fail to terminate defaulting members!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 14 September 2012.

15h10. Theresa Thompson responded at 15h08: “Mr Baird, I believe that there were processes put in place, please contact Mr Hendrik Schmidt on… for more and any information. Thank you.”

Ah, but I thought it was all “automatic”!

Never mind, OO has asked the provincial media manager to explain.

We wait.

13h00. Cape Town councillor Jemayne Andrews this morning succesfully interdicted the IEC from declaring an election date in ward 22; and the DA from appointing a candidate.

The matter will be heard on October 3.

12h20. OO spoke to Cape Town councillor for Ward 50, Bonteheuwel, the chair also of the Transport, Roads & Stormwater Portfolio Committee, Ms Theresa Thompson, at 10h23 this morning.

“Did you pay your DA candidate fee late, Ms Thompson, after July 31?”

“Yes… Uh, can I phone you back Mr Baird, I am in a place where I can’t talk right now. I’ll call you back in an hour. In an hour and a half.”

I am not in the habit of asking politicians questions when I do not already know the answers.

At 11h38 I sms’d: “Ms Thompson, I am expecting your call at 12h00.”

At 12h10 I sms’d: “Ms Thompson, I am not going to call you; please call me to continue our conversation of 10h23 this morning.”


Either Thomson lied to me about paying her candidate fees late, or the DA is playing silly buggers with both voters and the High Court, claiming that defaulting members were automatically terminated by virginal systems untouched by human hands.

After I first spoke to Thompson this morning, I called the DA’s Western Cape treasurer, Kobus Marais, and asked him why Johann Brummer and two other councillors had their membership “automatically” terminated at 00h00:01 on August 1, and Thompson not.

Marais said that he was not involved in the case and had no information.

Whom should I speak to?

Theuns Botha, or Anton Bredell, or James Selfe, said Marais.


Why should I speak to Theuns Botha, or Anton Bredell, or James Selfe!?

The poor sods are innocent!

They did no such thing as to terminate Brummer’s membership!

The computer did it!


I should rather speak to the DA’s head of IT, as even the High Court heard this week that nobody in the DA lifted a finger to terminate Brummer’s membership – it was terminated “automatically” when the clock struck it’s twelfth chime at midnight on July 31.

The computer did it.

The DA had better get Lefatshe, or DiData, in to fix its IT systems – who knows what else may go wrong… automatically.

Councillor Thompson, so OO learns reliably, has settled her DA candidate fee account this Monday last, September 10… 40 days late, and 25 days after the DA’s “atomated firing system” terminated Johan Brummer’s membership.

The payment date can not be verified as OO can not learn the facts from the provincial treasurer, who claims not to know anything about the matter; and Thompson will not respond.

But OO can confirm that Thompson admitted, at 10h23 this morning, that she settled her candidate’s fee after July 31.

Brummer, by the way, paid up when the DA claimed infallible accounting practices. He paid under duress and, as it is turning out, unnecessarily (!) on August 16, to no avail.

Thompson remains a DA member and a DA councillor. Brummer is out.

Explain, James Selfe. And you too, Helen Zille, you being the boss of this sorry lot and all – speak up, dammit!

O, and get the DA’s head of IT to please call me, Helen!

These damn computers!

I too, have been waiting patiently since 10h00 this morning to have certain automated computer processes perfected… IT, it can so be a “bummer“.

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7 thoughts on “The DA’s IT systems collapse!

  1. Rikus, I was not quoting you and certainly did not intimate that you had called them monkeys. I called them monkeys. I mention your and Rob’s names as people who had had bitter experience of how Anton Bredell operates and the harm he has done to this town’s economy and continues to do. He cannot hide behind the officials, he is the minister and it is his responsibility to see to it that they do their work properly. This he has not done and there is no excuse for that. I am glad to hear that you had a positive experience with Donald Grant and Alan Winde. The fact remains however that Grant has not done his work as a constituency MPL and that is clear to see from the bigger and bigger mess the DA in Plett is sinking into. I have had no dealings with Winde, but from what you say it appears that he and Grant did not make good on their promises to you to deal with Bredell. Hopefully they will in future.

    My mention of you and Rob and your problems with Bredell/the DA was to encourage people to find out facts for themselves and to think for themselves rather than to just believe what the politicians tell them. I am thankful to you that nyou took the trouble to inform everybody of how the DA operates where they are in power, whether it is the province or the municipality.

    I am sorry to have upset you and apologise unreservedly if I said something wrong. That was not the intention as I have the world of respect for you.

    My identity…. I have to keep that secret otherwise I will be victimised. I don’t like hiding behind a pseudonym but that is the way it has to be under the circumstances.

  2. I note that I was quoted as a reference in Pletty’s comment. I want to stress that I do not know who Pletty is and what his source of information was. I must reiterate that I never refer to people as monkeys and take exception to him doing that. I would also prefer to know by whom I was quoted so that I am at least in the position to put any incorrect facts straight.
    Although I do read articles with relevance to Plett I refrain from commenting in public as I focus on doing my job and provide the best service to my clients. The fact that Pletty refers to me however forces me to comment. I do not intend to open a debate and will not respond to further comments. I am of the opinion that it is difficult to blame politics when it is the actions or inaction of individuals that causes suffering and unhappiness.
    I do not believe that the problems in Plett will be solved by political parties but rather by individuals who got into power with the help of politics. I am only interested in working with the party in power and if I can play a role in achieving the best for Bitou by working with them I will do just that. It is however important that politicians should keep their promises and manage the officials in an objective way.
    Pletty must have some knowledge of my experiences with the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and now derive from that, that I blame a political party. That is not correct. However I am now forced to mention some facts and if that step on some toes, so be it.
    With respect to Donald Grant I want to mention that whenever I corresponded with him I had a highly satisfactory response. He acted promptly and directly to the point. When it is not within his portfolio the issue will be referred to the proper department. Thank you for that Donald.
    I cannot say the same about the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. It seems that the officials of that department managed to isolate Anton Bredell from his constituents. I was present at a meeting where he was invited by the Chair and ad hoc committee of the Plett Business Chamber to meet with Plett business and to establish through communication with the Chamber the views of the business people of Plett. Although it was promised the meeting never materialized. We later learned that he uses the excuse that due to the fact that he is the appeal authority he should not attend such meetings. We however managed to meet with any other Minister whenever necessarry.
    Before the Provincial elections Ministers Grant and Winde promised a handful of businessmen that the DA would expedite environmental and planning decisions by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Dev Planning should the DA took power. They were aware of the unhappiness of developers and professionals with respect to unnecessarry delays caused by the officials of the Department. Furthermore they were promised absolute transparency at the same meeting. Again Donald Grant and Allan Winde did not dissappoint me in their respective Departments. The same could not be said about Minister Bredell. One simple example is when an application (one of those that was dragging on during ANC rule and “should not take longer that four months”) was awaiting a decision by the officials in the George office of the above mentioned Department. The law required action by the department within a stipulated period of time and if an extension is required by the officials they should approach the Minister (Bredell) for such an extension. When the department did once again not took the necessary action within the time allowed, I enquired whether and when such an extension was requested from the minister. Anton Bredell’s response was simply that they did ask for an extension but if I want any more information, like when it was requested, I should bring an application in terms of PAIA. How is that for transparency if taken into consideration that an official in the George office warned that nothing will be done on the file during the Paia application process and thus a further delay? What did Bredell do to this official and the official who stated that with Bredell signing the WCPSDF the department will now “snooker” the Developers? Just for interest sake, the final decision of the development that would have been expedited is still outstanding many years later.
    I successfully represented Robert Verdonk in the High Court action against Bredell and Judge Cloete find that the department’s decision should be set aside for various reasons. A particular official in the department was exposed for the snooker event and later that official was involved in advising Bitou officials that the zoning of one of my properties, for which I had a zoning certificate, should be withdrawn. I had to take the matter to the High Court. It was settled and R150 000 of legal expenses later I have my zoning for the property again. The question is, why was it necessary to spend legal costs of R150 000 on something I had, just to get it back again?
    In the property development industry it is well known that time is the difference between the success or failure of a development and development is needed to stimulate the economy. The good days of many developments went by due to excessive the time delays of the department and lots of money that could flow into our town never did with the result that no jobs were created and the Bitou people are severely suffering.
    You will have to decide for yourself if actions like the above have a negative effect on our economy. I do not think a specific political party should be blamed for it as the same officials caused the damage under more than one political rule. What happens to those officials is however the responsibility of the Political party.
    Rikus Truter

  3. Nowhere, my friend, nowhere!
    That is what I bitch about.

    Us voters need to raise the bar for our politicians. They are doing a bad job by any standards and we are accepting these standards. The standards are unacceptable and we voted Grant, Bredell, Zille etc into their seats. Specifically the bullying and lying Grant was put in the Provincial parliament on the back of the Plettenberg Bay vote. Remember what Ms Zille told us, “You get the government you deserve.”

    Granted, it was an act of faith as Donald Grant had no track record, but next time around he will have a track record for us to judge him by. We will have to ask ourselves what he has done for Plett. We need to take a closer look at the damage he and his mate Bredell have done to our town’s economy and governanace. If anybody wants to know just how much damage has been done to our economy just talk to Robert ver Donk and Rikus Truter. What they tell you, about the amount of money these two monkeys have prevented from flowing into our economy and the number of jobs that cost us, will hirify you. When is OO going to give us the low down on that debacle? Come on drewan talk to those two.

  4. pletty? What are you talking about????? This is SA for crying out loud!! Where in the whole of SA do you get clean effective government in SA?

  5. What a crock, but great amusement when the bad weather triggers aches and pains and you can’t sleep.

    Reading all this makes me wonder what the reaction would have been to this kind of bungling anywhere else but in SA. Somewhere where politicians are really held accountable for their screw ups, and where politicians themselves believe in being accountable when they screw up as spectacularly and publically as these clowns have. They would be called on to resign, that’s what would happen and often they would do the honourable thing and resign even before that could happen.

    One thing is for sure, their members and leaders would hold them responsible internally and the voters would punish them at the polls. What are the chances of that happening here one wonders? What is the bet they’re going to try to ignore this in the hope that you and I will have forgotten about it when the next election rolls around.

    I am certainly going to keep in mind what has been revealed about the ethics of the DA leaders. Most importantly, I will keep in mind that they have fought a petty little fight and in the process are carelessly doing lasting harm to the town of Plett. Just like what Malema is doing to the economy of the country.

    What is even more telling than the blustering and disingenuity that has come from Grant in whose baliwick this is all happening, is that there has been no reaction from the lady herself. Is she unaware of what is going on? Can’t she work out that there is something more to this? One can but speculate but I think it is quite safe to assume that her message to us is that she simply does not care.

    How about it Mrs Zee? Can you find the time and inclination to tell us what your take is and what the truth is? We all know it is not about the money and we all know there is no such thing as “automatic” terminations divorced entirely and completely from any human intervention. Your merry men and the old biddy in Plett are not only misleading the voters but they have even gone as far as misleading the court. What gives, Mrs Zee?

  6. It`s called SELECTIVE computing. Depends who selects the buttons. Like a horse race, certain horses have to be scratched from the race in case they disrupt the field and become a threat.

  7. What more can be said? What will be the consequence of this inconsistency? I hope Mr. Brummer hands the DA their heads on a platter. At the very least the courts should order that every single DA member whose fees were not paid on time membership has been automatically terminated – not just for this year too, mind you. That will put them in a bit of a pickle, seeing as a number of councillors etc would be in office illegally.

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