Fraud and lies!

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Oudtshoorn. 14 September 2012. 08h00. Both OO and the Oudtshoorn Courant formally asked the municipal media officer, Ntobeko Mangqweqwe, more than a week ago, whether the municipality (ratepayers) paid for Gordon April’s defense in the theft charges against him, and for April’s little legal adventure against OO in the Equality Court.

Only the Courant received an answer.

OO’s enquiry was ignored. As is usual.

(By the way, the lightspeed with which OO reports reach the clots of Verwoerd Sq, who claim not to read OO, is astounding and a miracle to behold. And very pleasing indeed!)

Mangqweqwe, as the Courant reports on its front page today, responded: “Our records show that non of the mentioned cases were paid by the municipality.”

It’s a bare-faced lie.

OO reported this lie earlier, and the Courant splashes it across its front page today.


End of story.

OO has received no lie, or truth, on whether ratepayers paid for April’s application against OO in the Equality Court.

The ANC is doing absolutely nothing to remove the liars and pillagers from Oudtshoorn.

One can only conclude that Luthuli House condones the government and the administration of Oudtshoorn.

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One thought on “Fraud and lies!

  1. Strange goings on me thinks. Did OO not report earlier that the attorney who represented his honourable Mayor himself CONFIRMED that he received payment from the Municipality? So either this attorney is lying (I can for the life of me see no reason what he stands to gain doing that), or Mangqweqwe is lying, or maybe, just maybe it is indeed true that the Municipalities records do indeed not show these payments. Which, in the grand scheme of things, seem to me to be of possibly greater concern than mere lying. With bookkeeping and record keeping like this (where are the competent, qualified financial officers when we need them?) who can guess how much money remains unaccounted for?! It is hard to find good help these days.

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