Another Council meeting. Yawn.

The moronarchy meets again… Or not.

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 17 September 2012.

18h25. All the Western Cape mayors are meeting with Anton Bredell in Robertson.

12h40. OO has learned that a council meeting will now be held on Friday, or Monday.

The mayor and his cronies will be having a meeting with “other parties” – OO will report on this later today – before a council meeting can be held.

09h30. Still no word on a council meeting.

If a meeting is to be held tomorrow, notices have to be issued by 14h00, or 24 hours in advance.

The NPP, that motley of morons who hold the balance of power in Oudtshoorn and whose foreign local councillor arrogates as speaker, holds the key.

On Thursday last, speaker Stoffels, for the NPP, publically stated that the NPP wants the illicit MM, Thandekile Mnyimba, out… Why then not hold a council meeting en force the mayco’s hand!?

As can be expected, the NPP holds Oudtshoorn ransom. To what end only the NPP and the ANC will know.

But OO knows that Oudtshoorn will be so much better off when the feckless NPP; and all the little slaphappy, piddling, self-serving “political parties” disappear.

Oudtshoorn. 15 September 2012. 07h00. By close of business yesterday evening (not that “business” is ever open at Verwoerd Sq – by the pantheons, can some councillor move that this insulting name be changed!) no notice of a council meeting was issued.

If the cabal is to meet on Tuesday, the notices must be out by early Monday – 24 hours before the meeting.

But, Oudtshoorn’s council meetings are determined by Marius Fransman and Badih Chaaban.

The people of Oudtshoorn are represented by rag dolls propped up on sticks held by Fransman, Chaaban, and whomever has a moment to spare in the Marks Building in Cape Town.

Let’s throw out the entire sorry lot, I say.

Let’s find a way.

Oudtshoorn. 13 September 2012. 15h45. This Tuesday next the 25 doofuses arrogating to represent the interests of Oudtshoorn will supposedly meet again.

Unless the mayor with the beperkte formele skoolopleiding scuttles the meeting for fear of being ousted.

OO earlier identified the six ANC councillors that may abstain, or even vote against caucus instruction. (OO doubts this expected manifestation of fortitude.)

In a veritable Operation Fortitude* the ANC is showing false muscle today and tomorrow, feigning deliberation on countering a possible palace revolution.

The six would be dissidents need not worry. No ill will befall them as long as they do, on Tuesday, as they are told by their masters, Mjongile and Fransman.

An NPP functionary told OO, on condition of anonymity, that Gordon April and NPP president Badih Chaaban came to blows (telephonically only) yesterday over speaker Johannes Stoffels.

Stoffels was deliberately misinformed, on July 26, by his local party boss, Ron Lottering, and very nearly wrecked the vote terminating Thandekile Mnyimba’s tenure as illicit MM. Lottering wants to prevent Allen Paulse’s appointment as MM at all cost because Paulse knows too much about Lotterings colourfull municipal managerial past.

Exactly how April will avoid the guillotene on Tuesday is something to look forward to.

What will speaker Stoffels do? Or not do?

What piffle will mayor April utter?

What meretricious victory will DA whip MacPherson claim?

What level of stupidity will Icosa’s Donson display?

Always something to look forward to when the 25 stooges assemble.

* Operation Fortitude was the codename for a World War II military deception employed by the Allied nations as part of an overall deception strategy (code named Bodyguard) during the build-up to the 1944 Normandy landings. Fortitude was divided into two sections, North and South, with the aim of misleading the German high command as to the location of the imminent invasion.

Both Fortitude plans involved the creation of fake field armies (based in Edinburgh and the south of England) which threatened Norway (Fortitude North) and Pas de Calais (Fortitude South). The operation was intended to divert Axis attention away from Normandy and, after the invasion on June 6, 1944, to delay reinforcement by convincing the Germans that the landings were purely a diversionary attack. (Source: Wikipedia)

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One thought on “Another Council meeting. Yawn.

  1. Tuesday is very close April met die bril. Waaragter gaan jy die keer skuil China ?? Ek lees die raadslede gaan jou uitvat en definitief nie vir ete nie.

    Dis hoogtyd, wat se jy ?
    Pla die klip en sand saga jou as jy sien wat met Noelie gebeur het ?
    Graag verneem ek !

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