Ron Lottering staring down a barrel

Director investigated in Cape Town and Oudtshoorn

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Oudtshoorn. 12 September 2012. 15h15. A Hawks task team raided the Gordon’s Bay house of Oudtshoorn’s director community services, Ron Lottering, on March 19. They spend the day, from 08h00 to 15h00 and left with damning evidence of irregular activities…

A police docket, for instance, dating from 2008, was found buried in a box in the garage. This is the case docket of a complaint against Lottering, for the theft of municipal documents, by Ian Kenned, another of the many functionaries OO reported on and a man that once threatended a million rand law suit against OO.

(OO reported that a count of fraud was investigated against Kenned in Stellenbosch; Kenned threatened with a R500,000 civil suit; it turned out that two counts of fraud were being investigated against Kenned in Stellenbosch; OO apologised for only calling one!)

Intelligence documents; hard and flash drives; and bugging equipment were confiscated. A bulletproof vest, which Lottering claimed was his property from when he ran a private security firm, apparently bore an SAPS stamp on the inner lining.

There is a open investigation and Lottering’s sources within the SAPS alerted him to the advanced status and seriousness. This information prompted Lottering to visit the investigating officer in Cape Town this Friday last, where he was told that he will be called to be interviewed at a later stage when a decision will be made on possible charges. The director of public prosecution has already been alerted and Lottering’s visit is clearly an attempt to avoid a public arrest at the municipality and to secure a reasonable chance of bail, once arrested.

The Oudtshoorn serious and violent crimes unit is also investigating Lottering, along with traffic chief Thembuxolo Tyatya, for defeating the ends of justice in connection with licencing fraud at the Oudtshoorn traffic test centre.

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One thought on “Ron Lottering staring down a barrel

  1. One out of the way !
    What about April and all the others ?
    Are the Hawks that understaffed that they can only take one case at a time whilst the public purse is plundered non stop ?

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