Brummer loses with cost

DA free to appoint Sumeia Ndayi

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Oudtshoorn. 12 September 2012. 13h45. Madam Justice Jeanette Traverso this morning ruled against Johann Brummer in an urgent application to prevent the DA from appointing Sumeia Ndayi as proporsional councillor in the Bitou council.

Brummer’s counsel, André Knoetze of the Johannesburg bar, was refused opportunity to ammend his prayer – Traverso ruled he simply wanted to prevent the inevitable – to address the proposed invalidity of paragraph of the party’s constitution: “A member ceases to be a member of the Party when he or she … is in default with the payment of any compulsory public representative contribution for a period of 2 (two) months after having been notified in writing that he or she is in arrears and fails to make satisfactory arrangements for payment of the arrears. For this purpose ‘in writing’ means a letter of demand setting out the amount owing and the date by which it must be paid.”

Brummer now must consider the enormous battle – and cost – of attacking this clause as being against public interest and unenforceable.

Even if Brummer wins, he will simply have the relief of damages as a result of loss of inccome.

Bitou has lost its only DA councillor with balls.

I know it. Brummer knows it. The ANC knows it. And, of course, the DA knows it.

Already, with Brummer’s the sole dissenting voice, the ANC rules Bitou by running circles around an inept and naïve DA caucus – click here and here.

OO has much more to say in this matter, and OO will, of course, say it. Soon. But just now, there’s another pressing story that needs telling – read it late afternoon, it’s about the legal problems of a senior Oudtshoorn municipal functionary.

For the moment, this Brummer outcome is a traversity… Brummer lost with cost, as did the people of Plett.

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4 thoughts on “Brummer loses with cost

  1. I dislike Brummer and the DA equally, so in my mind everybody won in this instance. When will Brummer learn to play by the rules? And that the Courts will not condone his questionable (read immoral, unethical) behaviour. How many more cases must he lose (with costs) before he takes a step back and does some introspection? The DA wronged him, the Courts wronged him. Everyone else is wrong, but Brummer is right? I do not think so. While I do think the DA’s actions were despicable, they (or anyone else for that matter) cannot afford such a loose cannon in their midst.

  2. Go Brummer Go and all those other DA Councillors that also automatically loose their Councillor Status. Form party with other indipended persons that is there for your town. Stand in next provincial and National elections.I and others will vote for yoy

  3. A Blessing in disguise
    My advice to Brummer, DO NOT PERSUE THE LEGAL AVENUE, leave it alone.
    GO INDEPENDANT, thats if the public believes in your integrity and conduct and keep all these ANC and DA parasites HONEST and expose all their work of dishonesty !

  4. And now Sumeia, who not only works (worked for the useless speaker) but was also a QMQ member till after the 2011 elections is going to be part of a clueless DA caucus… Memory really is ensuring the Bitou DA becomes obsolete and he is assisting the ANC further to make the DA look like the asses they are in this town.

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