Eat your heart out, Rube Goldberg

A not so gentle reminder of Bitou’s problems in progress

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Oudtshoorn. 11 September 2012. 13h10. The DA leaders who have conspired to rid the party of that turbulent priest, Johann Brummer, must now indicate to ratepayers how they are to solve a few rather viscid problems.

1. How will the Dear Leaders manage the illegal decision by the Bitou Council, on July 13, to vacate charges against the director community services, Monde Stratu, paving the way for a significant claim by the director corporate services, Carl Mattheus; and virtually assuring the exoneration of former MM Lonwabo Ngoqo? (Johann Brummer voted against this outrage. Only Johann Brummer voted against this outrage.)

2. The DA mayor, Memory Booysen, has effectively pegged the remuneration of the MM at R825,000, or thereabouts, having muffed negotiations with the former preferred candidate, Grant Easton. How will a new MM be appointed, at the generally accepted going rate, without inviting a major claim by the rebuffed Easton? (Johann Brummer warned against this outrage. Only Johann Brummer warned against this outrage.)

3. What about the Rentworks fiasco? Bitou ratepayers paid as much as thirteen times more than the going rate for computer and communications equipment and the Council has done diddlysquat to address the outrage. (Johann Brummer protested this outrage. Only Johann Brummer protested this outrage.)

There are a few more issues, to be sure, and they come to a pretty penny, but let’s have the Dear Leaders address these three teasers first.

Perhaps Ms Nompumelelo (Sumeia) Ndayi, Brummer’s proposed replacement, and help to speaker Charles Dreyer in his backpacker inn business, can lead the DA, and Bitou’s ratepayers, through this labyrinth of lies; through this maze of mischief; through this snarl of shiftiness; through this tangle of treachery.

Or perhaps the DA’s auto-pilot system, that Rube Goldberg Construct* which James Selfe credits with terminating Brummer’s membership, can take care of business while Councillors enjoy a crisp Sauvignon Blanc over some catch of the day and chips on the beachfront!?

* Rube Goldberg (Reuben Lucius Goldberg, 1883-1970) was a United States cartoonist who drew intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing – click here. Through his wacky cartoons which depict the most elaborate and ridiculous devices to accomplish the most mundane tasks, RUBE GOLDBERG’S “INVENTIONS” have become synonymous with any maximum effort to achieve minimal results. His ingenious drawings follow their own impeccable logic, demonstrating that the unnecessary can also be the mother of invention – often with hilarious results.

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5 thoughts on “Eat your heart out, Rube Goldberg

  1. A man walked into a bar and ordered a ‘Double Entendre’. So she gave him one. – My kind of equivocal.

  2. Be grateful. It isn’t healthy or mind expanding to be surrounded by sycophants, particularly those who advocate the running of councils by independents but cannot spell the word.

  3. “… pseudo intellectual diatribes you continue to distort and misinterpret the truth in order to pursue your own agenda…”


    Obviously not a fan, are you, Colin?

  4. as with so many of your pseudo intellectual diatribes you continue to distort and misinterpret the truth in order to pursue your own agenda. It will be quite obvious to most people that the the DA has succesfully applied a simple solution to resolve a complex problem – clearly the antithesis of Rube Goldberg. Stick to simple.

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