Qualified to lead; to manage!?

Who are our Councillors, really!?

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Oudtshoorn. 10 September 2012. 08h25. Who are the people that represent us in Council!?

I wrote the Bitou DA constituency chair, Liz Mundell, twice in the last few days to determine the qualifications and experience of the DA’s replacement for Johann Brummer, whose membership was terminated by the DA.

On September 6, I wrote:

Dear Ms Mundell

Even though the IEC is at this time interdicted not to register her, please let me have, expeditiously and by soonest return email, the CV of Nompumelelo Ndayi, the proportional councillor designate in the place of the terminated Johann Brummer.

I am certain that the DA would wish to proclaim Ndayi’s credentials.

I am copying the “leadership”, saving you the time and effort to call upon them for permission to do the obvious.

I do so hope that you are able to respond this time, as my previous requests for confirmation of done deeds appeared to have found you out of your province.

And again, yesterday evening, September 9:

Dear Ms Mundell

My attached email of September 6 refers.

I have reliably learned that DA functionaries urged the IEC to register Ms Ndayi on Wednesday last, in apparent anticipation of a High Court application to the contrary.

Pray, therefore, submit Ms Ndayi’s CV soonest as the DA’s public in Plett should wish to consider her virtues as replacement for Johann Brummer.

Let’s not wait for the legal denouement before glancing at the vita, for, as Sherlock Holmes once remarked to Lord Cantlemere, “It is as well to have our plans ready.”

Yours very truly

It is an absolute travesty that the qualifications and work experience of Councillors are not easily obtainable, readily available, and generally known.

Councillors run budgets approximating R750,000,000.

Yet our streets are 4×4 obstacle tracks; and entire communities have no electricity, running water, and sewerage.

The soi-disant perverse politicking, to crown, is revolting and noisome.

Who are these pettifoggers arrogating to represent us!?

Tell us! OO will publish the credentials. Submit by email, Councillors – it can be done from the notebooks you have been issued.

(Notebook: that rectangular hard plastic device that opens to reveal a tablet with buttons bearing the alphabet, numbers, and some punctuation – ask someone to explain “alphabet, numbers, and some punctuation”; and a dark glass surface. It needs power to fire up and be usefull – there’s a button to the world of instant communication. Try it.)

Who are these people who influence our very lives, every day!?

Are we really surprised that local government has failed spectacularly!?

On July 16, 19, and 21 I challenged Oudtshoorn’s Councillors to reveal their qualifications and experience.

Nobody, and no political party, reacted.

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2 thoughts on “Qualified to lead; to manage!?

  1. OO, druk hierdie punt asb ONOPHOUDELIK
    Waarvoor betaal ons ? Vir swak geskooldes, swak gemanierdes , swak morele en etiese waardes en swak dienslwereing ? Dus swak en onbevoegde partye ??

    Solank ons hierdie nagmerrie van n soustrein bevonds met ons hardverdiende geldjies en nie vra vra nie, is ons self aandadig.

    Die antwoord le in ONAFHANKLIKES wat ons verantwoordelik kan hou, Nie lamsakkige partye wat autokraties septer wil swaai, aanhou bonusse uitbetaal vir swak werk, verteenwoordig deur swak karakters met min of geen integriteit.

    Belasting herkannalisering sal uiteindelik die enigste uitweg wees, kyk maar net wat in meer as n dosyn munisipaliteiete gebeur het toe hul belastings geherkannaliseer is, dienste het verbeter en trogvreters kyk op hul neuse en kwynende boepies af.

  2. Ek sal sommer namens die Mayor antwoord. Gordon April : Kwalifikasie – Standerd 4.
    Ondervinding: ZERO!

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