DA files late in Brummer case

“OO vilifies the DA”, says James Selfe

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Oudtshoorn. 10 September 2012. 13h50. The exacting; the fastidious; the exigent DA – they of infallible accounting and recording; they of inerrant procedure…

They filed their answering affidavit in the High Court matter Johann Brummer v. DA (17305/2012) late.

The DA. It demands one thing and does another – counsel for the DA submitted the answering affidavit 20 minutes late, with the proviso that “the deponent, Mr. James Selfe, was called out before a final read through could be completed.  If any changes are made before he signs, I will draw your attention to these.”

OO will publish an analysis of the DA’s argument later today, having briefly scanned it upon receipt.

Selfe does mention OO though: “There have also been a number of articles in an online publication called Oudtshoorn Online vilifying the Party…”

No, dear sir, OO simply reported what the DA did. If there is “vilification”, it must mean that the DA was vile.

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3 thoughts on “DA files late in Brummer case

  1. Kermgatte is n meer geskikte woord
    Hul tank word daagliks afgetrap, Zille laat toe dat haar hande “gebind” word deur willens opgeskeep te sit met n gepeupel van ministers wat totaal onkapabel is en nou wonder hoekom vroeere lojaliste hul rue styf maak.

    Dis maar die begin !
    Het Bredell al bedank of is hy reeds gefire ????

  2. Dis genoeg om van te huil. Die DA het werlik n bejammerenswaardige party geword en is NIE instaat om te lei nie

  3. I TOTALLY agree OO, the DA is single handedly vilifying itself, (sorry, vilifying itself with both hands as ‘sleepy’ Bredell is still part of this sorry-lot-circus

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