DA promises and DA demands

They just don’t match up

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Oudtshoorn. 7 September 2012. 13h55. When Johann Brummer did not pay the DA exactly what the DA demanded, exactly when the DA demanded, into the exact account the DA demanded, the DA summarily terminated Brummer’s membership.

There is a very clear difference of opinion between the parties about the amount due and who, in fact, owes whom. The disputed amount is around R5,000.

The matter will be argued in the High Court next Wednesday.

But the bossy and pedantic DA approach is rather humorous, especially because…

The Eden DA Council currently owes Brummer around R40,000 as a result of failure to pay up in June, July, and August.

This despite the fact that Brummer has nominated a target account and is due the money.

Some correspondence was exchanged in this matter with the result that Brummer will now apply for a mandamus early next week to compell the Mayor of Eden to effect the payment.

The sprightly communication is a treat to behold. Maybe OO will publish it. Brummer states his case formally; the Eden mayor flies of the handle summat awfull! Te lekker om te lees!

OO is unaware, at this time, of any moves by Brummer to terminate Eden…

The “D” in DA must surely be somehow related to “double”, as in double standards, as this little snippet about matters pecuniary indicates:

When (Oudtshoorn DA councillor) Pierre Nel was asked, in October 2010, to act as beacon bearer for the DA in a High Court application to prevent the ANC Council from paying the then reinstated MM, Noël Pietersen, R1.5m in a arbitration settlement, no less a DA deity than James Selfe, the fedex chair, provided a written undertaking, under his holiness’ own hand, to meet the cost.

The story of the pain and suffering of many a participant and advisor and strategist and interested party to aqueeze the promised money from the DA can fill volumes.

Eventually the DA paid up: in installments.

And then the DA wanted to chicken out.

The case drivers would not let the DA get away though.

After months of toing and froing the Western Cape Leader, Theuns Botha, promised an amount from some fund that came under his province.

This promise was made during the KKNK earlier this year… And the money has still not been paid, even after numerous threats and even more promises.

Late last week a letter arrived assuring soonest payment. Today, a week later, still nothing.


Maybe we should just terminate the DA?

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One thought on “DA promises and DA demands

  1. Wat gaan aan binne die DA ?
    Is dit n finansieele of morele krisis midde die DA, of BEIDE ?

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