Brummer goes to Court!

Johann Brummer; and the Dee-Aye; and Pink Floyd

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Oudtshoorn. 6 September 2012.

13h35. When Johan Brummer asked (“nicely” nogal!) for time to properly prepare a High Court application to stay the DA from nominating a replacement proportional Councillor after his DA membership was unceremoniously “terminated” on August 13, the DA said… “NO!”

Well, this morning Brummer’s counsel, adv André Knoetze of the Johannesburg Bar, instructed by Plett’s Martin Hurwitz, received a call, en route to Cape Town for this afternoon’s appearance… To request more time!

The long and the short of this molleycoddled kortbroek DA foul up with Brummer’s membership is that the parties – Brummer and the DA – have now drafted an agreement that will be carrried into Court at 14h00 this afternoon, interdicting the IEC not to register the DA nominated replacement for Brummer’s vacancy until the matter is resolved in the High Court starting next Wednesday, 12 September.

Brummer 1; DA 0. And counting.

05h45. Johann Brummer’s DA membership was summarily terminated by the party on August 13 because the party declared that Brummer owed it R5,621.00 and that you can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

Brummer said, at the time, that he did not owe the DA R5,621.00. In fact, said Brummer… but more about that later.

And Brummer paid the R5,621.00 – under duress and with all rights reserved, to appease the incandescent DA gods and faeries.

And the Brummer wrote: Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb? Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls? Mother should I trust the government? Mother, will they put me in the firing line? (Or words to that effect.)

O, and Brummer also wanted to please have a determination of the outstanding balance, because, by the way, both the telephone number and the email address noted on the statement bearing inscriptions of unanswered electronic and unreachabale telecommunications were dated, meaning that no DA attempts to solicit payment were successful, even though circumstances of continued dubiety persisted, as is evidenced by the string of enquiries and electronic palavering since the DA’s letter of final demand of April 2!

On August 15 the DA’s Debbie Schafer, MP (and also DA shadow minister of justice and constitutional development; and also registrar: federal legal commission; and also constituency head for Cape Metro wards 65, 66, 67, and 73; and also a member of the magistrates’ commission) wrote Brummer: You! Yes, you behind the bike shed, stand still Laddy! (Or words to that effect.)

And her holiness added that “there is no need for any ‘determination’”, as if infallibility somehow attaches to DA accounting. Quite the pedant, our Debbie, don’t you know, what!

Well, there was, in fact, a rather major difference of opinion on the amount owed, either by Brummer to the DA; or by the DA to Brummer, and the difference of opinion persists to this day.

You decide, my longsuffering readers, whether or not there is a difference of opinion about the R5,621.00. Here’s Brummer’s account:

Balance outstanding alleged by the DA as at 9 November 2010 is R3,677.83. This amount is in dispute as it was clearly incorrect.

Tithe payments deducted by the Bitou Municipality but not accounted for by the the DA for the period 2008 to 2009: (R1,763.14)

Payment made by myself to the DA on 6th April 2011 (Plettenberg Bay branch) as against alleged tithe shortfalls: (R3,970.14)

28 overpayments made in respect of my Tithe account: (R1,105.44)

Tithe overpayments December 2011 – May 2012: (R R972.54)

Credit due to me as May 2012: (R4,133.43)

Over payment made by myself in June 2012: (R 162.09)

Overpayment of Tithe July 2012: (R633.11)

Total credit due to me as at 13th August 2012: (R4,918.27)

Tithe overpayment 25th August 2012: (R633.11)

Credit standing to Tithe account as at 25th August 2012: (R5,561.74)

Candidates fee due: R6,821.00

Payment made as against stop orders raised (the Dreyer payment): (R1,200.00)

In preparing the reconciliation above Brummer had paid particular attention to reconciling the account as at the various stages of the process undertaking by the the DA in cessing his membership in the the DA.

On the date of receipt of the final notice in May 2012 and regard being had to the various accounts referred to above, the only amounts that could have been owing by Brummer to the the DA, at the time, was R1,487.57

On the date that Brummer received the Notice of Cessation, 13 August 2012, as a member of the the DA the only amount that could have been owing by him to the the DA was the sum of R682.01.

As at the 25 August 2012, the date when Brummer’s cessation was confirmed by the the DA, the only amount that could be owing by Brummer to the the DA is the sum of R48.90, this being made up as to a credit due to Brummer of (R5,561.74) on the tithe account set off as against the R5,621.00 being the amount allegedly owing in respect of the Candidacy account.

On 15 August 2012, as a token of good faith, Brummer made a “without prejudice” payment of R5,621 into the bank account of the DA.

The current status of financial relationship between Brummer and the the DA is that Brummer has a credit balance of R5,561.74.

No need to accept Brummer’s figures! But a reasonable difference op opinion clearly exists!

Well, Brummer makes an application to the High Court this afternoon at 14h00 to have his membership reinstated and his position as Councillor confirmed.

The DA has already nominated one Nompumelelo Ndayi as Brummer’s replacement. OO has heard a fluttering that the DA attempted yesterday, having learned of Brummer’s legal action, and being served, to “encourage” the IEC to process the nomination expeditiously. The IEC, so it is said, declined, stating that it will want to learn the outcome of the application first.

But ya’ll know OO says what really happened…

Rather, uh, “democratic” of the IEC don’t ya’ll think?

Nompumelelo Ndayi. I don’t know the lady, but I suspect she ain’t gonna hassle Donald Grant or Theuns Botha much. She’s gonna done do as she be told, massa, there’s a nice girl. A happy DA again: None but yes men. The kind of party the seasoned political “muscle men” of the DA can run.

The DA. Quite a pathetic bunch. Not the kind op people you want running your municipality, or your province, or your country.

With the DA most of the relationship time is spent watching one’s back.

Ask Pierre Nel of the Oudtshoorn Caucus. He’s the leading DA man down Oudtshoorn’s way, but has been suspended; blackballed; hung out to dry; misled; dropped… But that’s a story for tomorrow some time. Let’s see the DA money first – still outstanding. But, as I say, more tomorrow.


[Lyrics from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I saw it, many, many moons ago, in the earliest 80’s, in the movie theatre across the street from the then Pig ‘n Whistle in Main Street. And then I saw it again. And again. And again. Four times in succession. Still can’t get enough of it.]

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2 thoughts on “Brummer goes to Court!

  1. One wonders what the difference is about the financial affairs and billing of the city of JHB and the DA regarding the Brummer and many other DA cases. Probably NOTHING and then they have the audacity to open their big mouths regarding clean administration !! !

    Let the High Court tell us what we all need and want to know !!

  2. Sounds like the child that murdered his parents, and in mitigation told the court that he is an orphan…

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