“You deserved to be fired”

Donald Grant allows us a peep into the DA leadership’s yellow heart

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Oudtshoorn. 3 September 2012. 06h50. The DA MP for Bitou, Donald Grant, spent the weekend in Plett and was seen sunday evening meeting with DA consituency chair, Liz Mundell, and and unidentified couple in the Beacon Isle Hotel.

Mundell was unfortunate enough to have had her handbag lifted and left the meeting early.

Grant and his wife then went to dinner at the Lookout Deck where, to their probable horror, Johann Brummer and his partner were also dining.

Brummer went up to Grant and greeted him and his wife, whom Brummer knows since Eastern Cape days. No mention about Brummer’s cessation of DA membership was made.

When Grant finished his meal, he payed, and then walked halfway across the restaurant and tries to engage Brummer and his partner in conversation while they’re trying to have a quiet dinner.
Brummer told Grant that he was disappointed in the DA MP.

A conversation along the following lines ensued:

“Why”, Grant asked.

“You fired me and did not even visit to tell me to my face.”

“Well”, replied Grant, “I’m disappointed in you too!”


“You said nasty things about me!”

“When; where!?”

“I read OudtshoornOnline you know!”


Said Brummer, “Well, you fired me…”
“No”, said Grant, “I didn’t, Fedex did and you deserve it!”
“Why”, asked Brummer, “for R5,000?”
“You deserve it”, repeated Grant and walked away.
“Tell that to the Judge!”, called Brummer.

Well, OO, as ussual, have an opinion in this matter. And, also as ussual, it is a considered opinion. And, furthermore – as ussual, OO is willing, able, and keen to express this opinion:

The DA leadership tolerate no challenge to; no criticism of; no deviation from its pre-defined “infallible” course.

Brummer doesn’t fit. The best candidates won’t fit. More’s the pity for a promising alternative government failing for lack of robust mutual engagement with bright, energetic members.

Ye gods and faeries, to want to lead sheep: What an insult to intelligence; what a shame.

The last of this outrage has not been heard.

Just a reminder: This is the man the DA has fired…

The Sunday Argus, on September 2, reported on the DA’s similar action against a Cape Town councillor, Jemayne Andrews:

DA supporters on the Cape Flats, up in arms after city ward councillor Jemayne Andrews was fired last week for failing to pay her candidate fees, are set to stage a picket on Modderdam Road tomorrow in support of her reinstatement.
Andrews, the councillor for Ward 22, which includes Uitsig, Belhar and Ravensmead, owes R14 000.
Another councillor, former speaker of the Bitou municipality Johann Brummer, was also fired for being about R5 000 in arrears, and there are at least five others in a similar position who face the chop.
Candidate fees payable by every councillor who stands for election, while every elected official also pays an amount equal to about 3 percent of their monthly income.
Both Andrews and Brummer said they would challenge their axing in court.  But their supporters told Weekend Argus they were not prepared to wait for the issue to go to court.
Belhar resident Veronica Smit said, “We are deeply upset with the DA for taking away the one councillor who has actually been working for the people.  They have to reconsider:…Councillor Andrews has been running soup kitchens, reading groups and several other community initiatives.  Most important, come rain or sunshine, fire or flood, she will be there, standing next to the community in their time of need, no matter what the hour.”
Ravensmead resident Dawn Christians said:  What Andrews is doing for the poor people of the area is amazing.  She spends her own money on supplies and food for people in need.  Not one of the previous councillors has ever done this.  We believe her when she says she paid.  That should be good enough for the DA.”
Uitsig resident Sylvia Lesch said the community would accept only Andrews as their ward councillor and that “even Community Policing Forum (CPF) members are up in arms.”
“She has been very involved with neighbourhood watches, walking the streets with them every weekend until the early hours.  There’re not a lot of councillors who’d do this in their own time,” said CPF chairman Patrick America.
Andrews confirmed that she had been inundated with calls from upset residents.  “I’ve tried to calm people down and explain that this is merely an administrative bungle,” she said, stressing she remained dedicated to her ward.  She said she had obtained legal advice, and was confident the issue would be resolved soon.
DA sources close to Andrews said she had bank statements to prove she had paid the fees… “into an inactive account”.
Andrews’s name has disappeared from the city website as the councillor for Ward 22.  A notice reads: “councillor still to be updated”.
Hendrik Schmidt, who heads the DA’s federal, legal commision, confirmed that “Both councillors’ membership has been terminated.”  He said a decision on five other councillors was still awaited.

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2 thoughts on ““You deserved to be fired”

  1. Pure unadulterated malice from the DA’s self important Billy Bunter.

  2. The time for INDEPENDENTS are more than ripe
    These will be the leaders of the future to hold self serving, lying, corrupt and incompetent cllrs to their ‘hollow promises”, the future King makers , the movers and shakers that will MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN COMMUNITIES because they care and have a consciounce .

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