Will Bitou be “Noelied”?

Ngoqo wants an alternative finding and sanction

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Oudtshoorn. 2 September 2012. 11h15. Bitou’s ANC Mayor in a tattered blue T-shirt, Memory Booysen, is again “preparing” for a critical meeting without availing himself of the opinion and advice and knowledge of professionals the ratepayers have made available to him at enormous, albeit well-spent, amounts.

The then Bitou MM, Lonwabo Ngoqo, was found guilty, and Mr Justice P. C. Combrinck returned a sanction of dismissal, on February 6.

Ngoqo served notice on Bitou, on March 8, of his application to the local government bargaining council for an alternative finding and sanction.

The arbitration hearing is set down for Tuesday, September 5.

This conjures the horror of August 3, 2010, when the mismanagement of another DA Mayor, Dianne de Jager, resulted in the re-instatement of Oudtshoorn’s earlier dismissed MM, Noël Pietersen. I need not remind readers that this matter remains a legal obligation to this day.

I am currently wading through three volumes of documents prepared for the appeal hearing.

The DA is on undertaking n’th to cough up a contribute towards cost – a “final letter of undertaking” (there had been too many “undertakings” to mention) was received last week.

Pietersen caused havoc in Oudtshoorn because he was given the opportunity to attach to Verwoerd Sq by a DA Council led by the dewy-eyed Dianne de Jager who used to be on nickname friendly terms with “Noëlie” and lied* about her knowledge of Pietersen’s theft – for which he received a 5 year sentence on February 15 this year. Pietersen’s appeal will be heard later this year.

Eventually Pietersen was re-instated on August 3, 2010; having been found guilty on February 13, 2010; sanctioned to be summarily dismissed on February 20; and actually dismissed by Council on February 26.

Duppie du Plessis and Thys Giliomee have moved on from Bitou; and Zille’s mediocre men have removed Johann Brummer. Bitou’s ANC (officially DA) Mayor is therefore unchallenged.

And Bitou’s Mayor has not involved the legal team that successfully prosecuted Ngoqo.

O, by the way, perhaps I should mention that the entire Ngoqo file went missing in the aftermath of the arson attack on the Bitou municipal buildings on February 18.

If Ngoqo’s sanction is adjusted, his appointment as MM of Sondagsrivier will be confirmed and another dirty cadre will remain in the mix sinking South Africa.

At least Sondagsrivier is in the Eatern Cape, and the Eastern Cape is completely chucked up in any event.

Ja, swaer.

* A bit of history, as recorded by OO on May r, 2009:

De Jager weerspreek haarself oor hoe en wanneer gedurende die tweede helfte van 2008, sy van Pietersen se wanbetalings bewus geword het:

1. In die media, op 2 Oktober, toe die media die eerste maal daaroor berig het, soos sy op 2 Desember op Nel se negende terugvoervergadering voor ‘n vol gehoor by die Cango Wildlife Ranch gesê het;
2. Van Nel, op 22 September, soos sy in ‘n verklaring van 2 Oktober aandui;
3. Van Nel, op 12 September, toe Nel haar in die raadsaal daarna gevra het – ‘n lukrake ontmoeting wat sy nog nooit ontken het nie;
4.  In ‘n brief van Barrow se prokureurs, Millers, op 11 September, soos sy op 5 Maart per e-pos aan OO gesê het.

Die ware toedrag is eenvoudig: Die voorsittende beampte sê in sy bevindings in die Pietersen-dissiplinêre verhoor dat dit ‘n onbetwiste feit (“undisputed fact”) is dat die brief van 11 September die eerste aanduiding (“first inkling”) was van die wanbetalings.

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