Tomorrow’s Council Meeting

Commedia dell’arte or gang rape? Neither! It’s been cancelled!

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Oudtshoorn. 4 September 2012. 09h50. The Oudtshoorn Ratepayers Association released the following media statement on Friday’s cancelled Council Meeting:


Yet another Oudtshoorn Municipal council meeting, scheduled to take place at 10:00 on 31 August 2012, has been cancelled illegally and unconstitutionally by Oudtshoorn municipal speaker Stoffels. Speaker Stoffels was instructed and mandated by Marius Fransman (ANC) and Buddy Chabaan to cancel the meeting, as to avoid discussing pressing municipal issues. The outcome of such discussions could have possible positive outcomes in terms of service delivery and elevation of the current maladministration crippling the residents and stakeholders of Oudtshoorn.

In adhering to Fransman and Chabaan’s instruction, speaker Stoffels not only acted outside his mandate but once again raped the Oudtshoorn citizen’s rights to democracy and access to information to attend a public council meeting.

Upon arrival at the municipal buildings the public was informed that the widely advertised municipal meeting was cancelled until further notice. They were denied access to the premises. Speaker Stoffels fled the municipal buildings without explanation and accountability to the residents of Oudtshoorn.

The DA/Cope councillors proceeded to meet in the council chamber to discuss the situation. They decided to address the growing crowd of residents and stakeholders outside. A press statement was delivered by Councillor Chris MacPherson.

The Oudtshoorn DA council served a letter of demand and concern on speaker Stoffels, informing him that he acted outside his mandate, without following due municipal process and without prior council consultation of his intentions to cancel the meeting at such short notice.

Agenda points tabled for discussion included:

– The scrapping of the outdated delegation register, which was due for workshopping, updating and approval prior to 6 June 2011, in so doing, stripping mayor Gordon April of his currently abusive mayoral powers

– Immediate appointment of the audit committee – in so doing, assuring proper financial accounting, which, to date, has been flawed, irregular and deceiving

– The appointment of a functioning Mayoral Committee

– Lack of an updated municipal organogram, which makes all currently advertised job opportunities and appointments in the municipality illegal

– The immediate eviction of municipal manager Mnyimba in terms of the High Court ruling of Judge Blignaut, making all decisions made by Mnyimba null and void with immediate effect.

The reality of the situation is that this meeting must take place regardless of certain municipal councillors’ utter disregard for the Constitution of South Africa, and the citizens of Oudtshoorn’s rights to access information and public meetings.

All possible avenues have been exhausted by DA/COPE councillors and the four civic organisations – AfriForum, ORPA, OBB and the Rose Valley Residents Association. The only option available to follow now is the exhaustion of the constitution and legal system of South Africa.

Oudtshoorn. 1 September 2012. 08h15. So, where does Oudtshoorn stand on this first day of Spring, when rejuvenation is in the air?

Well, Oudtshoorn is still governed by malignant vandals opposed by benign crybabies .

Nothing positive to report, I fear.

Was it not for an ANC stalwart, Allen Paulse, who stood up against the outrageous appointment of Thandekile Mnyimba, and forced the Western Cape minister of local government into his High Court challenge, Oudtshoorn would be out of options this morning, but for the mercy of the ANC leadership to which this editor is disinclined to trust.

There can be absolutely no question at all about the critical preconditions to resuscitate Oudtshoorn: Gordon April and Thandekile Mnyimba must go.

The Western Cape High Court (Equality Court) has found April to have limited formal education.

The Western Cape High Court has found Mnyimba not have the exprience to be a municipal manager.

The impotent opposition can do nothing, bless them.

The ANC machination machine spews out unending promises, prognostications, and prevarications… And nothing come of the political chuck ups.

So, it’s up to the minister’s latest High Court application, to be heard soonest, to eject Mnyimba from Verwoerd Sq. (For details, see the reports at 29 August 2012; 18h00 and 30 August 2012; 07h25 and 12h55 here.)

Then we’ll have to see whether the ANC has the equipment artists regularly ascribe to Jacob, the Country’s main gaffer, to get rid of the Verwoerd Sq mampara, April.

Perhaps, for eventual long term benefit, April should remain. Because his pronlonged preposterous presence worsens the ANC’s already muffed reputation every minute the little bungler continues to botch his pathetic attempts at arrogating as mayor.

Ye gods and faeries, how did Oudtshoorn land in this hole!?

O yes! I remember: The people of Oudtshoorn voted the ANC into power.

No, wait!!

The DA got more votes than the ANC on May 18 last year!


And, wait for it: The DA and Cope got more votes than the ANC and its two idiot cousins beating drums on Verwoerd Sq!

Sold out, remains the people of Oudtshoorn – by the ANC, who wants to govern at all cost; as well as by the DA, who doesn’t want to govern, at all cost.

What can be done?

There is but one, single solution: Never vote ANC or DA in a local election ever again! By all means, support the party of your conviction – conviction, mind! – and choice in provincial and national ballots… But vote to have an independent balance of power in Oudtshoorn; in Eden Councils; in Western Cape Councils; in South African Councils!

Never trust the management of your town to a political party ever again!

It’s like a chicken voting for Col Sanders…

Oudtshoorn. 31 August 2012.

10h45. Chaos. People who did not read OO arrived at Verwoerd Sq to learn that the Council Meeting was cancelled.

Police officers prevented people from entering the building.

A journalist told OO that announcements and statements were made that were similar to what OO already reported last night.

Then the DA Councillors trooped into the offices of the Oudtshoorn Courant to claim Mount Morals, as OO predicted they would claim.

As the DA Councillors passed by, OO warned them not to greet, as the party might charge them for speaking to the editor.

Eden Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen did briefly shake hands, showing goodwill.


Oudtshoorn. 30 August 2012.

23h00. (Updated 31 August at 06h35.) The cancellation of the Council Meeting allows OO to now divulge that the DA and the NPP had an oral agreement as early as Monday to remove Mnyimba and install Allen Paulse as MM.

The ANC’s regional secretary, Putco Mapitiza, and his agents subsequently brought enormous pressure to bear on the NPP to rather help the Coalition to overturn the Resolution of July 26.

The NPP did not budge.

Mapitiza left Oudtshoorn defeated, but managed to play his trump first: He got the provincial secretary, Sogezo Mjongile, to plead with NPP President Badih Chaaban to instruct Speaker Stoffels to postpone the meeting.

An hardliner ANC cabal had a backup plan to disrupt the meeting today. But apparently the Speaker secured the help of the SAPD and arranged for community leaders to identify and point the perpetrators out to the police.

In the meantime Gordon April and his confidants proclaimed loudly on Wednesday already that the dissident ANC members would orchestrate his undoing.

OO has learned that a 6th dissident joined the internal opposition in the Oudtshoorn ANC Caucus.

This 6th protestor shall remain nameless for the moment. New to politics, No 6 was advised by ANC provincial functionaries to stay away from the shenanigans and to wait for the inevitable change – a new mayoral candidate perhaps?

Little wonder then that the meeting was postponed.

But it must be acknowleged that given that the local NPP was apparently not swayed by Putco and his cronies, it is very probable that Mjongile was again successful in persuading Chaaban to turn a blind eye to cadre corruption… For whatever gain.

Only the Speaker could have postponed the meeting. And the Speaker was appparently keen to push ahead. Only a Chaaban order could have stayed the Speaker!

Chaaban has some explaining to do, methinks.

It is remarkable that even a party as committed to selfserving public administration as the NPP could have locally grown edgy and restive with April’s mismanagement. If characters like Ron Lottering and Johannes Stoffels can’t take it anymore it’s even worse than feared!

Those cretins of Icosa don’t really have minds to make up. From OO learns from Kannaland Icosa simply wants milcher administrations – anything that can be milked. Icosa is a useless lot and will be swayed not by reason, but by opportunism.

21h15. The Council Meeting has been cancelled.

No reasons accompanied to notices of cancellation which were distributed after 20h00.

Details soonest.

14h30. OO has lost every last smidgen of esteem for Oudtshoorn’s 25 Councillors.

The 11 ANC; 1 NPP; and 1 Icosa – 13 shmucks incapable of managing ducks to water – will tomorrow explore new ways of violating Oudtshoorn.

The 11 DA; and 1 Cope – 12 benignants incapable of preventing a fused light bulb from shining – will tomorrow claim victories for speeches by Chris MacPherson and Diane de Jager.

Tomorrow’s Council Meeting will direct the Council’s action in consequence of Mr Justice Lee Bozalek’s order of August 10 – to file supplementary founding papers with the High Court by August 31.

The DA is relying on abstentions from any one or more of Erik Ngalo; Nondumiso Gunguluza; Charlie Wagenaar; Gertrude Phillips; and Lea Stalmeester to defeat a motion to rescind Resolution 60.100/07.12 of July 26, to, among others, reverse April’s decision, in consequence of a delegation, to appeal the Paulse verdict; terminating Mnyimba’s tenure; appointing Paulse MM; and demanding that April personally pays the legal costs pertaining to the appeal.

The probability of any one or more of the ANC dissidents acting in contravention of a Caucus decision, forced by Fransman and his glomming functionaries, is vanishingly small.

Let’s not be deluded, dear readers, about the nature of the faint lights on several individual backroads to Damascus… it’s about money.

How did Tony Leon say of FW de Klerk: “He’s been on more roads to Damascus than the average Syrian lorry driver.”

The “dissidents” are terrified of individual accountability for the folly of appointing Mnyimba. They are fawning for favour. Nothing more.

And even if they do decide that the financial threat outweighs the wrath of Fransman and his cronies, they will have manoeuvred before 10h00 tomorrow to have income secured in any event of party discipline.

Time will teach.

And, peradventure, OO’s respect for Councillors may be somewhat restored. But, then again, maybe the sun won’t rise tomorrow.

There is but one solution, my longsuffering readers, and that is to ensure an independent balance of power in Council by the next election. All else is folly, and a vote for either the ANC or the DA at any future election is nothing but stupid.

* Commedia dell’arte, n. Italian comedy of the 16th to 18th centuries improvised from standardized situations and stock characters;

Gang rape, v. rape (someone) successively with several attackers.

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7 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Council Meeting

  1. Please for heaven’s sake, rush to the aide of the Public Protector before Oudtshoorn is completely drained from all finance and other assets (brains have already went missing it seems)!

  2. Just wondering ! isn’t it time to place Oudtshoorn under administration ,surely their’s enough reason .

  3. Italy and Belguim was without an official Govt for a short while and life went on

    Once ODN voters has got rid of all these mamparas, at least the plundering will stop until capable, sensible and honourable people can be appointed with INDEPENDANTS steering the useless parties.

    There is no other way for ODN, as the past 4 years have PROVED.Voting for INDEPENDANTS will give ODN back its independance !!!!

    Any comments Hannes ?

  4. Well, if a counsel, government or board has reach the stage of total disarray that they no longer can have a civilized meeting to deliberate about the tasks and services for their voters the whole counsel, government or board resign and an extra ordinary election is called for – what seem to be the holdup?

  5. Wanneer gaan April en veral Minyimba sy ‘marching orders ‘ kry en terugbetalings maak?

    En terwyl ek dit vra, dieselfde gaan vir Bredell. “How long must the public still suffer his ineptitude ?”
    Zille’s so called leadership too is becoming a lot more suspect and questionable, why,knowingly surrounded by weaklings she refuses to act against ??

  6. Quoting OO, especially for the benefit of Hannes Barnard and adding, Hannes, when are you going to do the honourable thing, as the tide of INDEPENDENTS wont be stopped as all parties drops to its lowest level ever.

    “There is but one solution, my longsuffering readers, and that is to ensure an independent balance of power in Council by the next election. All else is folly, and a vote for either the ANC or the DA at any future election is nothing but stupid.”

    Let me add, not stupid but suicide !!!

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