Take a hike Memory Booysen

They lie deadly that tell you you have good faces. Coriolanus 2.1.59

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Oudtshoorn. 31 August 2012. 07h15. After OO’s revelation of Mayor Memory’s bald faced lies, the following message was distributed by the chair of the Professional Business Women’s Association (Probus) in Plett. The message also reached the large and ever growing Jewish community in Plett:

Please see counsel’s response to the 10th mayoral letter (below in bold). If the mayor’s comments about the disciplinary hearings are untrue, makes you wonder about his other comments too.. 

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Oudtshoorn. 30 August 2012. 09h15. In his 10th Mayoral Letter, Bitou’s DA (ha-ha!) Mayor, Memory Booysen, attempts to explain Council’s recent ridiculous – and illegal – decsions on disciplinary measures against two employees.

(My comment in bold.)

Booysen writes: “In recent months two major disciplinary investigations have taken place against senior members of staff namely Mr. Carl Mattheus and Mr. Monde Stratu.

“In the hearing of Mr. Mattheus it became apparent that two of the charges were prescribed, i.e.  older than six years, and the third charge fell away as new evidence was lead that that proved his innocence on that charge.  Mr. Mattheus declined to stay in the Municipality and a severance package has been negotiated with him.”

Nonsense! The charges could not have been dropped because of prescription. The principle of prescription does not apply to disciplinary issues, only the principle that cases should be brought as speedily as possible in order to be fair to the employee. The case had to be settled because Council had decided to drop all charges against Stratu, against whom it had a much stronger case than against Mattheus. In labour law all employees should be treated equally. These two officials were on the same level, both charged for misconduct. If Council withdraws the case against one without proper reason to do so, Council cannot continue against the other. The withdrawal of the case against Mattheus had nothing to do with the age of the facts. Those were issues argued by his legal representative. Ultimately however Council had no choice because of the decision taken regarding Stratu.

The terms of the Mattheus settlement is unknown. OO does know, however, that Mayor Booysen elected not to have Council’s counsel present at the Mayco Meeting where the matter was discussed.

Booysen continues his misinformation: “In the case of Mr. Stratu, Council became aware that all procedures regarding his case had not been correctly followed as prescribed in the Amended Municipal Systems Act of 2011.  This had compromised his case and it was felt that the charges had to be withdrawn. Some of the alleged charges fell outside his scope of work, and these would never have stood up in the Labour Court. Council withdrew charges and Mr Stratu continues as HOD Strategic Services.”

Rubbish! This is simply not true. The procedure as prescribed by Schedule 6 to the Systems Act had been followed. “Faulty procedures” became an issue only when Booysen had to vacate charges under pressure from his ANC masters. The decision to withdraw the charges had been purely politically motivated. Bitou had a strong case against Stratu, and there was nothing wrong with the procedure.

Booysen is a liar. He is an embarrassment to the DA as is Oudtshoorn’s Gordon April to the ANC.

The question OO asks of the ANC is a simple one: Why not get rid of Gordon April!?

And to the DA, OO asks: “Why not get rid of Memory Booysen!?”

O, of course: The DA is too bust getting rid of Councillor Johan Brummer, the only Councillor with the crown jewels to stand up to Booysen and the ANC.


Both the ANC and the DA.


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4 thoughts on “Take a hike Memory Booysen

  1. That’s all a lot of political nonsense and hogwash. A director of Mr.
    Monde Stratu’s calibre and stature only deserves nothing but
    appropriate acknowledgement and recognition given his unparalleled
    administration and management track-record. Nobody alive could have
    possibly fixed damages (Robberg Waste Disposal Facility) caused over a
    myriad of decades in just a mere five months since a warning was
    received. The DA administration in this case is painting an utterly
    wrong person with a very filthy brush hell-bent on ascertaining that
    the best candidate for the MM position is cut out of the picture and
    have their own unqualified candidate appointed to the post. The Mayor
    Memory Booysen has nothing to hide if the decision to rescind the
    charges against Mr. Stratu was unanimously arrived at by the entire
    Bitou Council. Has the OO ever pondered the possibility that this
    could also be as a result of infighting within the DA? Certain
    individuals wishing to settle their own political scores and better
    their political woes in the process dragging the names of innocent
    ‘eager beaver’ managers whose actions are founded on principles of
    intergrity, altruism, selflessness, compassion, probity,
    responsibility and respect like inter alia; Mr. Monde Stratu and
    Lonwabo Ngoqo to name but a few. Unlike the aforementioned political
    leaders of Bitou I firmly believe that the forces which truly define
    you as an individual are your values. Values give meaning and
    substance to your life and make it worthwhile. Values will predispose
    you to behave in certain ways, and if you react contrary to these
    internalised normative principles, you will experience a great measure
    of discomfort and dissonance and act unduly. Values lie at the heart
    of compunction, the pricking of the conscience – that sickening
    feeling when you KNOW you are ashamed of what you have said or done to
    any other human being. Shakespeare nailed it down in Richard the
    Third: “My conscience hath a thousand several tongues, and every
    tongue brings in several tales, and every tale condemns me for a
    villain”. We need leaders who share the character of Dr. Nelson
    Rholihlahla Mandela, an example of a true leader. He was motivated by
    a profound value system, believing intensely in the worth of every
    human being. “So DA hands off Stratu” we know him very well!!!

  2. Bravo Pletty, well said

    Let Zille and Bredell (something for him to do ) attend the debate too and get someone to push them if they fail to fall on their swords.

  3. Well, well. Why am I not surprised by this revelation? The puppet is lying. After much fanfare and hurrahs before and after the election about how open, transparent and evry other hoary cliche they could think of the DA and its puppet are (or is it as OO claims an ANC puppet) prove they cannot keep honest it up for more than a year before starting to tell blatant lies. DA. ANC. Booysen. Mvimbi. Six of one half a dozen of the other. What is the cost of all this blundering?

    It is now certain that the DA will not bring the clean government they promised us. Seems like this Bredell character will not act.

    The puppet is not the only liar either. The DA leader in Plett, the innocent looking old lady, Liz Mundell, has also taken to the press this week and lied through her teeth about dismissing Brummer. For R5 000??? Puhleeze!! Do you think we are all fools? My bet is the truth is that he would not play along with the lies and the cover ups. He has to go! Any old excuse will do. Dispicable unethical and immoral behavior.

    My challenge to the puppet and his mistress is, be brave and give us all your firm undertaking that if you are shown to be liars you will fall on your swords and resign your positions. Stop buggering around. Call a public meeting and invite Brummer to debate the issues with you in public. The loser/liar resigns and leaves town. Quck and clean and very final. The truth will out as it always does.

    What do you say Liz and Memory? Let the games begin!

    I predict you will run from the challenge but I hope he drags your lying backsides through the courts and shows you up for the incompetants and liars you are.

  4. Despicable BOTH ANC and DA !
    Wat se Luthuli House en Zille nou !! Bunch of hipocrits !!

    And to all those who so often accuse OO of being a DA undercover propoganda activist, where are you loud mouths brainless blood suckers now. Speak up, the silence is deafening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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