Puniceous DA faces!

Oops! This IS embarrassing!

(Puniceous, adj. Of a bright red or purple colour.)
News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 29 August 2012. 12h20. OO has just determined that the Eden District Municipality has been paying the DA short on Councillor “tithes” – a portion of the monies at the centre of the threatened membership terminations of some 37 DA Councillors.

The 3% contribution is calculated on the base remuneration only and not on the cost to company amount, which includes allowances, and of which the DA wants its share.

All Eden Councillors are in arrears since July last year!

Obviously many more than “37” DA Councillors are no longer in good standing with party and should be shoo’d off.

So now OO has only one question for Zille’s mediocre men and their not-so-infallible-after-all* accountants and administrators: when are you closing down the party, as you might not have any Councillors in office at all… Should you do the unimaginable and act consistenly!?

Bunch of doofuses!

My vote you ain’t ever again gettin’.

Spare yourself further embarrassment, James and Hendrik and Debbie and Helen and just reinstate Johan Brummer and Jemayne Andrews.

OO will still ridicule you, to be sure, but at least you won’t look like complete tits any longer.

* The Honourable Debbie Schafer, MP, in an email of August 15, told Johan Brummer that “there is no need for any ‘determination’”, as if infallibility somehow attaches to DA accounting.

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2 thoughts on “Puniceous DA faces!

  1. This is not fair. You’ve set my mind off. Does CTC include the municipal contribution to medical aid, pension contributions, use of municipal vehicle vehicle or is that instead of the travel allowance, what about the cost of body guards and drivers? Isn’t that all part of CTC?

  2. Oops. Ja. Mr B. This is becoming very interesting. This tithe thing I mean. When you say allowances, I assume you mean their travel allowance of, if I have it correctly, about 20% or so of their salaries. But does this also include other allowances such as cell phone, 3g cards, office allowances surely that forms part of the CTC for the municipality? How exactly is this CTC arrived at for DA public representatives?

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