POSIB deliberations

Civil protest appears to have a major impact on the Secrecy Bill!

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Oudtshoorn. 29 August 2012. 11h25. Rev Storey kicked off the National Council of Provinces Secrecy Bill (Protection of State Information Bill – POSIB, or Secrecy Bill) hearings this morning with this statement: “We want laws that allow us to tell the truth.”

Storey used lighted candles as a symbol of truth and was berated for the “barbaric” act of “bringing fire” into Parliament.

The NCOP heards that municipalities will be excluded from classifying information but that cabinet records will remain classified.

The ANC proposed the deletion of c49, the prohibition of disclosure of State Security Matter, which provided a complete veil of secrecy to the State Security department and left whistleblowers in the Deptartment of State Security with no protection, not even flimsy protection given elsewhere in the Secrecy Bill. The Right to Know Campaign calls this a MAJOR victory for civil society.

Information sourced from tweets by M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism, a non-profit initiative to enhance capacity for investigative journalism in the public interest – (@amaBhungane); and the Right to Know Campaign (@r2kcampaign).

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