Dirty DA deeds in Bitou

“The clean party” begrimed

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Oudtshoorn. 29 August 2012. 07h50. The Bitou Mayor, Memory Booysen, lied to the media when he said early this week that charges against the director community services Monde Stratu were vacated because the disciplinary process was flawed.

I wrote the DA leadership about this yesterday, and I expect the DA leadership to ignore the letter.

We all of us recall that time in our lives when we were convinced that if we closed our eyes the monsters would go away… we were, what, three, or four at the time?

The DA leadership still is convinced that closing their eyes will make the monsters go away.

The Bitou acting municipal manager, Thys Giliomee; and the administration’s counsel, Francis Schröter, both advised Council that the disciplinary process was not only legitimate, but that it was legally incumbent upon Council to proceed against Stratu.

On whose advice did Mayor Memory act in dealing with the ANC to have the illegal decision made!?

On the advice of an ANC advisor, peradventure?

The only Bitou Councillor who voted against the illegal motion to vacate charges, was one Johan Brummer.

Every Bitou Councillor is guilty of an illegal act having voted to vacate charges against Stratu – except Brummer.

Yet the DA sought any old reason first to sideline Brummer, and then to terminate his party membership and remove him as a Councillor.

Let me say at once, as the Nat MPs used to say in Parliament, that I am not an apologist for Johan Brummer – or for any politician.

If the DA suspects wrongdoing by Brummer, he should be charged and vigorously prosecuted. But this woozy disputed money thing which Brummer ultimately did settle, under duress, is rubbish!

I am told that Brummer delivered Bitou for the DA on May 18 last year. I suspect that the DA holds this against Brummer for I am convinced that the DA does not want to govern Bitou – it damages the brand, don’t you know; Bitou is not a Goldilocks Council, see.

I am also told that Brummer was responsible for the introduction into DA politics of Donald Grant, a previous Bitou Councillor and now Bitou MP and Western Cape minister of education; of Memory Booysen, still an ANC protagonist, but currently dressed up in a blue T-shirt and propped up to arrogate as DA Mayor; and Charles Dreyer, the computer gaming Speaker.

If I had any say in the matter I’d fire Brummer for introducing these… people.

Here’s the thing: I don’t, and you shouldn’t, trust people who can violate Bitou and stand by while the ANC violates Oudtshoorn. And this is exactly what the DA does.

The DA has irrevocably showed its true colours: It does not care about any municipality where it can not hold absolute power and rule easily. It is a party run by political weaklings without any appetite for challenge.

Not having the guts to stand up to the ANC at grass roots level, such as in Oudtshoorn, is one thing; but actually running a municipality like Bitou into the ground is unforgiveable.

Waving an indignant fist in the safety of Paliament, and ducking the odd half a brick from some ANC idiot during African democracy manifestations is simply not good enough.

It is absolutely sickening that the DA can stand its feet of clay on soapboxes and pontificate clean government, yet do as the ANC does. The DA is taking voters for a ride.

The DA, before it shows us voters that it CAN govern, must first show us that it WANTS to govern our dorps.

Start, pray, James and Helen – and for pity’s sake, don’t involve Donald Grant and Anton Bredell and Theuns Botha – by addressing the archetypical ANC FUBARs of Memory Booysen: Easton; Stratu; Mattheus. (Click here and here for details.)

If you choose against action, begone, I say, you have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! Weeds and nettles, briars and thorns, have thriven under your shadow, dissettlement and division, discontentment and dissatisfaction, together with real dangers to the whole. (With apologies to Oliver Cromwell.)

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4 thoughts on “Dirty DA deeds in Bitou

  1. Colin

    “Machiavellian mischief”… Naaaaais!

    It’s more than that though.

    Much more.

    Much, much more.

    Much, much, much more.

    In fact, a lot more.

    Bitou is being run ignominiously.

    Oudtshoorn is the victim in a custodial gang rape.

    I have nothing complimentary to say about the DA.

    Even the Bitou font sucks.

  2. It is a blessed relief that as the DA make progress in dealing with the many issues they inherited after taking over from the ANC the number, relevance and quality of the attacks you lay at their feet diminish. I feel confident that within a relatively short period of time the extent of your outrage will be limited to a vitriolic condemnation of the typeface used in the Mayoral letter. Whatever their failings – and in my opinion a lack of experience is possibly the most obvious – self-enrichment and the violation of Bitou could not be further from the truth. Your adopted role as an un-official opposition would be better served by addressing real issues that affect the lives of the municipality’s communities rather than immersing yourself in machiavellian mischief.

  3. Zille, kan jy lees ? Het jy hierbo gelees ????
    The buck stops with you, and if you Zille, cant manage corruption and incompetence, lies and unfairness in the DA, as Leader, surely you are GUILTY too ?

    It has become apparent that you are a ‘fair weathers Captain’. The true test of a Captain is the one that manages big storms, something you have miserably failed in and the nation needs to be aware of this.

    The time for your departure is nigh, and all this time you still have not got a competent replacement – that in itself is the death nail for your so called ‘leadership qualities” too.

    I dare you to differ ! Same goes for Selfe, Theunsie and ‘stilsit’ Bredell with Winde a close second !

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