Bad. Badder. Bredell.


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Oudtshoorn. 28 August 2012. 06h00. On May 14 the Kannalanders, gatvol with grafting and mismanagement and cadre enrichment and piteous service delivery under the rancid rule of convicted child rapist Jeffrey Donson, organised under community leaders such as Bob Reynecke, Hennie Smit, Joslyn Johnson, Johanlie Andrew, Frank de Jager and Winston Plaatjies to hand a memorandum of grievances to the Western Cape minister of local government, Anton Bredell.

Bredell showed!

Resplendid in his trademark brown leather jacket and with obtrusive facial twitch manifest, he was even photographed receiving the writ.

Then he left.

On July 21 Bredell sms’d De Jager that he intended to revisit Kannaland and that Michael Brewis from the minister’s office would set up the appointment.

On July 24 Bredell sms’d that the local DA MP, Jac Bekker, would arrange the meeting.

Nothing happened since.

The introduction of Bekker into this recipe for disaster, of course, finally scuttled the thing.

But it is Bredell’s June 14 reply to the May 14 memorandum that is opprobrious.

The memorandum, it should be remembered, was drafted to expose the mismanagement of Jeffrey Donson.

Yet Bredell forwarded the questions to Donson for comment and submitted the Donson replies, tessellated with a few from ministerial advisors, to De Jager on Western Cape Government stationery and under his hand!

This is unspeakable. It is outrageous. It is appalling. It is dishonourable. It is dastardly. It is noisome. It is offensive. It is loathful.

Bredell spat in the faces of the aggrieved residents.

Anton Bredell is a bad minister. I have selected a smorgasbord of entertaining adjectives, but I should simply repeat: Anton Bredell is probably a great guy, but Anton Bredell is a bad minister.

Bredell’s ineptitude is trumped only by the inutility of the person who appointed him and at whose pleasure he serves. Whomever that may be.

Kannaland, and Oudtshoorn, and Eden can do without Anton Bredell’s futile presence.

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