37 DA Councillors may be terminated

The DA wants is money, and who can blame the party!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 28 August 2012. 06h45. OO was first to announce the termination of Bitou Councillor Johan Brummer’s DA membership on August 13.

And then OO had something uncomplimentary to say in the matter.

The DA’s Registrar:  Federal Legal Commission, Debbie Schafer* MP, yesterday issued this media release in response to enquiries about the termination of Bitou Councillor Johan Brummer’s DA membership:

In the party, public representatives have to pay a candidate fee upon their election to office, which amount is determined by the federal executive, as well as a monthly amount which we refer to as “tithes”.

Several people have had their membership terminated for failure to pay tithes some time ago, but I do not have the details of them.  Perhaps the chair of the Federal Legal Commission, Hendrik Schmidt MP may have that information with him.

As far as candidate fees are concerned, as is the case with Cllr Brummer, one other councillor to date has had her membership terminated, namely Cllr Jemayne Andrews of the City of Cape Town. There are another 4 people who have received notices of cessation of membership and who had until yesterday to respond. The matters then go to a panel of the Federal Legal Commission and then to the Federal Executive for confirmation, so I am not at liberty to reveal those names until the process is finalised. 

Altogether there are 37 people from across the country who have not paid to date according to our records, and against whom further action is being taken.

I am told, often much to my irritation, that internal disciplinary action is restorative, not vindictive, and seeks first and formost to settle disputes, rather than to punish.

I think it bad management, at least for cost, morale, continuity, and image, for any organisation to terminate personnel easily and without going the extra mile to retain good people – especially for an organisation the likes of the DA, being a political party and therefore geared to persuade for power.

In the cases of both Brummer and Andrews disputes over actual payments and amounts due would indicate that closer inspection was demanded before termination.

There will now be a closer examination – in court, and at great expense.

Moreover, the DA runs a very real risk of losing face and blemishing that uber-important brand.

In the case of Andrews, a Cape Town ward Councillor, the cost of running a by-election is many times more than the amount owed – a smaller amout ultimately recoverable.

The current terminations are just plain bad management, whatever the merits of the cases.

Hey, guys, you aspire to run a country; peradventure you need to sharpen up on those management skills!

* Me Shafer is a major functionary, to be sure, and signs her correspondence such:
Debbie Schafer MP:
Shadow Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development;
Registrar: Federal Legal Commission
Democratic Alliance;
Constituency Head:  Wards 65, 66, 67 and 73 Cape Town Metro;
Member of the Magistrates Commission.

Well, at least now we all know.

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