The DA. Without makeup. Without botox. Without foundation wear.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you…

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Oudtshoorn. 24 August 2012. 07h15. Bitou DA Councillor Johan Brummer opened a Plett newspaper yesterday evening and saw an advertisement for his job.

If only the DA can be moved to such energetic management in the affairs of Bitou, and Oudsthoorn, and Eden, and the municipalities of the Western Cape!

The speed and meritricious (no, DA functionaries, rather look up the meaning of the word) efficiency of the Brummer removal astounds.

Where is such effeciency when the voters and residents of municipalities beg for help!?

The DA served cessation of membership documents on Brummer on August 13 for debt to the party in the amount of R5,621.00.

Brummer paid up.

Having settled the DA’s bill under persisting circumstances of continued dubiety, as is evidenced by the string of enquiries and electronic palavering since the letter of final demand of April 2; and despite the pedantic statement by the Honourable Debbie Schafer, MP, in an email of the 15th instant that “there is no need for any ‘determination’”, as if infallibility somehow attaches to DA accounting, Brummer now insists that his membership of the DA be forthwith confirmed – expeditiously and unequivocally.

Both the telephone number and the email address noted on the statement bearing inscriptions of unanswered electronic and unreachable telecommunications are dated. Clearly the party’s data management does not rise to the standard of its presumed inerrant accounting.

By Brummer’s calculation he is owed R3,985.28 (three thousand nine hundred and eighty five rand and 28 cents) by the DA. He indicated to OO that although reimbursement is required, no final demands will be issued as his relationship with the DA is based on trust and not sullied by opportunism.

The true financial state can hardly be determined here, but it is obvious that there remains a dispute and that gentlemen, and the odd lady, should be able to resolve such a trifling matter if even a velleity of mutual goodwill was present.

Brummer was, since August 13, persistently informed that he owed a disputed balance in candidate fees; and that the matter was quite distinct from so-called “tithing” – the monthly party contribution; and that national management, and not provincial management, regulated the debt; and that set-off was not permitted as a consequence.

This is buncombe. The DA’s federal constitution states at paragraph 1.6.7 that all monies received and collected in the name of the Party vest in the Party itself.

The ludicrousness of this “compartmentalised debt” is confirmed by the fact that the final demand of April 2 was signed by the provincial chair of finance; and the literary knell of August 13 was accommodated by affidavits of the provincial secretary and, again, the provincial chair of finance. The party leadership should excuse Brummer for being discombobulated in the prevailing bedlam.

In any event, a DA functionary intimately involved in this case told OO last week already that he knew not of a single case where a Councillor had been terminated when the dues were eventually paid.

The funcionary’s exact words: “We’re not that kind of people.”

Yeah. Right.

Brummer’s first reaction to the dismaying writ of August 13 was to enquire, to question; the second was to pay up; and only the third to explain. It should therefore be abundantly clear that his unrequited respect for the party leadership remains inviolate.

Yet Johan Brummer, whom ANC stalwart Hardy Mills described, in a letter to Helen Zille, as the sole reason why the DA won Bitou last May, has been unceremoniously dumped.

Does anyone wonder why?

Before OO tells the Brummer story, it should be remembered that the DA stood idly by while one of Eden’s foremost Councillors, the irreproachable Johann Koegelenberg, and two of his DA colleagues, Henri McCombie and Patrick Murray, were chagrined for nearly three years until the Regional Court found, on June 11 this year, that no case could be made against them and dismissed all charges without even hearing evidence by the accused. OO reported this in The Eden Bribery case – Augean. It is well worth reading again, as is Koegelenberg’s media release.

You’ll read how the DA provincial secretary, Anton Bredell, also the DA Western Cape minister of local government, promised several times to legally intervene and never lifted a finger to aid, within the law, the three Councillors.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

On January 26, 2007, the DA suspended five of its Oudtshoorn Councillors for voting against a Caucus decision, when they elected to put Oudtshoorn above party political conniving to protect a local ally of Patricia de Lille, then needed to secure a DA majority in the Cape Metro.

Four of the five Councillors cowered while the fifth, Pierre Nel, stood firm and was eventually exonerated by the federal law commission, the highest DA authority.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

But back to the reasons for Brummer’s dismissal.

Brummer was the only DA Councillor – in fact, Brummer was the sole Bitou Councillor – who stood up, in July, against the illegal and financially reckless decisions to (1) vacate charges against the Director Community Services, Monde Stratu; and (2) scuttle the appointment of the municipal manager designate, Grant Easton.

OO covered these outrages here and here.

Yet Brummer’s problems started much earlier.

On February 29 DA Fedex Chair James Selfe, and DA Western Cape Leader Theuns Botha, conspired to attack Brummer when they reported, inter alia, “Some of the problems faced by the Party in Bitou relate very specifically to the personality and the actions of Brummer. His activism while the Party was in opposition was almost heroic, and, as has been reported, he was harassed because of it. The Party is however now in power, and has a responsibility to deliver effectively…”

On April 19 Brummer was summoned and confronted with allegations relating to the February 29 findings. He was informed that he would be “strategically deployed to the Eden District Municipality”.

Two days later, on April 21, Brummer was served with a final demand for public representative contributions – an action that would ultimately provide the clear and present agency for Brummer’s dismissal – despite an ongoing difference of opinion which may well result in the DA owing Brummer money. Not that any such consideration is relevant.

Some three weeks ago a senior DA leader told a Southern Cape Councillor that Brummer was history. Another senior DA leader repeated the statement earlier this week, before the matter was finalised.

The DA leadership is invited to challenge OO’s claims about the above statements. We live in smartphone times, remember?

A number of major political and administrative issues of ANC doing and inherited by the DA in Bitou are being blatantly ignored by the DA and the Western Cape government: The Lefatshe contract; the DiData contract; the Rentworks fiasco; to name but some. In all of these matters Brummer is a thorn in the DA side, urging the party to take action.

Like OO is doing. Huge files have been delivered to DA leaders and functionaries – upon ministerial requst, no less! But nothing is done. Nothing.

The DA’s godly accounting, referred to above, should suffice: two and two makes not five.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

Luckily, however, we need not attempt to “imagineal what the DA can do to voters.

We know what the DA does to voters… Click here for the DA’s record of promises. Eat your heart out Piet Koornhof, wherever you are chasing the help in the universe at this time.

Trust the DA?

Not on your life!

OO is not an apologist for Johan Brummer.

If the DA has a problem with Brummer’s character, or attitude, or approach, or work ethic, or whatever, Brummer should be charged and aggressively prosecuted.

But this!?

Ag nee wat!

The DA needs less Botox and more balls.

Yet, Brummer remains loyal to the DA!

He submitted this statement early this morning:

It is very sad indeed.
But you know what? It is not the Party.
The Party is the Party. Made up of parts.
That which it is based upon and stands for. Its Vision, its Principles, its Policies. Go and look at their website. You cannot fault it. It is good. It is right. It is ethical. It is moral. It is what South Africa needs if it is not to become just another basket case. It is what our children’s future needs. 
Then comes the human element. Its Members and Supporters. Thousands upon thousands of them who subscribe to and believe in what the Party is based upon and stands for. Good people. Honest people. Moral people. Ethical people.  Hard-working people. People dedicated to the Party’s Vision and its Principles. Patriots.
And lastly the Leadership. That is the doing part of the party, the verb in the sentence.
When the Leadership of a party does not sleep, eat, drink, think and breath the vison and principles of the Party then it becomes corrupt.
It has happened to the ANC and it has happened to the DA.
It is very sad indeed when one finds that the one party that has been so painstakingly built by so many people to be South Africa’s hope for the future has been scarificed by a group of corrupt self serving individuals who do not care about the Party and its vision and mission, its members, its supporters and least of all about the future of the country and its children. They may have in the past. They may say they do. But their actions show they don’t.
The rot which has completely infested the leadership, from top to bottom in the heartland of the DA, the Western Cape, will spread. And spread rapidly and terminally through a party with great vision and principles but rotten unethical leadership, who do not apply it any longer.
The Leadership of the DA has become morally and ethically bankrupt and it is inevitable that the party will too. Just like the ANC did. Unless the members take back control and rid themselves of their corrupt leaders and replace them with leaders uncorrupted by self interest and power.

O, one last thing: OO spent the better part of a week investigating DA contributions in the Southern Cape. Having secured specific facts, OO spoke to a few Southern Cape Councillors.

OO is “not amused” by the reponses.

Perhaps not all is well in the State of Denmark.

OO readers will be first to know how unwell.

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6 thoughts on “The DA. Without makeup. Without botox. Without foundation wear.

  1. GEVOELLOOS, GEWETENLOOS, GEMEEN EN ONGENAAKBAAR. Liewe Vader, behoede ons en ons land (en Brummer) van hierdie mense.

  2. The sooner people realise that what political parties promise on their websites, and in the election campaigns has absolutely nothing to do with what they are going to deliver when they get voted into office, the better. All the wonderful words, visions, ideals, morals and ethics are nothing more than window dressing. It is telling sheeple what they want to hear in order to get what the leaders want – power and money.

  3. INDEPENDANTS no longer a pipe dream anymore as self serving politicians across the political spectrum has become the norm .

    Possibilities are Brummer, MCombie, Koeglenberg, Murray, Nel and even Hannes if he has the “nuts” and integrity. These can mentor others to change the tide of corruption, self serving interests, hypocracy , nepotism, incompetence etc

    People like “Stilsit Bredell ” and many other DA and ANC functionaries are ruining it fast for their respective parties and the “look the other way” from the top, even redeploy discredits all parties even faster

    Whom do you serve this day, your party or the voting public ? This will be the main difference in future between INDEPENDANTS vs the corrupt self serving PARTIES

  4. Wow, today’s blog had me cheering. I’m no fan of Brummer but with that letter he nails it. Your sentence explosions ram the point home, one that i’ve been repeatedly saying, that the DA are not knights in shining armour, simply politicians serving for their own, and their bosses’, gain.

    May i repost the letter (with backlink of course)?

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