One minister; two documents; single interest

DA priorities defined

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Oudtshoorn. 24 August 2012. 13h35. On August 13, Monday last week, two DA generated documents clearly indicated the DA’s priority… and it isn’t service delivery.

The Oudtshoorn caucus sent this document to Anton Bredell, the DA Western Cape minister of local government, and also Western Cape DA secretary, pleading for help and assistance:

To date Bredell did nothing to help and assist. That, Bredell’s lethargy, is not newsworthy, it’s merely… Bredell.

But on the same day, August 13, Monday last week, Anton Bredell, Western Cape DA secretary, and also the DA Western Cape minister of local government, made time to leave his 9th floor office at 1 Dorp Street, ride the elevator down to the ground floor, walk over to 7 Wale Street – the energy! ye gods and faeries! – and swear an affidavit that Bitou Councillor Johan Brummer, owes the DA R5,621.00:

Bredell, representing the DA’s leadership cadre, makes time to help the DA recover R5,621.00 – probably not even owed! – but he ignores a pleading from his Oudtshoorn caucus.

Enough said.

It’s not Bredell’s fault, to be sure. If one does not have ability, one does not have ability.

It’s Helen Zille’s fault: Bredell serves at Helen Zille’s pleasure.

What are you, Helen: Too lazy to act? Too scared? Too uninformed? Too dumb?

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3 thoughts on “One minister; two documents; single interest

  1. Uitgevang ?
    Anton behoort lankal te geloop het of afgedank te gewees het.
    Het Zille nou vir haar eie boto(x)m n lat gepluk ?

    Maar nee, dit gaan oor eie gewin en vas te hou aan daardie joppies want hul sou heel moontlik dit nie kon maak in die privaatlewe nie, of hoe ?

    Hul onkapabele sit en niksdoen vir ODN sal by die volgende verkiesing wys, as Hannes nog daar sal wees om die wanorde te aanskou !

  2. Tja, hierdie atikeltjie maak sommer BAAAAIE seerder as die vorige, langer ene. Die minister se mense is tjoepstil oor die een. Maar die oge wys die pyn – uitgevang Anton! Uitgevang!

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