Mantashe & Duarte summon Putco

ANC Regional Sectretary called to answer to the NEC!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 17 August 2012. 16h10. The ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe; and National Executive Member, Jesse Duarte, Head of the ANC’s Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, have summoned the Regional Sectretary for the Southern Cape, Putco Mapitiza, to Luthuli House to explain the administrative disaster in Oudtshoorn.

OO discovered this development in following up the facts, now confirmed, that the ratepayers settled April’s legal costs for defending him on charges of theft relating to the alleged pilfering of sand and stone – a case freshly re-opened by the NPA.

This is exactly the crime for which the former MM, Noël Pietersen, was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

April claims that he applied to the Council for a109 authority for the legal expense, but OO has a source claiming to have documents proving the opposite. OO will address this matter in a seperate story.

OO has also learned that Mantashe pledged his support for the local ANC efforts to clean up in Oudtshoorn.

The pressure is building on Mnyimba and April.

The one can not survive without the other, and neither can act against the other as their soft bellies are mutually exposed…

In a most unbelievable move, Mnyimba suspended the head of procurement services, Jean Laduce, earlier today – the very man who knows the doingses of the cadres best!

Just how stupid can a cadre be!?

All will be revealed, Mnyimba; April…

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8 thoughts on “Mantashe & Duarte summon Putco

  1. When the High Court declared that Menzi Simelane is unfit to hold the office of national director of public prosecutions, President Zuma decided not to appeal the verdict. It must have been a painful blow for Zuma – the court in effect questioned his judgement regarding Simelane. Zuma could have appealled the matter right up to the Constitutional Court but decided against an appeal in this matter. Simelane was subsequently fired by Zuma. Menzi Simelane appealed the matter on his own steam.

    The President has set the correct precedent – the Oudtshoorn Council ( and or April ) should not have appealed the matter.

  2. Putco, I said it once and I’ll repeat it out loud:THE ANC IGNORES THE RULE OF LAW WHICH THE SELFSAME MOVEMENT MADE

  3. What is ‘subdicare’ Putco? Please define in simple english so that i can understand. Please read and understand the constitution of your own organisation and you will find that the NEC have jurisdiction on any matter which have a bearing on the organisation. NEC is the highest decision making structure between national conferences.

  4. Putco must go with Mnyimba and April, Luiters, Ruiters and Jurie. He was supposed to give political guidance to the deployed comrades, but instead he adviced them how to get rich in a very short time at all costs. Strange faces have been visiting Oudtmun for the past seven months to make deals behind the scenes. This municipality failed for the couple years to comply with basic corporate governance prescripts. The MFMA does not mean anything to Putco and Mnyimba, I donlt even want to refer to April who claims in court papers that he is giving guidance to the municipality regarding financial matters. The whole Mnyimba saga is a disgrace and Putco et al are treating the people of =udtshoorn with utter contempt. We need change and we want it now!

  5. Hey Putco, while you are on your high horse lauding competency and compliance your organisation so values and espouses in our community, along with how well you and the ANC understands and lives by these virtues, here is a matter of common courtesy, far easir to understand and address, but which you choose to ignore:-

    You and the ANC membership office in Cape Town (without a phone email or fax – even today) still owe me R12.00 and my personal photographs!

    Please answer my emails and telephone messages and do the right thing, then maybe we can reduce the “pinch of salt” we need to take every time you and the local ANC spout wisdom and morality!

  6. He-he… So, “Comrade” Putco, the rest is not in dispute!?

    Dress it up in any two penny tux, Putco.

  7. Its falacy the Regional Secretary (Cde Putco Mapitiza) is attending an extended NEC Sub committee on Legislature and Governance workshop taking stock of the state of local government. Local government. Political management of local govt is the competency of region and Province not NEC. Once again OO must stop publishing incorrect information.

    The matter of Oudt Municipal Manager is subdicare period.

  8. Hier kom ‘n ding wat April en Mnyimba se wind uit hulle seile gaan haal en ‘n plek saam met dominee in die nuwe hotel gaan boek vir ‘n paar jare.

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