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Oudtshoorn. 15 August 2012. 09h15. At least, and it is little comfort, certain ANC factions are embarrassed and rather concerned about the antics of “Freedom Movement” functionaries in Oudtshoorn.

OO was told yesterday that the ANC “may never recover” from the damage Gordon April has done to the movement’s reputation in the Southern Cape.

Factionalism is rife in the local ANC. Earlier this week one of the ANC Councillors who abstained during the vote on the resolution that terminated Thandekile Mnyimba’s illegal tenure as Municipal Manager, Nondumiso Gunguluza, was replaced on the Mayco by an April supporter, Pieter Luiters.

But it was news from three separate sources about ANC battle lines that amazed yesterday: Former adversaries, Marius Fransman and Mcebisi Skwatsha, have, apparently, been forced into the same bed by their mutual support of Jacob Zuma in the runup to Mangaung. The Western Cape Secretary, Songezo Mjongile, supposedly “runs” the province for all practical purposes.

Mjongile visited Oudtshoorn yesterday and there was expressions of anticipation that he might order some sensibility into April.

But alas, the visit turned out to be some celebration of some executed MK warrior of yore, one Michael Lukas, hanged by the Apartheid Regime for the murder of a bus driver.

Apt, don’t you think! That a murderer be celebrated in Oudtshoorn by the ANC. Enough said?

The Mjongile faction in Oudtshoorn and Eden is aggressively lobbying the DA and Organised Business to bring an urgent application to the High Court to compel April to give effect to Resolution 60.100/7.12, of July 26, terminating Mnyimba.

The suggestion is an attractive one, but the question begs why the DA and Business should pay to have the ANC comply with the law. Why should the DA and Business pay to do the ANC’s work?

The ANC claims the moral high ground of democracy and the Rule of law, but it refuses to answer to the dictates of these high calls.

All that is required to compel April to fulfill his constitutional obligation is a telephone call from someone like Gwede Mantashe!

But the ANC chooses to ignore the gang rape of Democracy in Oudtshoorn.

If the ANC can not and will not serve Democracy and the Rule of Law, why would any thinking South African voter support the ANC?

OO wants clean government in Oudtshoorn and therefore supports efforts that may bring about such clean government soonest. An Interdict compelling April is probably the shortest route to the first inklings of clean government in Oudtshoorn.

But what will change in consequence of a High Court Interdict – if urgency can be proved?

Mnyimba will be gone.

But April will still be Mayor. The reasons for this will be analysed in today’s urbi.

Come to think of it: Why should the DA, for instance, help the ANC with party damage control?

The Oudtshoorn solution is a phone call away, if the ANC is serious about clean government; about the rule of law; about democracy.

For clean and effective and efficient government in Oudtshoorn, April and his Mayco must be relegated. Only the voters can do this, and they didn’t, and it is clear to OO that they won’t either. Therefore the ANC, the ruling party, even with minority support of 43.8% in last year’s May 18 poll, is obliged to relieve Oudtshoorn’s ill informed voters of self imposed burden and remove the canker that threatens Oudtshoorn’s very survival.

That the ANC Leadership stand idly by while democracy and the rule of law is fiercely and flagrantly violated in Oudtshoorn should have national consequences for the Freedom Movement that claims to have “liberated” South Africa.

The ANC is nothing but a living lie.

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