Alan Winde breezes through Oudtshoorn

Apologies, I just could not resist it!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 15 August 2012. 09h10. Probably the sole Western Cape Minister OO has reason to trust, Finance, Economic Development, and Tourism Minister Alan Winde, spent yesterday in Oudtshoorn at the invitation of the Business Chamber.

Winde met with the DA; dined with Melcus Nel and Piet Lodder; breakfasted with the Chamber Executive; addressed Chamber members; and met with Graham and Lizanne Pelham, Robert Keene, and George Kersop.

Hannes Visser, editor of the Oudtshoorn Courant, and probably Oudtshoorn’s foremost journalist at present, followed Winde and will no doubt, on Friday, report extensively on Winde’s doingses and on happenings during the visit.

OO suffices with two conclusions:

1. The Western Cape government will not lift a finger to assist Oudtshoorn in the establishment of clean, effective, efficient local government. Period.

This is a disgusting dereliction of duty spawned of fear, lethargy and some bigger picture selfserving agenda dressed up in a cheap tuxedo of it’s better for all in the long run.


2. Economic development and growth will de driven at all cost.


Now for a generous serving of pudding. For, so I am told, proof is hidden in it. Somewhere. Surely?

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One thought on “Alan Winde breezes through Oudtshoorn

  1. OO, glo my, moet nie te veel waarde aan Winde se besoek heg nie. Hy bly n politikus, vra my maar – eerstehandse ervaring met hom.

    Weet jy of Bredell al bedank het – is hy man of muis ?

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