Mnyimba: Contemptible lawlessness

At least the Mnyima case provides irrefutable proof that the ANC is patently unfit to govern

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Oudtshoorn. 13 August 2012. 13h05. Mr Justice Lee Bozalek granted no interim relief in the Mayor’s application to the High Court on Friday.

The legal status of Thandekile Mnyimba, Oudtshoorn’s ANC/Icosa/NPP appointed Municipal Manager, whose contract was ruled ab initio null and void by the selfsame High Court on June 1, is therefore unaltered: He must vacate his office; he has been illegally present in his office since June 1 – 74 days ago.

But Mnyimba is still in his office in the Municipality – laughing, so OO learns, at the inability of powers that be to remove him.

What with a Council Resolution of July 26 that Mnyimba vacates his office immediately, such impertinence is quite alarming – to be expected from a mollycoddled child, not someone who is arrogating to be Oudtshoorn’s CEO!

By his very action – refusing to give effect to the Council Resolution – Mnyimba confirms that he is not fit for office.

That the ANC “structures” (whatever that buzzword may mean) do not lift a finger to enforce the rule of law, is a frightening reality!

No thinking person can possibly support the ANC – an organisation that condones, not tacitly, but overtly, the breaching of the very socalled “freedom” it arrogates to have won for us all!

Oudtshoorn is proof irrefutable that the ANC is utterly unfit to govern!

And the 13 ANC/Icosa/NPP Councillors who appointed Mnyimba are going to have to reimburse Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers an enormous amout of money!

What fun!

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One thought on “Mnyimba: Contemptible lawlessness

  1. Can a case of trespassing not be made against Mnyimba? As far as getting his illegal cost back!!!! We could`nt even recoup the misused cellphone monies from councillors.

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