Bitou: Johan Brummer expelled!?

DA stalwart kicked out!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 19 August 2012. 13h15. Suspect accounting. Suspect communication. Suspect problems. Suspect management.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

Watch this space.

Oudtshoorn. 14 August 2012. 08h30. Johan Brummer reacted this morning to OO’s enquiries in the matter of the termination of his DA membership, expressing disappointment that the DA appears to prefer to air the matter in the media, given the leak to OO.

Well, OO gets information from all over – everybody talks!

OO can now confirm that Brummer’s “compulsory public representative contributions” are in arrears for more than 2 months and that the DA’s Federal Constitution determines at s3.5.1 that membership, under such conditions, ceases.

OO’s notes of last year’s campaign for the 18 May election indicates that at least two Eden constituencies, Oudtshoorn and Bitou, experienced slow and late funding from the DA.

In Oudtshoorn at least two DA members, whose names are known to OO, had to advance monies to make budget.

Apparently Brummer made a similar advance last year, and in good faith that the funds would be transferred to the DA at a later stage to cover his s3.5.1.9 contributions. This much was confirmed to OO by a source intimately involved with the DA’s Bitou Constituency Management.

This matter reeks of alterior motive. OO will address this point when more facts are confirmed later today.

For the time being, just this: Why get rid of your best warrior over a matter that can be settled easily!?

Summat’s strange, methinks. Like it was in the State of Denmark, centuries ago, as told in a story by a great author.

Oudtshoorn. 13 August 2012. 18h15. OO has learned from an impeccable DA source in Wale Street that the Bitou Speaker, Charles Dreyer, has served, or soon will serve documents on Councillor Johan Brummer (proportional) suspending him pending a disciplinary hearing.

Brummer could not immediately be reached.

Johan Brummer is widely credited with delivering Bitou for the DA on May 18 last year, after the DA managed to secure the support of a previous ANC loyalist, Memory Booysen, now DA Mayor.

OO is in possession of various questionable correspondence between Western Cape DA Leader, Theuns Botha; Bitou DA MP Donald Grant; and DA Fedex Chair James Selfe, addressing DA dissatisfaction with Brummer’s no-nonsense approach to politics and administration.

It is common knowledge that the DA Leadership regards Brummer’s hard nosed approach to cadre opposition politics as “not DA proper”.

Brummer’s removal will delight the Bitou and Eden ANC, and certainly also the current ANC Mayor dressed in blue.

Details as the story unfolds.

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6 thoughts on “Bitou: Johan Brummer expelled!?

  1. Whatever the DA’s reasons for this, it is the only sensible thing they have done for some time. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. Upon close inspection, Native, you’ll find that the moon consits of creamy cottage cheese.

    I agree, however, that money ain’t the reason for Brummer’s tiff with die DA…

    Watch this space.

  3. Investigative Public…the reasons advanced here for Brummers dismissal is not the real reasons why the DA expelled Brummer. Brummer wil remain in the DA. The real reason for his dismissal is because he orchestrated the black on black violence in Bitou in 2006/2007. Hardy Mills laid a charge of sedition and guess what? The investigating officer discovered Allan Winde, Donald Grant, Brummer, etc all funded the black on black violence in Kwanokuthula in which a 2 year old girl lost her life. Many ANC cllrs and supporters suffered damage to their houses. Memory Booysens PA stabbed an ANC supporter in front of the police and fired shots in front of a police station….he wasn’t even questioned about his gun. Brummer sold his soul (don’t know if he had one, but lets assume he did) and grabbed power at all cost, He didn’t see anything wrong with Memories lack of loyalty to the very people who made him “memory’ I don’t know what Brummer smoked to think Memory will treat him differently. But back to the point as we speak we now have the investigator of the sedition case being threatened with a transfer and eventually suspended and witnesses needing witness protection. The investigators sin: “he got proof of all the people who funded the black on black violence in Bitou” Helen Zille was handed a copy of an email in which Brummer told Peter Ahern that the only way to remove the ANC from power is through unrests in the townships. And he went further and implemented it,

  4. Oudtshoorns is “bevoorreg” om die volle omvang van barre kaderotplooing so eerstehands te kan ervaar!

    Dit verg baie om nog te bly glo dat ons van die dorp ‘n wendorp kan maak… en ‘n wenland???

  5. OO, Brummer is n ideale toekomstige ONAFHANKLIKE kandidaat want die publiek soek na iemand met ‘skoon credentials” wat kan skoonmaak en n ware ‘Kingmaker’ wees

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