Ag shame! Nobody told Anton!

Why would anyone bother, pray!?

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Oudtshoorn. 9 August 2012. 13h45. The Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Anton Bredell, had at least the propriety to announce to all Oudtshoorn, on the front page of this week’s Die Hoorn, that he is a wimp, when he criticised the SIU for not communicating to his department about the investigation into irregularities at the Oudtshoorn Municipality between 1 January 2004 and 4 February 2011.

Reported Die Hoorn:

The Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Mr Anton Bredell, this week criticised the SIU for not communicating to his department about the investigation.

“My department has in the past few weeks enquired what the status of the SIU reports were, however, without success. It is clear that we are being kept in the dark and I would now like to make an urgent appeal to the head of the SIU to indicate when we can expect the final reports and at the same time request that copies of the interim report are forwarded to my department as a matter of urgency.

“It is also now imperative that the SIU disclose when the final report will be made available to the president. The SIU must now give my department a clear indication of when we can expect the final report.”

Imagine that! “Nobody told me!”

Ye gods and faeries.

You should have pushed harder, Anton!

Yet, a “Minister” who responds weeks and months late to enquiries and calls for action and who has become famous for conjuring spectacular excuses not ever to act – on anything – doubtlessly lack the temerity required even to take candy from an urchin.

For Bredell, who seldom responds – if ever, and then usually so late as to be ineffectual – to complain about not being informed is risible; ludicrous; preposterous!

OO has told its views on Anton Bredell more often than it cares to remember.

So, for the moment, just this: Perhaps the SIU simply acted in the knowledge that informing Bredell is a waste of time and energy. Hats off to the SIU, methinks, for not wasting time communicating with the Wimp of Wale Street.

Noseweek (No 134, December 2010) asked Bredell if he did anything more than play pass-the-parcel, but he didn’t bother responding – just as he didn’t bother responding to the Hermanus residents or the Overberg councillors. A former small town mayor… Bredell simply adds to the perception that the DA in these parts has become… the sort of grouping that only survives in this brain-drained land because the other lot is every bit as useless.

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3 thoughts on “Ag shame! Nobody told Anton!

  1. Dead right you are . SIU does not report to MEC Brell. Fact is that if MEC and Councils acted on allegations of Corruption , Fraud and Misconduct, than SIU would not be reqiured to act and called upon. We also did not have to call on NPA to act. OO and others must keep on exposing corruption, ect. Next civil society must but in civil cases against Muncipalities. Class action sue are the next step. Wheels of justice turn slowly , but it is turning.

  2. No wonder the SIU told Tannie Anton nothing, cause she never does anything. The general public is more informed via OO than what the Tannie in Whale street will ever be ! Take that to your bank Antonie !

    Besides that both’s Depts are very dysfunctional, what is the difference between Tannie Anton and Tannie Angie Motsega ? NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think is high time that the truth come out, its not the council that does not work, but rather the officialdom that does not preform, and no elected can do a thing, but unlike the elected, they can be fired! for not preforming! So OO lets name the official in charge. I believe that officials are under the imprestion that they work for a political party and not the community.

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