What next Oudtshoorn!?

From nothing nothing will come!

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Oudtshoorn. 7 August 2012. 12h30. It is imperative that Oudtshoorn’s administration be rebooted with the installation of the Council appointed Municipal Manager, Allen Paulse, because the entire administration is at present in limbo.

How can the administration be rebooted?

There are only three possibilities:

1. The Council must replace the Mayor, Gordon April, and elect a new Mayor that will give effect to the Council Resolution to appoint Paulse;

2. A Councillor, or Councillors, must obtain a High Court Interdict compelling April to give effect to the Council Resolution;

3. The Western Cape Minister of Local Government must intervene and appoint an administrator to give effect to the Council Resolution.

In the absence of action – and nobody is doing anything; everybody is waiting – nothing will happen; nothing will change.

This alarming situation is fully exposed and alalysed in today’s first edition of urbi.

Every OO subscriber will receive a complemetary copy of the first urbi today.


urbi is a new news product from Drewan Baird Communication (DBC).

With OO you have been first to know what’s really happening for nearly four years. Only last week an ANC informant challenged an OO statement and when I asked how often I’ve been wrong, the immediate reply was: “Verskriklik baie min.” I now introduce urbi…. analyses of the facts behind the story so that you can know exactly how local politics influences your business and your life. “urbi” is Latin for “to the city”. The Pope has a special communique called urbi et orbi – “to the city and to the world”; DBC’s urbi is a message to the city – to you. Because more and better information available to not just anyone is one of the strongest business tools available to modern entrepreneurs and managers. It’s like taking the field with a ten point advantage.

urbi is free to DBC clients; R900 per annum for all others.

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2 thoughts on “What next Oudtshoorn!?

  1. OO, dis eenvoudig
    Patel moet indringend ondersoek word , so ook April vir ‘waistful expenditure”

    Geagte virende

    Ons het ‘n tydjie gelede aanbeveel dat klagtes van korrupsie en wanbesteding deur munisipaliteite aan die Openbare Berskermer gestuur word.

    Dit skyn te gewerk het in die geval van Ballito.

    Patel, enige vrae?
    Gordon, slaap jy snags lekker ?
    Afriforum, is die sakie al hangig gemaak ?
    Hier kom groot dinge (wat jy saai sal jy maai )

  2. And the DA is going to oppose the review application which was served on the Council, all the political parties and Paulse. Why is are these morons wasting taxpayers money to keep Mnyimba as municipal manager. The answer is so that Mnyimba can look after Patel and his associates. Patel is at the municipality on a daily basis and is most probably sharing his day fee with Mnyimba. We need a full investigation into what is happening here in Oudtshoorn.

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