Protecting the brand at the expense of customers

Not such a good idea, Mrs Zille!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 5 August 2012. 09h00. In Oudtshoorn the ANC Executive Mayor is in breach of a High Court Verdict for the last 68 days (since June 1) and he is refusing to give effect to a Council Resolution for the last 12 days (since July 26) – and the Western Cape DA Minister of Local Government has done nothing, but nothing! to remedy the outrage.

In Bitou the DA Executive Mayor is in breach of a Council Decision for 35 days (since July 2) and his Council has made an illegal decision 25 days ago on July 13 – and the Western Cape DA Minister of Local Government has done nothing, but nothing! to remedy the outrage.

Of the DA only one expectation may be had: That spectacular reasons to do nothing may, perchance, eventually, when the problems have been overtaken by events, be communicated.

Think me too critical?

I give you the Koegelenberg-McCombie-Murray case in Eden.

I give you the DiData case in Bitou.

Want more?

No problem.

What about Shaheed Patel in George? How about Zader Management Solutions in George?

How about Rentworks in Bitou? What about Lefatshe in Bitou?

Oudtshoorn… Don’t get me started.

The DA is fixed on 2014 and 2019. No small municipality like Oudtshoorn or Bitou is even considered in the quest for Political Camelot.

This fixation might very well prove to be the DA’s undoing.

Bitou – Plettenberg Bay – would be my choice if I had but one Council to run in South Africa. Because the ratepayers of Bitou represent among them many of the country’s most influencial monied individuals and opinion formers. Show them what can be done and a groundswell of support may be mustered nationwide! Show the poor and underpriviledged here, with the help of those monied opinionated, how their lives can be turned around by job creation and economic growth, and the Riemvasmaaks of every backwater may follow.

Hell, Plett is the ultimate prize in local politics, don’t you know!?

But the arrogance of the DA Leadership discounts little dorps like Plett and Oudtshoorn. The DA wants to be able to choose where it governs – where it is easy, and not hard; where it may wield absolute control, and not have to manage political atunements.

The DA wants to post its brand only where handsome return on exposure and no damage at all is assured – a sure-fire way to alienate those pioneer customers who support you in the toughest markets.

No pluck; no daring; only garden variety vanilla diffidence: Look how well we run Easy Town with 10 out of 12 Councillors.

Hell, that’s no feat! Any idiot can do that!

Show me how you run a 6-6 Council with the balance of power just within reach, or better still, with the balance of power uncertain! Run that and you’ll impress me. I don’t want to hear some milksop beguiling banter of success on Easy Street!

Who the hell is impressed with a Springbok victory over The Cayman Islands? Beat the All Blacks or begone!

OO recently reported, on July 23, the DA Government of Bitou botched the appointment of a Municipal Manager – and botched it spectacularly.

In the absence of any action by the Bitou Constituency Chair and her committee, OO has drafted the necessary charges against Memory Booysen – Bitou’s ANC Mayor dressed up in a tattered DA T-shirt.

The Charge Sheet is included at the end of this story.

The DA has also managed to appoint, this Wednesday last, one Monde Stratu, Director Community Services, Acting Municipal Manager until today, when Allen Paulse, Oudtshoorn’s designated MM, but for the small matter of a lethargic DA Provincial Government and an absent Western Cape Minister of Local Government intervening to counter the Oudtshoorn ANC Council’s refusal to acknowledge the June 1 verdict of the Allen Paulse v Oudtshoorn Local Municipality; and give effect to a Council decision of July 26 to appoint Paulse with immediate effect.

As OO reported on July 19, Stratu was still facing five charges of serious financial misconduct in Bitou on July 12; on August 1 he was appointed Acting Municipal Manager – by the same DA-led Council that voted to charge him on April 23 and, true to DA standards, did nothing to give effect to the decision.

If this is how the DA runs Plettenberg Bay – a shop window to South Africans of influence nationally, what can Oudtshoorn’s residents reasonably expect from the DA?

Mayor Booysen is not responding to OO’s questions.

The DA MP for Bitou, Western Cape Minister of Education Donald Grant, was ostensibly advised not to engage OO. But of course he was so advised! The poor man has no answers to any of OO’s questions!

The DA Executive Mayor of Bitou, the Honourable Memory Booysen, should be charged with serious financial mismanagement:

Charge 1


The Bitou Municipal Council resolved as follows per item C/1/56/06/12 of July 2, 2012:

1. That the Executive Mayor be delegated to negotiate according to the recommendation by ODS Consultants cc.

2. That the remuneration to be negotiated with the preferred candidate be on the basis of a fully inclusive five year performance based package of minimum R850,000 pa and maximum R1,012,000 pa .

It is alleged that you failed to follow the Council Resolution when you did not offer the preferred candidate the maximum package and in fact refused a counter offer by the preferred candidate of less than the maximum package resolved by the Council. Therefore you have acted contrary to the delegation bestowed upon you; you have disregarded a Council Resolution; as a result of your conduct the preferred candidate did not accept the position of Municipal Manager; and your conduct resulted in an avoidable expenditure for repeating the recruitment process for a Municipal Manager, and possibly exposing the Council to damages in the amount of R5,060,000, being the value of the package Council approved for the preferred candidate.

Main charge

Based on the above facts, you are charged with misconduct in that on or about July 3 to 10, 2012 you or your representative did not perform the functions of your office in good faith; in honesty; and in a transparent manner and / or did not at all times act in the best interest of the Municipality and in such a way that the credibility and integrity of the Municipality were not compromised. (Item 2 of the Code of Conduct as per Schedule 2 to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000 refers.)

Alternative charge

Based on the above facts, misconduct in that on or about July 3 – 10, 2012 you or your representative obstructed or attempted to obstruct the implementation of a decision of the Council and / or encouraged or participated in conduct which caused or contributed to maladministration in the Council. (Item 11 of the Code of Conduct as per Schedule 2 to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000 refers.)

Charge 2


It is alleged that the cost of re-advertising the post of Municipal Manager an all other related cost of recruitment and selection could have been avoided had you exercised reasonable care and had you followed Council Resolution C/1/56/06/12.


As section 32(1)(d) of The Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 provides that any political office-bearer of a Municipality who deliberately or negligently makes or authorises a fruitless and wasteful expenditure (such being an expenditure made in vain and avoidable at the instance of reasonable care) is liable for such expenditure and as the section also provides for the recovery of same you are charged with financial misconduct based on the facts as above.


Come on, Mrs Zee and ye merry men of Wale Street. Let’s be having some colour like Matisse; some shape like Picasso; some vigour like Pollock; let’s paint a new political picture for Eden!

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One thought on “Protecting the brand at the expense of customers

  1. It just doesnt sit in their pants OO, it never has for Zee & Co – they prefer the Boks to play against the Cayman islands ! What worthy opponents !
    The same dressed- up imposters as the ANC, this DA !
    Bredell MUST GO and SOON !

    Sympathy votes against the DA and a stay away votes from other areas should be actively encouraged.
    Any response Madam Zee ?

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