Operation Reclaim succeeds in Bitou

DA strenghtens ANC foothold in Plett

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 6 August 2012. 09h15. Marius Fransman must be all smiles this morning.

And who can blame him!?

Allen Paulse started this morning as Acting Municipal Manager of Bitou after the Executive ANC Mayor in a DA T-shirt, Memory Booysen, botched (OO suspects intent) the appointment of Council’s preferred Candidate, Grant Easton.

Look, OO has no reason at this time to doubt Paulse, given what he has done in the best attempt to date to rid Oudtshoorn of Thandekile Mnyimba. An able man is an able man. OO has said this many times.

But Paulse is an ANC man. Nothing wrong with that. He is one of only a few able ANC men. But he is an ANC man.

Bitou’s DA Council has therefore succeeded in establishing an ANC administration under a “DA Mayor”.

Operation Reclaim!?

Who needs the ANC!?

The DA did the job for the ANC in Bitou.

Hey, Mrs Zille… Summat’s wrong here ma’am! Summat’s seriously wrong!

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4 thoughts on “Operation Reclaim succeeds in Bitou

  1. @ The Guardian, no I disagree. A Mayor is a political appointment – yes, he/she should be suitably qualified, but the appointment is a political one whereas the administration of the municipality must be a-political.

  2. Theoretically speaking, a mayor should be (a) a political and (b) suitably qualified for the position…… But you already know what happens to thoery?

  3. Administration should have NOTHING to do with politics. A Municipal Manager’s political affiliation should have nothing to do with his appointment. I say, hats off to Bitou, who appointed an “able man” despite differences in political opinion. That is what good governance requires. Anything else amounts to nothing other than cadre deployment.

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