Gordon April charged with theft and attempting to defeat the ends of justice

NPA reopens the “Sand and Stone” case

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Oudtshoorn. 3 August 2012. 08h00. AfriForum issued the following Press Release this morning:

3 August 2012

Charges finally brought against Oudtshoorn’s mayor thanks to AfriForum

AfriForum today learned that Gordon April, Oudtshoorn’s Mayor, will be prosecuted in the Regional Court on charges of theft and defeating the course of justice. This turnaround comes after AfriForum’s request to the Director of Public Prosecution (DOP) to bring civil and criminal charges against April following the Public Prosecutor’s earlier decision to not prosecute April.

According to AfriForum, April allegedly refused to carry out a decision by the council to, among other things, fire the municipal manager, Thandekile Mnyimba. April allegedly also refused to sign the letter of appointment of the new municipal manager, Allen Paulse, following the council’s decision to appoint Paulse. Paulse recently brought a successful application in the High Court to dismiss Mnyimba because of his incompetence.

George Kersop, Chair of AfriForum’s Oudsthoorn branch, said AfriForum will continue with its efforts to ensure that officials and politicians who commit offences are prosecuted. ‘We will continue to do everything in our power to re-establish honest and efficient administration in Oudsthoorn after many years and there are still a number of officials who should rest uneasy,’ he said.

This follows after April yesterday accused OO of spreading lies about him – such as that he is suspected of stealing sand and stone from ratepayers.

O, well…

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3 thoughts on “Gordon April charged with theft and attempting to defeat the ends of justice

  1. “April yesterday accused OO of spreading lies about him?”

    …… and the Titanic didn’t hit and iceberg and sink; the Moon is indeed made of green cheese; and every day in Oudtshoorn’s Council is April fools day!………..

  2. If my memory has not let me down, the DA were supposed to have given the erstwhile mayor a deadline ending yesterday to answer a few queries! Did he do so, and if not, what were the DA’s threats? Has there been any follow-up on these queries?

  3. OO, die Kloooooong van Deyseldorp wil maar net nie luister nie. Nou moet hy maar voel en TERUGBETAAAAL is sy voorland. Kom ons hoop hy is nie n ‘man of straw”
    G’n wonner Konradie is op ODN, nou moet daar gekeer word vir sy wickets vir n vale.
    Waar kruip SPATEL weg, hy word dalk ook gesoek = (Spandeer en kannie Tel ! )

    Rise and shine” manne, jul was dan so slim en kordaat met belastingbetalers bates ! Absoluut NIKS GEWOOND. Die ‘fat lady’ gaan eersdaags “loud and clear’ sing, ne !!

    Wil Kersop nie solank n voorlopige lys op OO laat plaas van al die kloooonge wat in hul visier is. Laat die publiek weet. So n ‘Name and Shame ‘ kolom op ODN gaan baie gesog en populer raak. Gaan Noelie bo aan verskyn ?

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