Time to catch a wake-up, Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn is being destroyed systematically. And there not very many actors that can be trusted…

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Oudtshoorn. 1 August 2012. 18h00. Here are a couple of uncomfortable facts.

1. The High Court ruled on June 1 that Thandekile Mnyimba is unfit to be Oudtshoorn’s Municipal Manager and that his contract is ab initio null and void.

2. Council decided on July 26 not to appeal the High Court verdict.

3. Council decided on July 26 to appoint Allen Paulse Municipal Manager with immediate effect.

4. Gordon April refuses to give effect to the Council decision.

5. Mnyimba refuses to vacate his office. A source close to Mnyimba informs OO that the man has no plans to leave Oudtshoorn.

6. Allen Paulse accepted Bitou’s offer to act as Municipal Manager for 90 days, starting this coming Monday.

7. The Speaker, Johannes Stoffels, has to present reasons this evening in Cape Town why his party, the NPP, should not suspend him on charges of insubordination and bringing the party into disrepute.

8. Two ANC Ward Councillors, Nondumiso Gunguluza and Erik Ngalo, effectively broke ranks with their Caucus and abstaained on the critical Mnyimba vote on July 26.

9. The NPP has taken disciplinary steps against its member, Stoffels, for ignoring a Party instruction to abstain in the Mnyimba vote.

10. Mpho Mogale, the butcher of Nokeng, against whom OO has repeatedly warned, currently the Cogta custodian of “problem municipalities” in the Western Cape, was seen leaving the Municipal buildings with Mnyimba palsy-walsy earlier today .

Here are a couple of uncomfortable pratings among unnamed sources familiar with events:

1. The NPP is considering dropping charges against Stoffels and to redeploy him elsewhere, moving him away from Oudtshoorn. But not before he buys his reprieval by one last modus vivendi: he has to support a Motion of No Confidence in April and become Mayor – I kid you not – until he can be withdrawn…

This the NPP President, Badih Chaaban, is considering as a offering to his pal, Marius Fransman, who cannot bear the embarrassement of Gordon April any longer, but is unable to remove April without loosing face.

How the NPP is going to justify “promoting” Stoffels when he is under threat of expulsion will be a joy to behold. Especially as the NPP was quick to expunge their previous local representative, Ben Pannas, for exactly the same reason the party is now acting against Stoffels.

2. The Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Anton Bredell, accepts that he is obliged to act when a Mayor does not give effect to a Council decision, and when a Council does not honour a High Court verdict. But Bredell is a past master at conjuring disobliging reasons not to act and at this time of crisis he his quite scintillating: The Minister believes that the current impasse is a mere function of an ephemeral political amour which should correct itself presently and leave his fizzog drenched in yolk, should he have acted.

And the comely Bredell cannot be expected to risk his standing for Oudtshoorn, now can he? I mean, in all reasonableness…

3. The Mayco will tomorrow bring an urgent ex parte application to interdict the Council decision not to appeal the Paulse verdict. There is no probable expectation of success, but it will give the cadres something to apeal to gain time.

4. A number of ranking local ANC members have advised their Provincial and National Leadership that the ANC should go into opposition in Oudtshoorn. The ANC should not govern Oudtshoorn, is the call of these members.

Guess what? The DA doesn’t want to govern Oudtshoorn either!

No political party wants to run Oudtshoorn because it will look bad on the election manifesto next time around!

Here’s the thing: Oudtshoorn is going under.

And a variety of political specialists are standing about engaging in beguiling banter.

Nobody, but nobody , is lifting a finger to help Oudtshoorn.

The only people acting are the very people destroying Oudtshoorn.

Frankly, OO can do no more than record the death of the patient.

What is needed is in your face action. An Interdict compelling April to give effect to the Council decision the Mayco now wants to interdict is all that will suffice. All else is folly.

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7 thoughts on “Time to catch a wake-up, Oudtshoorn

  1. Manne/vroue -spandeer al jul energie om n unieke byeenkoms te reel waar mense van dwarsoor die publieke spektrum uitgenooi word om hierdie ONAFHANKLIKE agenda te open.

    Daar moet n paar grondbeginsels heers. Die wat aanbied om te dien moet ;


    Seer sekerlik het ODN telkemale die afgelope jare nou al waargeneem hoe enige politieke party, met jul belastinggeld altyd als opmors en hul partyleiers gedoog, MET JUL GELD EN JUL STEM, SO ONDER JUL NEUSE !

    Maak ook terselfdertyd n lys van politieke oneerlikes en ‘gravytrainers’ wat jul as n org as PERSONA NON GRATA op ODN wil laat verklaar -sodat almal kan sien wie hulle is en dat hul nooit ooit weer met publieke beursie of deelname vertrou sal word nie.

    Die vloer is oop vir voorstelle !

  2. Kan daar nie net eenvoudig ‘n plan gemaak word met al die stupid raadslede nie. Beteken niks vir die gemeenskap nie. Vat maar vir Balla en Stokkie. Moenie eers van daai dik kop Hendrik Botha praat nie.

  3. Hoekom bring ORPA nie aansoek namens die belastingbetalers om die munisipaliteit te dwing om uitvoering te gee aan die raadsbesluit nie? Ek sou reken dat dit die regte besluit sou wees. April sal so ‘n stap natuurlik teen staan maar hulle sal definitief op hulle moer kry plus ‘n kostebevel.

  4. Ed,

    Is there someone out there who has the skills and a sense of community spirit to facilitate a “web-site” or similar, for us to openly communicate and exchange ideas and direction beyond our mindless political divides, thereby embracing our shared concerns and need to vigorously protest the self-centered administration running our Town, which cares less for the residents, but more for their “screw” extracted at our expense?

    We should not have to “burn tires” and destroy property as is vogue across the country at present, as people excercise “democracy” and protest the dismal performance of Municipal adminsitrations – rather lets talk directly with each other and our civil servants, sharing and communicating our common ground, objectives and goals, devoid of the “political “crap” which presently blurs our logic, common sense and traps us all in limbo?.

    1. Get shot of Mr April, his incompetence and selfishness, as well as his “uitlander” masters and their self serving political and finacial agendas – The role of mayor demands and requires inspired leadership, integrity and a transparent relationship with the residents of Oudtshoorn – someone who has the balls to engage with and support our community – not some or other figurehead “chief”, aloof and remote from the townsfolk, behaving as a political demigod and dictator.

    2. We also need a Municipal Manager can MANAGE our Municipal Directorate and our civil servants – those we have elected and employed to our service in Oudtshoorn, and who is accountable to our bidding – not his political masters.

    This important task requires a candidate who is honourable, competent and qualified, who understands his important fiscal, legal and social responsibility in our community and someone who will conduct himself and the management and administrative role this position demads, without fear or favour.

    We cannot accept the posturing, political stooge we have in office at present who cares nought for this fine Town.

    3. We must avoid the sensation of MOB RULE – It is massive draw-card and a major “hard-on” at election time, but the thrill very soon flops, as our “high and mighty” candidates, along with their false promises, soon forget their sworn purpose and duty to serve the citizens in our democracy.

    It really doesn’t matter who we vote for, the “government” still gets in, and this body – our so-called representatives – owe us their undivided and non-partisan attention and service, not their selfish dictates and insulated privilege of “high office”

    4.Let us create an environment where the residents can communicate with each other and our civil servants, to debate and address the real issues affecting Oudtshoorn, in an atmosphere devoid of the silly “respect and political patronage” our current Town leaders expect.

    If we do not ask and demand of our elected representatives and the employees of our Municipality, we WILL get the government we deserve, and predictably one that serves their needs, not ours.

    Anyone game for a real participative and caring democracy? – we voted for it, so lets make it happen and demand it of or Town’s administration and its employees!

  5. We are in agreement Investigative public, lets call an date and place for a pubilc meeting to be held wehre we get such an independant party started…

  6. Investigative Public, so ‘n bek moet jam kry.Almal konkel oorals saam. Plaaslike manne en vroue wat direk verantwoordbaar is aan plaaslike kiesers is die antwoord. Geen party of persoonlike belange sal dan voor die van die dorp en sy mense gestel word nie. Soos hulle in Engels se, By the People for the People.

  7. OO, how many times have we said it before. Both the ANC and DA cant and wont govern ODN- the record speaks for itself
    The ONLY way for the DOCTOR to breathe life back into this patient is to insure a second opinion, that of Doctor INDEPENDENCE !

    Independent candidates can and will save ODN whilst the scum tossed waves gets rid of its dregg in a natural way ! (Bredell will never ever be needed at ODN again, ever, if the Independents start organizing – egg on Rip van Winkels face)

    Any questions ??

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